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Laptop HEAT

so i have an alienware area-51 all sorts of decked out, i'm pretty damn computer savvy since i could give IT people at my work a run for thier money.

anyways, moving along. my lappy always gets overheated and i do have a cooler by intec under it, but its not doing the trick. i mean with the cooler (which is just two cpu fans in a plate) keeps it from overheating when i'm doing normal stuff. but when i use it to render video or something like that it still dies on me.

keep in mind that i did not custom build this to game (i am anti-PC gamer) it is a work station purely for design work, and i run alot of photoshop and illustrator, which is fine, but when i start using Premiere or After Effects and 3-D programs like bryce and 3Dstudio, the damn thing locks and sits there like a damn $3200 brick. once i turn it off i have to leave it off for at least 5 min, before it will start again (it has to cool first)

anyone have any suggestions? besides sticking it on a freakin airconditioner or doing my work in a giant fridge.
Sounds like it could be a problem with the heatsinks/cooling fans.

Is it a new laptop? How long have you had the problem?

It might be a good idea to open up the machine (very carefully) and remove any dust from the heatsinks around the processor and hard disk. Likewise, it could be a malfunctioning fan system, so check to see that all included fans work when the system is hot. If the fans work, it's not dusty and it's still under warranty, I'd suggest that you send it back to the manufacturer - they may have forgotten to put the correct thermal compounds etc in the laptop to help heat dissipation.
Theres a good chance that is just how it was made. I bought an HP Pavilion zd8000 last year. It's basically a media desktop replacement. And this thing gets HOT.

I haven't had it lock up on me yet like you said happens to you, but one thing that I find to be a real quick fix is either a floor fan or just a small desk fan, and aim it right at the comp. Since I've been doing that, my laptop still gets really hot, but not nearly as much as before. I too have a laptop cooler beneath it lifts it and blows cool air in. But as you said, it just doesn't work as well as you'd like.

Hope that helps a little, I know something like that can be frustrating when you pay that much for a laptop. Confused
Rendering video with a laptop is never a good idea Smile There isn't that much you can do about it, you can try getting another cooler, maybe something a bit better. Try taking a duster and blowing it through all the fan holes to clear out some dust.
You wrote you use it for 3-D stuff etc. Do you have an external monitor for your graphics? Because some people close their laptops when working on an external monitor with external keyboards and mouse. That generates more heat, because the hot air can't get away. Keep the laptop open when you work on it, even when you use another monitor.
If it can't be fixed there's another tip: look for something you can put your laptop on with an open structure (kind of rack-like) It's better for you because the laptop is more at your height and its better for the temperature, because the laptop can loose warmth on all sides.

But the best solution is: show it to the person you bought it from and say this isn't acceptable. Let him either repair it or give you another laptop wich doesn't overheat.

so i've opened up the laptop and cleared everything (if anything) in the way of the processor fan, i've also taken the heatsinks off my processor and applied new compound (laptop compound) to the sinks and reassembled. i know that its not a good idea in the furst place to render with a laptop, but during design/edit process its way way faster than my PC. i do not use a seperate monitor and the laptop is always open, i use an antec laptop cooler that runs 24/7 and drains tha crap out of my battery (not that it matters since its always plugged in) and is damn loud at night.

after alot alot alot of research i jus found that laptops seem to have the never ending heat problem and its never been solved for a machine that is the power of a workstation.
The prob with laptops is due to its compact size, many of times it gets real hot. IMO, if you want to do heavy stuff like gaming, graphics editing and 3D stuff, it is better done on a desktop. Thatz why I refuse to install Warcraft III on my laptop.
phinguyen wrote:

keep in mind that i did not custom build this to game (i am anti-PC gamer) it is a work station purely for design work, and i run alot of photoshop and illustrator, which is fine, but when i start using Premiere or After Effects and 3-D programs like bryce and 3Dstudio

If you want a computer that does 3d rendering, then it should be built like a gaming system, though really, laptops just aren't meant for this sort of cpu intense work.

I'm kinda of curious though, you call yourself anti-PC gamer? If you game at all I would suggest doing so on a PC as they can kick the snot out of any console out there Smile
If you have attached USB powered devices, the battery and the AC charger, the notebook will get really hot.
Since you got an Alienware, I suggest you to ask for their support. Perhaps, your cooler has some problem or something is bad mounted on processor.
I know Alienware is great!
Everyone knows more 3-D, more Graphics, more process is iqual to more heat. Heat equal to devil.
First step:
1 Go to your salesman or wherever you has buy it and ask for a rewiev or mainteance. Thelaptops area a very especial technology and if you dont know how to open in te rigth form maybe could break something in the way
2 Review the BIOS config some computers has a fan vs. heat control (Some guys thogth the noise could be more important than the heat in the computers and make adjust to reduce the noice reducing the fan rpms)
3 Move to live in Alaska Very Happy

Good look Frozen User.
ok so i've solved my delima. i've built a homemade cooling box that i put under my laptop. after remounting the heatsinks and using an Antec usb powered cooling unit, i've done some research on how to build your own "cooling station" using some stuff at the local hardware store. on top of that i went to a junk PC shop and got some spare heat sinkers with some realy really temprature sensitive sheet metal.

i simply built a kind of air conditioner that directs cool airflow to the sinkers which make my metal plate get really really cold and on top of the plate i have my laptop.

the whole rig iz a little on the noizy but no more noizer than an old desktop from the early milenia. the laptop runs really cool now and i'm able to render video at a decent speed without sudden shutdowns and of coarse the there is little to no lagg.

as for bones. i truly understand the power of a PC. i understand how graphically superior a PC can be. but the experiences are completely differnt. i am an anti-PC gamer, but i wouldnt run around saying that PC games suk, i just prefer the feel of a console game. now i do not think that console games are superior to any other media of gaming, by all means i think that all furst-person-shooters should never be ported or designed for a console (and for all you xbox fanboys, that means HALO should never have been made for XBOX) but i'm not much of a FPS gamer anymore, anyways, the point is that i just prefer to play games on the console. maybe because i work on the computer all day long, and comming home to another computer for relaxation just doesnt cut it as well as jumpin on a controller.
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