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one of the easiest jobs.....

so i just started college a week ago. i had been talking with the head of the IT dept. here through email for about a month. he had been sending me things in regards to being a lab assistant. i didn't know where i signed up for it or whatever. but i dont care as i now have the easiest job i've had.

for 7.50/hr i essentially get paid to do my homework. i just sit in a computer lab and check the machines to see if they all work alright. if not then i report it. other than that its time to myself. no distractions from roomates and i get my work done. cant think of a better way to make money lol. at least in this point and time.
My easiest part-time job i have done was a cleaner in the warehouse of Argos in England. with payment of 4.5 pounds/hr all you have to do is waiting for the others worker to stock all stuffs on the shelf and u collect the empty box to the certain place and keep doing like this for whold day. what i did was sitting for about 15-20mins then walk 1 round for it which took about 10 mins to finish and do it liek this again and again. you only clean toilet like once or twice a day but not really a big deal. and you can do it like 4-6 hours a day. that a good money and easy job.
Now i'm a techer in the Uni. it also easy if you teach for a second year or more becoz you already know what to do . do not need to prepare good money and lots of holidays. ^^
I heard that the equivalent of your job (lab assistant) at my school did homework 80-90% of their time while at work. That rocks soooooo much. Very Happy
Haha, I would like that job. The only sinecures that come my way are housesitting.
My easiest job was also one of the hardest. After high school, I worked at a vegetable cannery one summer. It required standing in one place for eight hours a day, which is actually quite difficult. It is easy to be on your feet for extended periods, but only when moving about. Standing in the same place puts a pretty serious strain on the lower back. That was the hard part.

The easy part was that there was absolutely no mental engagement whatsoever. I spent eight hours a day teaching myself songs, planning the future, daydreaming, and whatnot. And the best part of all? It paid twice my previous job's rate.
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