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IS it love for SEx or Understanding

is it love for sex or understanding each other and so on?
antonioraj wrote:
is it love for sex or understanding each other and so on?

i seriously can't understand what the question is.

but sex is always the right answer.
Love is different and sex is
not the final thign in love.
You don't have to sleep with someone to love them the same way you don't have to love them to sleep with them. It depends on your own morals and the person you are with.
antonioraj wrote:
is it love for sex or understanding each other and so on?

I have to agree with Jaiye, I can't understand the question. Please, try rephrasing that question.
Do you mean the only point of loving is to have sex with them, or to understand them?

please elaborate what you mean to say, but from my side... i love to have sex and thats it.
i can't really understand yiour questtion but here;s my answer based on my own understanding:

sex is just a part of loving someone, if you loved someone just to have sec with him/her, then you are not really caring for that person, your love is just at the level where you can leave him/her after sex, butif you truly understand someone els's feelings and you feel that he/she can understand you as well, then it can be love because you two care for each other, its beyond the pleasure of sex, but the happiness that you two understand and loved each other.
I think that he means: Do you love just to have sex with your beloved?

If I'm right at understanding your question, then my answer is No. If we love just to have sex, then there's no need to get married or love in the first place. It is that simple for me.
^ From mt understanding, if thats the question being asked...

I personally wouldn't be, no
But I do have the superstition that men do have relationships for this reason Wink
it isn't a chicken or the egg first situation..

it is the result of an evolutionary process that ensured survival of a womans offspring.

we have all seen the mating rituals of other animals, birds twittering, bending low and vibrating wings, turkeys strutting, elk trumpeting, big horn Sheep butting heads. every species has its specific mating rituals, salamanders have a 7 step ritual, our species has a 27 step mating ritual.

each of the ritual signal steps must be performed in the proper sequence, our species can skip any 3 but not 4 in a row. when the steps are performed a series of chemical reactions conclude in the production of a phenyl Amine.. similar to amphetamines.. that causes us to feel that we are in love.

as all amphetamines they are addictive and there is an acquired tolerance, it takes more to get the same effect/feelings. after a while one reaches a level of tolerance ans he/she says, "I Love you but I am not In-Love with you". then goes into drug withdrawl with depression, ..etc etc. and goes out to find another fix.

the survival aspect is that this ensures a female to have children with different DNA, and a greater chance of some surviving contagious disease. please remember that up until 1944 the major cause of death was infectious disease, in the USA divorce exceeds 50%. most relationships last 90 days or less.

it is not wise to base relationships on bio-chemical love, there are ways to help relationships last, learning to play music together, exercising-repetitious exercise, and best of all meditating/yoga together, you will increase your chances of staying together by 400 to 1000 %

also quiet cuddling, will produce Oxytocine, known as the cuddle drug, not like the other, it results in bonding and a feeling of well being. when a couple meets after being apart or before they separate they need to perform 1 or 2 of the mating rituals to maintain the bonding, looking into eyes/hug/kiss

maturity is learning to deal with chemical love, or perhaps avoid it. to find peace within one's self, then sharing it with another. Meditation is really important in training the mind to not get carried away by emotions.
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