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Can i install joomla or mambo on my frihost account?

well can i install joomla or mambo site managing softwares on the web hosting provided by frihost? also i want to know how the joomal or mambo works & how it is installed.any body here to help me??
If you have cPenel you can use Fantastico to install Joomla automatically into your Frihost account. Otherwise you can download and unpack the package on your machine and FTP it to Frihost server, and then run the installer script to install Mambo/Joomla.

Yes. If and when you receive a hosting account, it will not be on server #1, since no new accounts are bing created there. Thus, you will not have cPanel or Fantastico available, but will be using DirectAdmin instead, and will need to install Joomla or Mambo by yourself by following the instructions found in the distribution you download.

With search, you should be able to find a lot of things about Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, etc.

Good luck.
and if you dont' know how to install it then most people will install it for some frih$
what is Mambo/Joomla?
Mambo and Joomla are Content Management Systems(CMS).

And yes you can install those on frih server.

if you have cpanel you can do it using frantastico. If not you've to do it manually.
frihost footer wrote:
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Very Happy

And yes i know of a lot of sites runnng these. Also and
Thank you all of you for informing me about it. I hope I will get the hosting soon & then I will need some more help since I dont know how to install it. I am just 16 years old & a newbie to web designing.
hey man, im 14 and been doin web stuff for a couple of years an i dont understand all of it.

what is joomla for anyway???

are u really from india, not being racist or ought, just intrigued
abhisek16 wrote:
I will need some more help since I dont know how to install it.

Feel free to ask away. just remember to check (search) the forums to see if it hasn't been answered. Also, google it up first, as there are many joomlers around the world and LOTS of topics about it (many Q&A's).

Manofgames wrote:

are u really from india, not being racist or ought, just intrigued

Yes, he is. As are A LOT of other Frihosters.

Be Well Cool
Joomla is very easy to install. The only thing that confuses noobs is the changing of the permissions. With out doing this joomla/mambo won't install. I like joomla a lot and I would recomend it to every one.

1. create a database to use for joomla in direct admin.

2. Upload joomla through your ftp client.

3. Go to your joomla install page: (

4. On this page will be a list of files that you need to change the permissions. You can use the ftp client to do this or the direct admin file management.

5. Then go through the install pages and set it up.(really easy)

6. Erase install folder.

7. add content

Great joomla resource for components, templates and moduels
hey, ive got a bit of joomla myself.

it cant find /tmp as writable in startup

i will pay som1 100FRI$ to set my joomla up cos i dont understand Embarassed .

go there and follow instructions 4 da FRI$ points
yeah, i tried installing them via ftp and it worked great.
ftp on ur site???

anyway, i figured it out.

i was nameing the config file in the wrong case
Hi, I would like a host account here to host a web site made with mambo, will it work well? becouse I already host my site in another host and I had some problems to install modules and components! somebody has a mambo site hosted here? Is there or not fantastico?
Look at the very bottom of the page friend!!!

down where it says

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