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Dynasty Warriors 5

i have played them all and they have stayed true to thier roots wich is keeping this game alive great action and cool moves also some great story lines if you haven't checked this game out or if you don't even know what it is go to you local game store and pick up a copy and let me know what you think..
I owned 2. Rented 3. Then stopped playing for a long time. After I got my 360, and really needed a game...I bought Dynasty Warrios 5 Empires. I don't know if there is another version of the game, but Empires is quite fun! It does get repetitive....But I think that can be fun though...Anyway it is a great game. What system are you playing it on? I really want to try N3 on the 360 as well. It probably doesn't have the depth of Dynasty Warriors, but it does look really good.
im playing on Ps2 whos your best charecter right now my best are ling tong ans the samuri
Yeah its stayed true to its self but i honestly got board after completeing it with every character they story does get old i think in the future they should have more plot twists and new stories not just editing the maps and improving the graphics. but i am still waitiong to an actual Dinasty wariors that is completely diferent than all the others but im just being pickey its a reall good game with a variaty of characters

Has anything changed since 3 that would make it worth me considering purchasing 5?

It's just as far as i can tell (from my admittedly brief look) the game hasn't really changed much. Always seemed odd that they would choose to continually release sequels to a game that has to focus on the same time period/locations/characters.

That said, that's pretty much all football games like Pro Evo Soccer ever does and I bought all of them so maybe I'm just being a tit.
well the game play is still the same the sorty line is alot more in depth and there are some new characters that worth playing with like Ling Tong and this Samuri guy i forget his name at this sec but it is worth it there are more challenge modes and the hard modes are actually hard now.
Plus one added bonus aside from 1-4 after you got the fourth weapon the game kinda got boreing well now you have 42 people to use so the game is worth the buy to me.
Dynasty warriors 5 is a pretty good game. I played it at my cusion's house once. My favorite part about is getting that item thing taht makes you glow yellow. What is it called again? Well anyway, I rather Dynasty Warriors 4 over Dynasty warriors 5. In my opinion the graphics in Dynasty Warriors 4 look better than in 5. Also compare the life bars from each of the games.

My favorite character in Dynasty Warriors 4 is definitly Zang Fei. I have goten all his stats really high. His fighting style is really amazing too. All other versions of Dynasty Warriors are great too. The only one I did not play is the first one Dynasty Warriors. (Orginal)
In my opion Dynasty Warriors 5 is a great game to buy and when I bought it it was only forty dollars compared to the sixty they make you pay for other games. I love the new custom characters you can make. Finally a Dynasty Warriors where you can give your custom character any weapon you want. The weapons have come a long way too. I really recommand buying this game especially if you like two player. The only thing with two player is that you might get mad like I do when my second player is stealing all of the leaders and my xp to rank up my character. So you better be one of those guys who don't care about stealing kills.
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