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LOTR: Battle for middle earth

What do you think about this game?..
I think is terrific but i still waiting for the age of empires 3 release...
Personally i like Battle for Middle Earth. I love the storyline. I mean it's not the whole one, but it still takes away from the generic RTS aspects of the game. Like the first duel with Gandalf and the Balrog, that was just cool. But yea it is a great game. Can get boring after a while, but not any sooner than the other great RTSs out there.
Yes, I am officially an idiot and have yet to learn how to read. Rolling Eyes Comments below do not relate to Battle for Middle Earth as this thread was about, but instead The Third Age.

Please feel free to slap me with with a large tuna fish.

I've only watched my friend play this, but I have to say that I'm not impressed at all.

In a game like this you have so much scope for a story line, and yet they picked, at least for the first few hours that I saw, a rather dull plot of 'follow the leader'.

And the battle alongside Gandalph really grated on me. Why introduce something which totally contradicts the main storyline?

And as for the cooperative play - how tacked on was that?

This was a shameless piece of mass market, movie tie in that could have been done a hell of lot better if they'd actually put some thought into it, rather than selling it on name alone.
I like the way that the knights of minas pass thru the goblins and the flys by the air Very Happy ...thats really good, and Nirotu you are right, the gandalf and the balrog scene in the begining of the game is a disapointing fact of the game that and the borimir thing.
BFME is a good game, do u guys still play?
I like this game.
The graphic in this game is very good.
But it use a lot of PC resources.
I played Warhammer Dawn of War And Battle for Middle Earth
I can say that graphic at Warhammer was better than in Battle for Middle Earth.
I played warhammer at high quality but Battle for Middle Earth i played only in low quality Sad
I was a bit disappointed about the graphic when I played this game. Not that it was bad, it was amongst the best of its genre. But the previews looked so much better I was holding much expectations for it. About the gameplay, well it's nothing new, no revolutionary idea was implemented. Still, it was pretty fun to play. I only completed the 'good' campaign, since I enjoy use the heroes and magic of the Even Star. The 'evil' side has too few heroes and the power of the One Eye was almost all about generating more resources. About the heroes, there're only Saruman (which is no where as powerful as Gandalf), Lurtz (not even as strong as Fahramir) and the Witch King (only available in the battle of Minas Tirith). ---> no fun taking the evil campaign after completing the good one.
I got Battle for Middle-earth II
The Battle for Middle-Earth II is not only a significantly better game than the 2004 original, but it's also one of the best classic real-time strategy games released since Relic's Dawn of War and is easily the best use of the Lord of the Rings license of any game to date.

The nuts and bolts of the game aren't too suspiring or all that inventive. A lot of what's there is standard real-time strategy 101: base building, automatic (no peasants required) resource gathering, lots of units, upgrades, and so on. It's not that there is a lack of innovation, but the core game itself is very familiar to experienced real time strategy fans. What makes the game so special is that there is a lot of content, and that content is crafted with expert care along with top shelf production values.
played this game for a few days and got bored with it. i'm a big fan of lotr movie and also strategy games but this game lacks depth with its gameplay.
has anyone played battle for middle earth 2? i hear it is much better.
i still havent got ma hands on this on yet, but iam tryin to get it frm a long time now ne way can you guys let me know something about this game and all
the battle for middle earth series is beyond awesome! Graphics, gameplay, music! It's all amazing and I prefer these games even over Warcraft 3.
i was thinking of getting it, is it any good?
good ? ... more like great.

this game is really good for that ppl who like to play strategic games. Im playin the battle for middle earth 2. Is way better than the first one. in the bfme2 u can construct anywhere, 6 factions and more units.

And the new mode, battle for the rings. This mode is really really to be adicted. I play like 6 hours non stop per day .... 6/7 lol .. hehe
As a Lord of the Ring fan, I am definitely not going to miss this. But until that time, I am going to upgrade my computer so that this game can be played smoothly.
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