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how to burn unread able cd ?

i know it is little wierd, eh very2x wield hehe.
but i need it.

is there a software to burn some files to cd, but the file name can readable but that file contain cannot be read able ? Embarassed

since i want to cheat my friends that always asking me for give him my large code that i programed for 1 year~~ hehehe Very Happy

Is the CD unreadable because it's scratched, or because the files are corrupted? If it's a regular CD that's scratched then you can buy a CD polisher that polishes out scratches and makes it readable again. Those are pretty cheap and you should be able to buy them at most electrical goods stores. If it's corrupted then you need data recovery software, but I've not found any that works well enough to justify recommending them.

If you're okay with the files remaining unreadable that you're burning, then you could use software like CloneCD that copies everything from one CD onto another including files that are unreadable.

I hope that this helps, but to be honest I'm not sure about the specific nature of your problem.
no.. i wasn;t meant that.

i mean how to burn a cd that cannot readable Very Happy
not how to recover a cd that scratched...

If the content is already on a CD that you're transferring to another CD then Clone CD is your best bet.

If the files are on your computer then you could zip the files and use Daemon Tools to use the zip to create a virtual drive by mounting it as an image.

Then use Clone CD to copy that image to CD.

You can find Daemon Tools here: It's free.
Basically you just want to burn a file that won't load up when your friend tries to open it. No big deal, just burn the stuff and scratch the CD as bad as you can.

But even if you're successful, he will come back to you for another copy. What you CAN do is give him the wrong files, or change the content so that your code won't run right. Wonder if he would figure out whats wrong, especially because if he could he wouldn't be asking you for it, right?

The best thing to do is to say no.
err.. maybe u right mr. sush.
i will tell him later Smile.
thanks for the suggestion..

but back to matter, is there a software to burn a cd like that ? i meant with out scratched the cd, since my friend can look the scretched cd.. hehe
Get a Hex program and type in random numbers and letters. Save it as the program .cpp or .c or .h w/e. try to open the file it should give you an error. then burn it to a disk and give it to him the more hex you add the bigger the file.
Xeniczone wrote:
Get a Hex program and type in random numbers and letters. Save it as the program .cpp or .c or .h w/e. try to open the file it should give you an error. then burn it to a disk and give it to him the more hex you add the bigger the file.

what kind hex program ?
it seem this way is more incridible for me Smile
Create an folder with an exe, that opens a messagebox with an error.
Save it as "sourcecode.cpp.exe". If not c++ replace it with the extension of your language (eg. "sourecode.pb.exe")
Rename it to "sourcecode.cpp.pif".
The Icon changes. And the link-arrow appears
Open the properties of the file. Change the Icon to the icon of a cpp-sourecodefile.
sorry but, i dont get it..

and my language is html and php =_="

just save a file in the same format with the same name and put no data in it, otherwise you will have to manually corrupt it, or just open it in windows 98 the result will most likely be the same Wink
but if there was no data, then someone will know that the file is 0 byte or empty file. how to corrupting the data ?
Put a few grains of sand on a burnt cd, then rub with something in a CIRCULAR motion. The scratches are then hard to see. You can also pop the CD in a microwave for 5 secs, but then its obvious.
I don't see the point of this bro Wink
i also add some e-book to this cd also, if i using scratched this cd, i fraid the e-book get some error also.

is there to make the error to this code only ??
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