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hair loss ?

Do u have problum of hair loss?
 53%  [ 7 ]
 46%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 13

do u know how to prevant them any suggestion ?

hair loss is a big problum and i have searched alot for it on net and in my medical books but not found anything benificial even in alternative medcane of naturopathy and herbal use no any benifet , baldness is not in my genetics
as my father , mother , brother , sisters and even grandfather and grandmother have full hair .
i have dandruff and used alot of medicated shampoos but no any benifit.
There are a number of things that could cause hair loss.

An iron and protein deficiency can cause hair loss, so watch what you eat. Are you on any medication, as that could also be a contributing factor, among other things like stress.

How long is your hair, as longer hair can also make it look like you're losing more hair and how do you wear your hair? How often do you wash your hair?

There are many reasons, emotional and physical, so I think it would be best to talk to your doctor to see what he/she suggests.

I also suffer from hair loss and I'll going to become bald in the next 5 to 10 years.
For me, there are some ways to reduce the number of falling hair, but it has been impossible for me to completely stop them.
One thing which contributes to falling hair is lack of sleep and stress.
Another factor is diet which I think is the most important one. But I still havent been able to figure out what kind of diet stops baldness. You will find countless advices from doctors and others about what to eat to keep your hair healthy, but those diets never stop the process of baldness.
One thing which works for me is CLEANLINESS, I keep my hair clean, use Olive Oil at night and wash with a shampoo in the morning. Olive Oil is the best thing for me.
My friend has Gilbert's Syndrome and that causes her to loose hair. She's going to be taking some pill or something that will stop it. Have you seen your doctor about this?
Hair Loss in females is not a common phenomenon, it is mostly due to a presence of a hidden health problem, but in males hair loss usually occurs without any identified problem. This reminds me of a joke on why only males go bald.
A man told a woman that an angel hits on heads of humans whenever they have any impure thought. And the woman says "that explains why so many of men go bald!"
I think long hair drastically changes the way you lose your hair, both psychologically and physically.

Psychologically because you think you lose more, since every piece is longer; physically because they get weaker.
I think that some people have genetically foretold that they will be one day bald. The stress and the modern way of life is also very freqently used argument for hair loosing. So the prevention can be here, but the cure doesn´t exist I think at the moment.
here is a forum that can give you a lot of help

it kinda sounds like your hair loss isn't a genetic thing, and might be attributed to your diet or stress.. vitamin supplements can do wonders, if it's a nutritional issue.. stress is another issue, of course

otherwise, for typical male pattern baldness, there are a few treatments that are fairly helpful..

rogaine (minoxidil) will grow hair back as long as you keep using it

Propecia (finasteride) is a pill that will block DHT in your scalp, which is responsible for killing hair follicles

and a few other minor topical solutions, which can all add up to regrowing or keeping existing hair

keeping your hair short probably won't have a big impact on whether you keep losing hair.. altho it might make it less noticeable
ibay wrote:
One thing which contributes to falling hair is lack of sleep and stress.
Another factor is diet which I think is the most important one.

i agree. the best way of reducing the amount of hairloss is making sure that u get enough sleep and cut down on the stress. your diet also has a sizable impact on your hair. but this might only work if it isnt the genes. in that case i say sorry dude and welcome to the club of people who chose the wrong dad! Wink

but hairloss isnt all that.. the best way to deal with it is to accept it... that helps your stresslevels aswell Very Happy
WATS ur age man???

in middle age its quite common to loose hair....

USe sumthing suck as bandana or scarf to cover ur head it will AVOId dust in to ur hair..........
my lab partner suffered from permature hair loss. I think he's only 22? Which is really sad, because you can see the bald spot on the back of his head. It was gross to look at but it's part of genetics. They actually do have that spray on stuff that looks like hair spray that covers it, and when you comb it out it looks like hair. Ive seen it around still. However, I don't know how well that stuff works and you just might end up like George on Steinfeld where it was leaking off his scalp. But of course, its how you carry yourself and the confidence you exude which is ultimately what matters. if you sulk and try comb overs it just becomes really sad. So if you're balding wear it proudly or shave your hair off, there are plenty of good looking bald people.
mainly hair or lost for four reasons
1. metabolic
2. genetic
3. hormones
4. infection

1.metabolic :
this include not taking vitamins and protien or any disease which
does not let them to be utilized by hairs.
hairs are made of protien and for there proper growth they need vitamins like A and C (C is very important)

2. Genetic :
every thing and every disease have its gentic role there is no any disease that do not have genetic influence even infectous disease.
people will say how a infectious disease have to do with genetics?
answer is that suppose a person is taking meal which have infectous agents and an other person also take meal , first person get sick but second one dont this is due to there genetics which influnced all the infecting process , all the time we ingest oragnism but we dont get sick , this is due to immunity and it is influenced by genetics , some person have small infeting dose and other have large .
so back to story , gentics have role on hair loss , effects in so many ways , genetics do not mean heriditing it is whole body makup , so if some one your family dont have hair loss it does not mean you do not have gentics involved .
may be you have difeerent metabolism , and vitamins are protien are not getting or you ahve more acceptance to infections of scalp(head) .
So most of culpurt is genetics, which is normally said as unknown .
so 75% affected by genetics and 25% envirenment.
normally it said that 50% genetics and 50% envirnment.

3.Hormones :
well good joke while reading in these posts man are mostly affected, this does not mean they do more sinns but this is due to hormone called testosterone which is more n man and in small amount in women , what happen that when testoserone is metabolized it is converted into di hydroxy testosterone this DHT binds with the root off the hairs and causes decrease in the blood supply and lead to decreae in supply of nutrient and oxygen and loss of metablites lead to loss of hair which is ireversible, this is affect mostly man have.
In women if this testosterone increase it will cause same effect.

4. infection :
A fungi is said to be responsible for that and for that antifunga agents are used in medicated shampose and creams given for prevention.
Thanks for the explanation
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