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JediWars-Text based game useing PHP

well i have played all the most famous text based game online ex.(outwar,elitewars,Kings of chaos,pimp wars,outrage and ogame)
but resently and friend of mine were playing and awe started getting alot of people telling us we should start our own well about 2 months ago we came up with the game idea jedi wars you can chosse a jedi knight,sith,or bounty hunter and you use the same systems as the other games you can fight other players and join crews explore places do quests earn items and money and also have a click link to gain money/clciks to grow you profile i have started the design of the game wich for me is very very easy but the hard part is codeing it the database work is were i am useless my friend on the other hand is being taught by his teachers in school how to do it but i know from other game creators that makeing one is very time consuming and not very easy if you don't know database codeing so if ne one would like to help us msg me on AIM for now im sorry im not offering ne money but if the game gets running and catches on i have no problem paying you for your help thank you msg me if you have ne questions and if you need to know i plan to use PHP codeing and its turned based
Online games are good if done well, if your not going to promise money though can you atleast promise to spell your words out, and using sentence breaks are good too.
Maybe you should start thinking about learning PHP and MySQL.
I got a SUPER online game IDEA that is..
a RPG game that uses Google Map as the map system
use Ajax and Scriptlious's effects.... PHP+MySQL backend + JS front end is...AMAZING
That'd be a cool way to do Risk. I think I've seen it tried before, but it didn't seem to work quite right. I think you should tackle that problem. Make sure to get some good AI goin'.
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