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Dungeon Siege

well an very very odl game... (replayed recently ... after the appeared of Dungeon siege 2)
a quite unic game play... abit like diablo 2...

well a quite good story line with bad game play system...
the game is released on summer of 2002 (if not mistaken)

what good about the game is..
a smooth gameplay for low videocard (Only 8mb need) user..
a new begining of the totally new era of gameplay system...
any thing mess up?? share your oppinion
i think this game not to good,

i have playing this game, but can't finish this game coz i think the game play i don't like it.

i like diablo II Very Happy
i think i'ts just wonderful paly to play with this game try it every one it have it's own funny no one else could say against that
I liked this game, and Dungeon Seige II as well.

The biggest problem I had with both games is that they were so linear, that you could not possible get lost in the game, and you could practically only do what they wanted you to do. Whereas, in the Elder Scroll games, you can practically do whatever you want.

Another problem that I have, is that my characters grab everything on the ground, and take it all back to town and sell it, and I just had so much money, that near the end of the game, I could have bought anything in the world (made me feel like Bill Gates - a little)!!

I have to say that the games never have crashed on me, and I really like that in a game!!
ah, the first time i installed Dungeon Siege was on a lan. A friend said we could play it, so i installed and we started a multiplayer game at around 3pm and stopped playing at 6am. it is a great game, the only thing i dont like about it is that it saves your characters in your 'My Documents' folder, meaning if windows screws up and you have to reinstall it, your characters are all gone. that happened to me 3 times already, each time i lost a lvl 60+ Combat Magic character. It is a fun game, if you like diablo 2 you will probably also like dungeon siege.
I dont like this game due to its mechanical gameplay, just click and kill and the same goes on and on. If you want to play some real RPG try out Neverwinter Nights. Its really for the geek gamers with all the DnD rules to watch out for and to select from a host of skills and builds. Not a childs play believe me. If you dont believe me you can see its rating at and verify for urself about this cool game.
well i played never winter night before...
but the grafic detail amaze but a bit lag on my super duper old computer with only 8 video ram...
what i mean is... my com is old .. the game is great...
its a good game... never winter night.. a srpg game...
but the dungeon siege is a good game too with a low requirement!!
every one should try.. NOT forget the never winter night...(i like the dragon in nwn)
Fire Boar
If you like NWN (or even if you have it and don't like it (what do you mean, you don't like it? That's crazy talk!)) then you should definitely try out some of the online play. I first played it on my uber-slow computer and it lagged quite a bit, then when I got this extra-fast computer, it's been a romp all the way. Except for a time at the beginning when it was constantly performing false checks and jumping all over the place, more on the later. Multiplayer utilises the Aurora Toolset (custom world builder) so there are several thousand gameworlds out there ready for you to take by the horns. Go do it!

I find Dungeon Siege to be too linear for my liking, but the game is fun, nonetheless. Nothing like a bit of hack 'n slash when you're bored, but I'd reccomend Diablo 2 for that instead, it's loads better, if a bit ropey on the graphics front.

NOTE TO NEVERWINTER NIGHTS USERS: If you have a dual-core computer, you will find that the game goes at an impossible speed, with characters jumping instead of moving, the camera not working, etcetera. There is a way to fix this! Firstly, update to version 1.67 or higher (yes, that's right, you click the update button, genius). Then, go into nwplayer.ini in your root NWN directory and change the line that says "Client CPU Affinity" to "Client CPU Affinity=1". Then restart the game and lo and behold, perfect gameplay.
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