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Stay or move?

At the begining of today I thought I was really into this girl. I am a gr 12 high school student and I gave her flowers at the end of school and asked her on a date. Funny thing is its almost like she liked the flowers but ignored the question. Later on that night I went to a volleyball tournament and ironically met her there. However she still did not bring it up at all! Her friends said it was cute and everything but she said nothing. But some of her friends just started to be very appealing to me this evening but I already went through the effort on the first girl should I stay with the one I already pulled a move on, or get the clue and move on to one of her friends?
This happened with my friend he asked this girl out and she ignored him and acted like he didn't say anythink. I think she ignored him because she couldn't tell him no because they where so close of friends. Mabey this girl just wants to be friends with you. I would go after her friends if u want a date.
Yeah, I agree with that. Give her friends some time and you might find you like them better than the first girl. And you just might get her interest quicker if her friends are in to you.
Yeah, this girl doesn't sound very interested. Give it some time, then decide what to do - you don't want her whole group of friends extremely mad at you and each other!

~advice from a girl Very Happy
If the girl continue to be that cold with you it's a good idea to spend more time with her friends. The girls love boys who give flowers. No matter to whitch girl. They don't think about the reason, that a boy have to do that. For them it's just a romantic gesture and they want to hapened to them. Embarassed
hmmm I think you should leave it that way and continue on being just friends like she wants to. And don't hit on her friends ... this would make you a pig ...
trust me ... this is what those girls will think about you.

Or maybe they are just testing you Twisted Evil
I would give up on her AND her friends. I say this because most girls hang out with other girls who have personalities that are very similar to their own. Also, if that one girl doesn't like you, she may make fun of you to her friends or discourage them from going out with you. Sure, her friends thought it was cute that you gave her flowers, but that doesn't mean that they have any interest in you. Girls tend to have very strong influences on each other, so if one doesn't like you, chances are that, in time, the others won't either. I'm really sorry if I'm bursting your bubble, and of course I could be wrong about all of this, but I would be careful if I were you.
You asked her already and its her turn to say something. Give her some space and see what happens. You dont need to run around after her if she is being what seems to me somewhat cold.

Good luck.
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