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Flash Effects Competition !! 150 Frih !!!!! UPDATED !!!

Hey all you flash lovers !!

here is a little competition for you to see whos the best...

the work you have to do is simple...

Save this picture :

or use this PSD :


Copyright (c) All rights reserved.

Then open it up in your flash and add effects to it.... make is as attractive as you can and as "not annoying" as can be....

all entries will be looked at by me and the one that satisfies me wins...

But before you proceed.... here are the RULZ !

    1) The effect should not be acopy of any other existing effect on any website
    2) The should be purely of your own.
    3) There should be NO background music... and if so it should be low and pleasant with a "On/Off" feature include at the bottom right.
    4) the work should should be compatible to flash player 7. Try not to work in flash 8.
    5) Final decision will be mine, and if i am unable to then a votin poll will be set-up, but after the winner is announced other participants claim no right to object.

The rating will start when there are atleast 3 entries... Before you start work on your animation post a mesage here stating so, and later edit it to link to the animation.

You can place an entry buy linking to a zip file containing the "swf" file.. or if you have the facilty you can upload it to a webpage and link to that page... and if u have any other way of doing so, you can but if its new that plz mention how to see it..

So competitors .... start working NOW !

Best of luck !

The prize is 100 Frih&'s and will be sent to the winner when i have recieved the "Fla" file of the animation...
Oh man this will be a great thing for me to play around with nice contest by the way. I like the contests that test your skills and make you be creative.

Is there a deadline?

Is your little pic thingy a psd if so could i get so i could save each layer seperately inorder to make some cool effects.
well i incluided the psd to make the work easier for you....

well the deadline is 3 days....

and if i get atleast 3 entries after that entries will be cancelled and voting will begin...

but if i dont get 3 it will continue for 3 days and then the voting will begin... and if i get only 1 entry... then if it satisfies me... winner is announced Laughing .. and if i dont like it... days will be extended....
cmon guyz......

100 frih is good enough !! ok ill give it 50 more !!

its 150 now !!
I am starting to make mine just so you know salman. Will be done in a few days.
ok kool !

its about time Very Happy

hoping to see ur results soon... if any1 else wants to enter... this is the time !!
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