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Hows your guitar tuned? And what is it?

Okay everyone, hows your guitar tuned. And what type do you have?

I have an Ibanez RG 120.

My low E is drop tuned to D
and for the higher strings, there all standard

For those who don't know, drop tuning to low e to D, can make playing easier. Instead, when your playing a power chord, and putting your pinky somewhere, just play a bar cord with the top of your pointer finger on the top string, and the lower half on the string below
true.. but well, sometimes, it can be irritating when playing some songs with drop d.. have to do alot of shifting of fingers.. haha..
My Gibson Faded SG Special is tuned standard. Can anyone tell me what tuning DADFAD is? I saw it for some THursday song.
my guitar is a yamaha. i'm not sure of the model number.
it also currently has standard tuning because thats the key i play in most often
Squire P-Bass. Normal tuning.
4 String Fender Squire - Standard Tuning
4 String Ibanez SR200TR - Drop D Tuning
5 String Aria Pro Series II - D Standard Tuning

Monterey Acoustic Guitar - Standard Tuning
i have a gibson electric guitar... and its in standard tuning... EBGDAE.. why? coz i've only been learning for a few months now and i dont know any other types! as in i've heard about other types of tuning but dont know why or when will i need to use them! Embarassed
I have a yamaha pacifica it was tuned in drop D now it is in standard
before that i had it in a flat tuning.
My SG Standard is tuned standard, too, although I play metal Rolling Eyes
Drop tuning can give your guitar a heavier sound. Listen to the song COMING UNDONE by KORN at and you'll know what I mean by HEAVIER. Not like heavy metal heavy, actualy HEAVY GUITAR HEAVY! Very Happy
My Yamaha acoustic is in standard tuning because I'm no good at tuning so I never change it to anything else. In fact right now its rather out of tune so I have to fix it.
Yaaa.. I'm almost hopeless without a tuner. If I'm playing, and it sounds out of tune, I start turning the knobs to tighten/loosen the strings till it sounds right. People who tune by ear have a gift. Very Happy LUCKY LUCKY..
i have a fender squire (yeah, i know, but if you heard it you'd know why i haven't gotten a new one Very Happy) and i use standard tuning most of the time, but drop d for heavier stuff. I've also been experimenting with C minor lately.
Fender Squire? Gibson Epiphone? What is this?

Only Squire! Rock on!
Rad Ultima 2
I have a Woods acoustic and I have all the strings tuned down one flat. Most of Dashboard Confessional songs are like this, I think. Also makes it a lot easier to try and sing songs since you don't have to hit the notes that extra sharp higher. Razz Yes, I'm also lazy.

My Ibanez electric is standard tuning, but only because I don't want to take the time to keep retuning my other one whenever I want the standard tuning again...
It's a cheap stagg strat copy ( Rolling Eyes ) and it's on either standard tuning or drop D (can't remember which, but they're the only two I know Razz)
I have an ESP LTD F-400 FM, and it's the best guitar that I could ever dream of having! I usually have it tuned to standard, but when I play with my band, I have to switch to dropped D.
I always use standard. I sometimes use a capo, but I've never really tried out alternative tunings, I've never really thought about it too much.
I play a fretted Yamaha RBX270J 4 string and a J&D fretless 4 string. I tune both to standard tuning, occasionally dropping the E down to a D for particular songs.

My J&D fretless is awesome beacuse it doesnt really matter if the strings are in tune with each other because you can adjust your fingering to keep your playing in tune, so in the heat of a gig during a song you don't need to retune!
I have a few guitars. I have a Custom ESP M-100, epiphone Black Beauty, Ibanez SZ720FM, Marck Tremonti SE Custom PRS, and my Limited Washburn WI64D.

I have a variety of tunings.

Open G - (DGDGBD)
Open C - (CGCGCE)
Standard - (EADGBE)
Open A - (EAC#EAE)
And last I'm not sure what this is called, but Tremonti plays in it sometimes. It's pretty kewl. (DADADD)

Some of these tunings such as open C are really low. I like to write and play a lot of hard rock or metal. Open C is just like drop D, but a whole step lower.
Well, my 6 string electric is a Vantage I guess. I think it's a Les Paul look-alike brand. I'm not sure though. I've always got this one tuned to the standard EADGBE.

My 4 string bass has no brand markings on it at all, but I think that it is like a Fender look-alike. Though again, I'm not sure. This one I usually have tuned to standard EADG, but I sometimes will tune it with the dropped D for some songs, just becuase they're easier to play that way.
My guitar is tuned normal (EADGBE). Ive tried to tune down a couple of times though.
Pretty nice guitars guys.. I've been looking at getting a new ibanez.. Becuase my sound isn't very clear with my current guitar.
Sound is in your fingers, not in your guitar... Rolling Eyes

Here a photo of my guitar... hehehe

Sickness wrote:
Sound is in your fingers, not in your guitar... Rolling Eyes

It is to a certain point, but a good guitar will always sound better than a low-end model. I tried playing my first guitar after getting my ESP, only to realize that the first one sounds like sludge compared to my ESP, which was much more expensive.
EADGBE lol..its juz classical guitar man.what kinda tuning other than that. ah but i kinda like the drop D tuning for elec guitar coz den can juz barre for the power chord sound n slide up n down easier instead of using the normal power chord style. and downtuned by one semitone sounds mellower and nicer
It is to a certain point, but a good guitar will always sound better than a low-end model. I tried playing my first guitar after getting my ESP, only to realize that the first one sounds like sludge compared to my ESP, which was much more expensive.

That's true, but you can sound better with your LTD than me with an ESP custom. These two guitars are good, but the ESP costs 4000 $.

Otherwise, the amp is also important. A Stagg with a triple rectifier will sound much better than my SG with a Marshall MG 15 lol

Mines pretty much always in standard tuning (EADGBE), although I will occasionally downtune it to drop-D (it's the simplest tuning change you can make I think).

I always find that when I use drop-D, I'll leave it like that for ages until I really need to put it back into standard tuning.
Standard EADGBE.
Occasionaly i tune to drop D, if Im just messing around.

Cataluna acoustic (Western) and Probe Les Paul copy (I had the opportunity to buy a real fender stratocaster for $50 less than the probe - but I passed it up because the finish was peeling. I feel so stupid for passing up a deal like that.)
Ibanez JTK1 Jet King, Standard Tuning.

Personally I hate having my guitar in drop D all the time, but I play a lot of open chords and such. It's not that hard to just play a powerchord normally.

But my friend always talks about drop D being best for improvisation. I'm only just learning the world of lead guitar, so I wouldn't know.
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