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Why windows takes so long to start up

Thought this might be helpful for anyone interested;


Why windows takes so long to start up

Most of us have had a brand new computer at one time. It's a great feeling. You boot up windows and within 30 seconds you are surfing the net, checking your email, or playing your favorite game. 10 months down the road things aren't so nice anymore. You power up your computer and it seems to take forever to load.

Even when you are careful about what you install it seems that each day it takes longer for it to boot. It's not your imagination - and there are a couple of good tips to keep your boot time short and sweet.


Wow, that's like EXACTLY what happens to my computer (it's been in existence for 3 years.... lol). Thanks!
{name here}
I've never had any problems with XP Pro. Then again I don't have tons of apps.
That was one real useful bit of information for all MS users I guess. Going to try it out as soon as i get home. Hope it makes my PC better at loading times.
Thnx a lot.
HOlY CRAP, this is a realy good tutorial!
if in your computer have installed many application it can make your windows will slowly at booting.

try to disable any service you don't use.
Laughing Because It becomes Older each day!! Laughing
I would think it would be involed with boot up scripts. Unlike Linux you can't edit your boot up script. In Linux if it takes to long to boot up you can delete some of the stuff that interfers with it. Well as long as you don't delete what is nessesary.

I don't know but I never saw much of a difference on my windows computer but I never use it so I guess that could be why.
yahhhh.. its a nice observation but one thing to consider is the hardware side of your PC and its components.... Some of those services in Windows XP might be useful in the future.... So just try to tweak the hardwares and softwares of your PC...

and try using benchmarking program to see some results...
Those were some pretty good tips! I finally know what the disk defragmenter is all about. I thought it was going to delete unused files and might accidentally delete files I need. Silly me... Very Happy
this is very common in everything.,, computer is like a human body, a garbage can, etc. the more time you use the stuff? it becomes old.

try not use this stuff frequently. but in technical aspects you can minimize this thing in taking time to maintain your machines which is a very important to do. try checking your files, delete unnecessary files., try to defrag your system, look for your anti-virus. sometimes or almost basic thing to check is your AV.

i hope this thing will help.
what is ur system configuration ... ???ystem usually gets slow due to lack of cleaning .. u need to clean ur ram with spirit and cotton ...

i've never heard of cleaning your ram... Shocked
Hi ..
well if u donot know that does not mean it doesnot exist Smile

Other problems could be a possible virus ... or virus after effect whihc may not have been recovered completely ...

Do not install to many application to your pc
Many of programm asking to be loaded at start up ,avoid this.
Install a windowsXp manager programm and follow the instruction on how to keep your pc "light"
Lol, I find myself reformatting every couple of months.
blendbet wrote:
Do not install to many application to your pc
Many of programm asking to be loaded at start up ,avoid this.
Install a windowsXp manager programm and follow the instruction on how to keep your pc "light"

Where can I find this program?
I just deleted everything from my prefetch folder and modified the reg and my computer now loads very quickly.
Im a bit to worried to go into this thing, and my computer loads fast now. But when it gets slower, I'll check this post again.
Thanks for the post,

Yeah, actually it all goes back to the old teachings: When in doubt, reformat! Smile
AHH! I know I'm new to these forums so there will be skeptics, but you do not want to clear your prefetch folder! That is a myth. The short version, the prefetch is not loaded on bootup (if it were really loading 128 programs, you and your ram would feel it), instead, the prefetch files contain information on what to load when you run a program. For example, let's say you use MS Word to write letters weekly, and you use the letter wizard as well. The prefetch will notice this, and it will load the letter wizard into ram when you open Word (actually, immediately after). For more reading on the prefetch myth see here, here, or here. Or just Google it.

As for defragging, yes a good idea, though the windows defragger is less than spectacular, so you'll have to run a few passes. Windows networking is also better, but not great, so both of the networking things are somewhat true (although, they really do not slow things down that much...). Spyware/Adware are relatively obvious really.
System slow starup due to the
following reasons

1. Antivirus loader
2. Spyware problem
3. Many more application
4. some time harddisk have bad sectors

Rolling Eyes
the basic idea is pretty simple, just defrag your harddisk once in awhile and reformat or something and your computer shouldnt be too bad.

Supposedly deleting the prefetch folder does not work, thats what i read. Anyone who deleted the prefetch folder only really found much improvement?
check your startup for unknown non windows based service check and remove unwanted services
Well, I had this problem a lot, untill I reinstalled XP, did some stuff _very_ like this, except I followed a guide that went a little closer to the edge, and I got my system booting 1 min faster, and the basic stability was higher. However.... I in the end quit XP, and switched to Linux - I now run Gentoo Linux.

