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The Time Killed My Guitar?

heiya guys i have a trouble with my guitar (i want u know that is 4 year old)cause if i move it i can get lot disturb in the sound waht the hell could it be?
do u think i can repair or i just have to buy another one?
ty for attention^^

PS: i already checked the guitar input but all goes well
You can almost always repair a decent guitar. You just have to figure out what is wrong. What did you do to check the input? The most common cause for noises when moving that I know of is a bad cord. Tell us your set up and what you've done to isolate the probem so far.
rly u think problem goes around the string?? :O
ehm how i can explain my guitar english isn't soooo good but maybe i'll post here som elink to photos of my guitar

PS: for setup u mean pickup and bridge position?

to isolate problem i have open the jack input e and made new forge(dunno if is the exact term but i hope can understand) to link the two cable(red one and black one) to te metal jack of input
i know of 30 words that i have told 35 are wrong just hope u can understand what i have done =(
I recently had a problem with my effects board. I think it is getting on in age and first a couple of effects went and then the whole thing went down. I guess there's some transistors fried or something so I will have to get someone to have a look at it for me. After using it for so long my guitar now sounds crappy without any effects on it.

I'd crack it open myself but I don't really have a clue about electronics.

Oh and I don't really have any suggestions for your problem, hope you get it sorted out though.
Problems with your guitar could range from your stock being worn and the strings buzzing or humidity problems. Take your guitar into a shop if you cannot solve the problem.
you can refine the guitar by making some minor changes, as i suggest, but do not make some radical changes with it. It might internally damage the structure of the SOUND of the guitar. It it doesnt work, take it to the repair shop rather than trying hard with urself. because i focus more on the genuine sound produced....

anyway, you can always have a new one and put this old one as a memorabloe piece with u. it would be a lovely piece to possess.

I have played my old guitar 7 years,although it sound bad,I never decide to kill it,even if I buy a new one.
i got a radio station through my guitar once, it was hillarious!
Hmm not exactly sure what that would be, wish I could help you out more. I love playing guitar but I'm not much of a tech so I can't really advise on those sort of aspects. Really hope you get it figured out though.
mjohnson wrote:
I have played my old guitar 7 years,although it sound bad,I never decide to kill it,even if I buy a new one.

I still have the terrible fender I learned to play on 8 years ago. It hasn't had strings on it in at least 3 years and I don't think it would produce any sound if I plugged it in, but it's nice to pull it out every now and then and then it for its help.
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