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What do u say if u want to wait for another job?


I have a dilemma: I went for several job interviews and there was one particluar job which I really like. So what do I say when am offered another job?Can I say :can u give me a few days to think about it-so that i can wait for the job that I like ?

What would u say?
The thing is: I want to wait for the result of the interview(the one i like) while also not rejecting the another one?

Any advice?
Any tips to ask for a few more days grace before job confirmation?
Of course , in a polite way. Smile
I was in that same boat.

Applied for an IT position with IBM.. never thought I had a chance.

Few weeks later applied for a job as a car salesman.. they hired me on the spot.. well pending results of the "pee-in-a-cup test".

Left the interview.. went and peed in a cup... Went home.. and literally 5 minutes later got a call from IBM. Spend the ENTIRE NEXT DAY interviewing.. had 5 phone interviews and 2 personal interviews.. they really seemed to like me. At 4:45 I was on my final phone interview.. and they HIRED ME. Told me they'd send a packet letting me know where to pee in a cup and all that. WOOHOOO!

Next day.. Dodge dealership called and left a message... told me they got the results of my drug test, and to be in at 8:00 Monday morning. I never bothered to go in... they never bothered to call I didn't care I had an IT JOB!

Now here I am.. a month later.. never got that packet from IBM. They haven't returned any of my calls (I keep getting voice mail) or emails, and I'm assuming they changed their minds.

Unfortunately I screwed myself in the process... I've applied all over the freakin' place.. and I can't get a job ANYWHERE. We're financially devastated and to top all of that off my wife has been sent home early the last 3 days because they've been slow.

We'll get through it... eventually... I hope.
If it were me, I would go ahead and take the job. Employers know that the first week or so is kind of a period where the employee is considerering staying or not. If the other position is open and they call, then quit. Tell them it's not working out. If not, then atleast you have a job.
Just take the first job. Think only bout yourself. If you leave they will just find another person, I mean they probably have someone waiting in line. and.. the first weeks or months are often on trial basis anyway
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