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Mr. McCoy

i'we just started my chield-hobby again - having an aquarium!

its only 54L, but im looking forward to buy a bigger one ( min. 128L )

i love studing underwater life and i love fish!

pictures will come soon!

right now i have these fish:

Xiphophorus helleri
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

cute fellars'
Xiphophorus helleri = swordtail
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

Fish tanks are cool,
and terrariums are very cool.
haha my cousin is like a full fish freak and has heaps of tanks at his house. One of my friends dads used to be CEO of some big aquarium and I got to go behind the scenes and see the fish and I got bitten on the finger by a baby shark..
I've recently cycled a 20 tall (with fish, sadly), and as of now I have 4 cherry barbs, and 2 keyhole cichlids in it. Eventually. I want to put in about 5 marbled hatchetfish in, and leave it at that. An aquarium can be really cool, providing you do a little research first, and don't get fish that grow to 1-2 feet, like an oscar or a pacu. Fishtanks can be relaxing, and fun, and can give a sense of accomplishment once everything's all set up.
Somehow my tanks don't survive that long. Partly I geuss becuase I need to do more research. But mainly because in India it is not easy to get the variety of fish and equipment needed to set up a good aquarium. Not easy to achieve that equilibrium inside the tank.

The water is also bad.
i have a fresh water aquarium but salt water tanks are becoming increasingly popular here in our area. the fishes look more colorful too! i think ill switch to a salt water one when i have enough money. Very Happy
Saltwater is very tricky to maintain.
I have known of several tanks that lost every inhabitant
after only a 4 hour power outage.
At $50 a fish, when you loose them all at one time, that hurts.

To me the most low maintenance setup, is a tank setup to house
fish, frogs, aquatic plants and bog pants. Called a terrarium. They even make these little ultrasonic fog makers that create a cool visual effect.
I got a 80 lt all set up with plants, heat, filter and wot nots only thing missing is fishes, been missing for over a year now lol!
I only want some gupies nothing to fancy...

Memo to self : must buy fishes must buy fishes....
Woo... yours are very big. Mine is only 8 L, very very small, but I enjoy watching the fish there.
i've managed to collect a nice bit of tanks... i've got a 20 gallon, two 10 gallons, a 2.5 gallon, a 1.5 gallon hex, and a betta bowl that holds probably 1.5 to 2 gallons. i've got mostly guppies, and i'm breeding for blue ones (it's so difficult! guppy genes are wierd Smile ) but i've also got loaches, which are awesome, barbs, a plecostimus, and a coryadora. i used to have some white clouds, a platy, a clown loach, and a black molly, but i moved recently and they didn't survive the stress and new water. but i'm slowly building back up... i didn't lose a single fry so they're getting big and slowly my tanks are getting overcrowded Smile can't wait til they're big enough to trade at a fish shop...

i've also got some plants... water sprite, java moss, anacharis and a frill that looks rather sickly.

i'm wanting a 55-75 gallon tank soon... can't wait to get one!
I've got a 120 gallon tank, with lots of guppies, breeding them, a rainbow minnow, thanks to my wonderful brother (note sarcasum) and a pacastamus. Also getting 2 dragon fish over the holidays. Had a golden dojo, but he didn't survive our move. Quite disappointed in that he was over 6 years old though, so what can you expect. I wish I could find 2 of those around here. He was quite an amusing friendly little guy.

As far as salt water aquariums go, they are VERY hard to keep. My nephew got one all set up, spending over a grand, and within a week, they were all dead. If you really want them, do your reseach, and then do some more before you even think of buying your first one. He did get his tank set up again after researching some more, and it is still going after a year, but he's even said sometimes he wonders if it's worth it.
I have a 20 gallon tank with one little beta fish in it. I know betas only like small spaces, and everything, but I hated seeing him in a little tiny bowl where he had 2 inches to mover either way. He's in a nice filtered, heated environment now, with lots of crazy crap in his tank (well, not too much).

Surprised he's lived so long. I've had him for over a year. I'm not quite sure what the average age for them is, but I think it's pretty close to a year.
I have a 160L tropical and a 40L cold water tank.

It has taken some time to get the tanks cycled and have only lost 1 fish in 2 months. Apart from the one harlequin raspbora that jumped out during that last water change. my cat nearly had a free meal, the fish is ok now though.

love my tank, put the main lights off at night and leave the tank light on, relaxing and peaceful.

As for a salt water tank I am not that brave ... yet. just got to grips with a freshwater aquarium after a few months.
I have sold my aquarium exactly 2 weeks ago. I got it much too busy with school. Sad
Captain Fertile
I am hopeless with fish. Even a ‘simple’ cold water set-up is too much. I think I have murdered enough fish through my poor skills as a keeper. I found keeping snakes a breeze compared to my fish.

I guess it is just one of those things but far too many fish have gone to that great aquarium in the sky for me to try again. I have decided to call it a day looking after fish, the world has just become a safer place for fish. I feel guilty about it too, bless their little Piscean hearts.

I swear when I went to the pet store the fish used to swim to the opposite end of the tank and they purposely refused to make eye-contact.
let's see how much you still like your aquarium when it cracks and your entire living room is's almost inevitable when you have an aquarium you know Very Happy
Captain Fertile wrote:
I am hopeless with fish. Even a ‘simple’ cold water set-up is too much. I think I have murdered enough fish through my poor skills as a keeper. I found keeping snakes a breeze compared to my fish.

I'm with you, Cap'n. I should probably be reported to the humane society. I think part of the problem for me is a complete lack of knowledge, and also a lack of time.

Keeping fish and aquariums is a huge time commitment, but they truly are beautiful. There is something so very calming and soothing about watching the movements of beautiful tropical fish. My belief is it is a subconscious yearning to return to the womb, but perhaps that's a topic for another thread!

Enjoy your fishies, everyone!
support you and best wishesds for you
Good luck with your newfound hobby - I went through a fish crazy period with my life too... I could NOT get enough of goldfish for the longest time. Now I have my addiction under control; we have ten fish, and they're enjoying a very happy, very spoiled life in our aquarium.
i love aquariums but don't have enough time to maintain it as fish requires sometime to take care.
i love it too. It is nice to heard about the news from you
Sometime I had one fish, but unfortunately, it has fallen fastly Sad
Now i want to set up new aquarium and i hope it will succeed Razz
what can I say to ya Mr. McCoy, if you like the aquarium read some real books on the subject and you'll do just fine.

I used to have a 250L one till it cracked when I moved to a new town. I had Xipho and all kinds of fish, some peaceful some predators and it was always fun and really relaxing so as soon as I'll move to my own house I'll make a new aquarium Very Happy
Me and my dad made a 80 gallon tank out of wood and glass. It was never meant to hold fish because it might leaf but it works perfectly for my bearded dragon Ajax! I used to also have some minnows in a bow, they were demonic. I sometimes didn't feed them for months and it was a bit scary when i remembered and saw they were still alive.
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