That guide looks good! Use it! Smile
Already knew most of the stuff. But didnt kno abt the prefetch
I know one thing our computer was taking forever to startup for a while but then we reformatted the OS hard drive and everything was working normal again. Then it started loading pretty fast except for the desktop icons. This would take several minutes to load which I knew was not right. We are using windows 2000 by the way. I did a full system virus scan with norton and it found 3 spyware and I deleted those and now everything is working great. Sometimes you just need to make sure that you have no virus's, worms or spyware on your pc and if you do, get rid of it and you should be good to go. I know we are working great here now.
Kitten Kong
If you can't quite manage to keep your windows clean and the spyware keeps hiding itself deeper and deeper, I can't recommend a nice fresh reinstall or even a full format. Sure its not the most efficient way but short of getting some seat warming computer tech to come and overcharge you to delete your documents and steal your porn a good old format takes about 30-50 minutes and you're guarunteed smooth runnings.

I know my winxp cdkey from memory Smile
cleaning the garbage cache on your comp using CCleaner would be gd. As you use ur comp more often, there are all sorts of cache and temporary files from webs and installers.
Start up programms antivirus real time protection, spyware software on the start of windows. Cool
I used a Windows, and switched to a Mac. I never had to delete anything or clean up my apps because my Mac will always run quickly and smoothly. I advise Window users to switch. Plus, I won't have to worry about any viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, etc. Anyway, when I was in the Windows world, I had to use spyware, adware, virus remover software and also remove many stuff I installed. Hopefully, that helps for you to speed up your computer.
My windows starts up very fast, my best advice would be do format and do a fresh install and it should speed it up greatly.
Yeah, its definately software bloat. too many software programs that want to run their tasks at startup. That combined with viruses and spyware in general, and disk fragmentation. you could try defragging your hard drive. a defrag could possibly give you a little boost. but in my experience with xp, its only marginal at best. the only thing that really makes a difference is a fresh new install of your os. its too hard to clean out your registry with out blowing away your hard drive and installing new.
some time is required for loading windows .it is done by the small program called boot-strap loader.its function is to load some part of the OS then control is transferred to can decrease start up time by disabling startup can enable/disable them from window.just type msconfig in run and click on startup and uncheck unwanted programs.

abhi Razz
very very very useful piece of information. really help ful. i like it
good job
XP works at a medium rate. Not good but that's what people as myself have. There's a trade off by having so much software variety and by having the most used software. Mac may be better in some way. But I prefer having the same software as others have.
To make windows run faster there are some tricks on the net that might help. Some registry keys can be changed. Also some services and software might be disabled or avoided. But be careful. Don't disable the wrong services because your PC might crash.
Another important rule is to install just the necessary software.
Most of the time, the reason for slow booting is because of filesystem fragmentation. Eliminate the fragments using a defragmenter (don't use the Windows built in, try Diskeeper or Perfectdisk). My bootup time decreased from 2 minutes to 20 seconds after a full defragmentation using Diskeeper.

Invalid prefetch entries will also cause the bootup to be slow. You can clear the prefetch folder (C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch) periodically to make bootup faster. This is recommended after you uninstalled some software. Although the next boot will be slower than usual, the subsequent bootups will be faster.
It gets slower because you have installed lots of softwares which create lots of registries which make computer slow. Most of time is take by computer to startup services of computer and startup objects. So disabling startup objects might help computer startup faster. This can be done by doin this simple process: Go Start->Run..->type "msconfig" without quotes-> go to Startup tab and disable all startup objects.
yeah, i try to keep my applications in the down low. I do try to be really careful about what I install and the stuff that may be running in the background. So far I've been succesful. My computer runs smoothly without hardly any trouble. I've seen my friends, who dont completely know what they may be installing and soon enough their computer is already acting slow. I've seen people, who, like most of us, dont have super computers, with as many as 60 processes running in the background, and they are not even aware of it, and of course there are other things that may be the cause for slow start ups.
mehtab wrote:
It gets slower because you have installed lots of softwares which create lots of registries which make computer slow. Most of time is take by computer to startup services of computer and startup objects. So disabling startup objects might help computer startup faster. This can be done by doin this simple process: Go Start->Run..->type "msconfig" without quotes-> go to Startup tab and disable all startup objects.

Use this for even better control and tuning:
Sorry, i can't enter the link the u gave.


From the replied, you can know how to solve this problem.
For me, defragment HD, clean the regitry, close unnecessary windows services and choose only critical program when the windows load will help a lot.
Also be sure to check this site about Windows XP hacks:

Especially the section about performance tuning:
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