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Plans for the weekend

Start with me :-

Tonight :- Going for a indian, then for a drink , then to a party

Tomorrow:- Going to meet a girl for lunch , then seeing my cousin then going clubbing

Sunday :- Meeting the same girl and having a meal and drink again

Back to work on Monday (can't wait)
I hope you were being sarcastic in that last remark Razz
plan for the weekend , sleep from moring until night... ha..
My school days are from Tuesdays to Saturdays so my weekend starts on Sunday. Well, plan? Surf the net all throughout. Hehe.
Just Chilllllling!
schools are closed for 3 months so i dont have a weekend
Oh, It's already sunday now.......

For me
-Tomorrow: go to school

but next week it'll be
Tonight :- Going to watch TV, or work on my site.
Tomorrow:- Going to hang out with friends, and work on my assignment in the evening.
Sunday :- Hanging out with the same guys, and work on my assignment again in the evening or work on my site Laughing
any idea with what he said?
This weekend.

Saturday: I've Office (Yippeee). Evening planning for a movie.

Sunday: Whole day sleep.

Monday: Yeeks.
Reading the Accounting text book for A Levels, as I din opt for it during my O levels. It really is a bit tough yaar.
Well, planning to go snookering around Cue Club, hopefully winning all matches I play Wink

But first, I need a good night's sleep to compensate for late hours of the whole week. I look like Shocked right now, with black heads all over. Dunno who put up this theory that 7 hours sleep is fine for a normal person, or is it that I am not normal.

Warm Regards,
Next weekend I get to go to our instate rivalry game for the season--should be a good game since our star quarterback might still be out with an injury. On friday I'll go to the bars, and on Sunday I'll study and prepare for the next week. You've got to love college football season!
no long weekends coming up anytime soon. But wil be planning to go italy around next month or during november, then going to a beach resort with my girlfriend and a few of her friends to celebrate christmas.
it would be a good weekend for me, am going to fetch somebody very important at the airport. Hmmm

After that, happy go happy! Smile
Sleeping Laughing

wake up at noon.
go out for lunch at 2:00 p.m......probably could get a tea time discount...
and then walk around at nearby shopping mall.. hanging out with some friends/ playing basketball/ badminton/ swimming/ bowling till nite...and then dinner together.
go back home then start to chat with friends...
then sleep at around 1:00 am. Twisted Evil
- Saturday:
Set the alarm to 7am, and force myself to get out of bed. Then study for the whole day till 10pm.

- Repeat the same steps for Sunday.

Exams are coming~
watch a unique anime on my ipod in my bed in saturday morning 9:00am
then wake up go swimming
play piano
play game from 6:00pm onwards
A Saturday sleep all day long and a badminton Sunday to burn fats.
Weekend go for indoor football, then watch TV after that watch movie and go bowling. Play internet, play computer games......haha Laughing
Taking it easy after an insane week! Tomorrow 5 PM it is time to chill! TGIF! Laughing
This weekend, eh? Friday night is the weekly high school football game, where I just go and watch the band since my girlfriend's in it. Saturday night I'm having a surprise birthday party for my really good friend that's moving away to college soon. Then on Sunday I'll probably just hang out with my girlfriend and do some stuff. WINK. WINK. WINK.
tonight - after work, returning home as soon as possible. i have plenty of part time work at home.... i need to handle next monday~~

saturday - go to work in the morning. Then i go to dance center for lessons til evening~

sunday - just stay at home and do my part time work.....

so busy !!
i don't have a lot of plan for this weekend. i have to go to work on saturday and sunday and have a day off on monday. yep i think my life is quite sucks right now. i hope i can't get a better job position on the future. but now i'm sick so i can have a rest for 2 days Laughing
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