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More Health Concious As You Age?

Do you feel that you become more health concious as you get older?
 75%  [ 3 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 25%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 4

Do you feel that you become more health concious as you get older?

I think that this is a question I want to pose to everyone. The other day, my bestfriend and I were obsessing over what we would be doing for the week-- I realized that now that we're more health concious than we were a few years ago.

I think that when you're in your teens, it's easy to just put anything in your mouth and digest it in your systems and you don't really think about being 'healthy'.

I guess you could argue that it's society image of people that kind of catalyze us to get into this 'health craze'... but I've really re-worked my life to try and stay healthy... (eg yoga, gym, sports etc) and eating a bit better than I used to.

How do you feel?
I definitely agree with that statement.

My husband and I have just started trying to conceive and that has made us still more aware of changes that we need to make to our lifestyles.

I think it has to do with becoming more in touch with your own body and listening to what it is telling you. I used to drink and dance til dawn and then start again the next night after 4 hours sleep!!! Now I know that would just kill me....I listen to what my (old!!) body is asking me for - good food, exercise, sleep - and try to provide!
I have gotten more health conscious with age. I think you have to if you have a office work.
imo you should put more weight on this topic in younger ages.. considering alot of people are overweight today.. and if you work out a few times a week when you are young it's alot bigger chance that you dont get overweight and you will be more healty when you get older.. I mean.. pratice 2 times a week when you are a kid.. playing soccer or anything will do.. just so you move, use your body.. I think that would help out alot.. I know when I went to first grade in elementary school.. no kid in my class or the other classes where very big.. ofc there was always someone with a few extra punds but no one was fat.. and now.. when I pass my old school and take a look at the kids.. alot of them are round, almost fat, and they are only 7-9 years old.. doing nothing, standing still or playing on their psp or somethin.. move it!
Maybe I am. I don't really drink vitamins and health related stuffs when I was young. But I realized that I do now. Maybe I am more health conscious. I know I do not want to die yet.
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