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Working those lower abs

Anyone have any tips on losing the flab and getting the ab? (rhymed Laughing) I've lately been doing situps so I hope that's a good start of getting lean in that area (I also do other body workouts btw)
No matter how muscular your abs are, just doing stiups by itself isn't going to do anything else. Nor doing full body workouts. If you really want to get cut, you're going to have to start doing cardio also.

You're on the right track though. You just have to make sure you have a healthy diet also.
I understand, I never planned on doing situps alone. I work out different parts of my body, from what I've been told. I try to jog whenever I have the time and yes, I'm watching what I eat Cool

Just wondering if situps are the most effective means for abs, or do you recommend other means?
Cardio itself is the key to get the abs to start showing.

Situp itself will help as long as you have the proper form, but doing variations ab workouts will improve the definition too. Such as:
- Decline Situps
- Hanging Leg Lifts
- Bicycle Situps
- And so forth...

You can work out your abs everyday. Unlike the rest of the muscle groups, abs are one of the more difficult muscles to tear and fatigue.
I do heavy weight ab exercises, but only to increase strength. gh0stface is right. I've probably chiseled my abs more from running than anything else.
Sit ups isnt always the right solution to "Lose the flab and get the ab"

You will to work out your whole body.

I have 6 pack and I am working on my 8 pack

I excersice a lot
Back when I used to have a 6 pack I swam and did a lot of running. No matter how many situps you do your abs won't show without proper diet and lots of cardio. I believe back then I had around 8% body fat.
You need to burn that fat in the ab area for your packs to show. Cardio works. Or maybe half an hour in the sauna
DRXX wrote:
Sit ups isnt always the right solution to "Lose the flab and get the ab"

You will to work out your whole body.

I have 6 pack and I am working on my 8 pack

I excersice a lot

An 8 pack? I take a hat off for you. Ok, you do excersice a lot, but what about your diet? How many times a day do you eat?

tar-xzv wrote:
DRXX wrote:
Sit ups isnt always the right solution to "Lose the flab and get the ab"

You will to work out your whole body.

I have 6 pack and I am working on my 8 pack

I excersice a lot

An 8 pack? I take a hat off for you. Ok, you do excersice a lot, but what about your diet? How many times a day do you eat?


For that kind of result, you'd have to eat a well balanced meal with lots of protein. The cardio workout would make you really chiseled, but that 8-pack won't show unless you do heavy weight exercises as well. As for any heavy weight workouts, meals should probably be spread thinner at least four times a day. However, make sure you're working out enough to burn the food you consume. Don't eat gian globs of meat if you're only doing weight lifting on the abs.
But we'll see what DRXX has to say.
Visit the gym ^^
DiageoLiam wrote:
Visit the gym ^^

good point. and do cardiovascular exercises to lose the fat at the ab area
The diet idea is a good one. You need a wholistic approach - one that involves more than just exercise. Try something fun - like playing soccer or rock climbing. That way it will be easy to motivate yourself because you will be enjoying yourself at the same time! The key thing is to keep at something, most people give up after a while and that is a waste of time. It is better to be someone who exercises moderately all the time, than someone who goes crazy for a few months and then does nothing.
sbel wrote:
You need to burn that fat in the ab area for your packs to show. Cardio works. Or maybe half an hour in the sauna

You should understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body a bit to best understand this question.

1. The abdomen is covered by four bilateral muscles: the transverse abodominal muscles, the internal and external oblique muscles, and finally the rectus abdominus. The rectus is a muscle from your sternum to your pubic symphysis that is crossed by three tendons and divided by a central, vertical tendon. Thus it has eight parts and can form the 8-pack (or since the upper two sets are less commonly seen differentially, the 6-pack). The obliques and the transverse wrap around your whole midsection and help you suck in those lovehandles.

2. Muscles do not contract differentially. Working one muscle means affecting all its fibers. You can't work just the lower abs or just the upper abs. You work the entire rectus abdominus when you work the muscle.

3. Your body is made to store fat and different people store more in different places, but that ring around your torso just above your belt is a prime area in most people. That is why sometimes you can see upper abdominals better than lower abdominals - because there is fat still hiding the lower ones.

4. Because your body is made to convert food energy into energy for your muscles/body or else to store it as fat, you only store as fat that which you don't use. Burn more calories than you eat and you will lose fat. You can do any exercise or activity, not just "cardio" to do this. That being said, going to the gym to weight lift and taking 10 minutes between sets is not very active and you won't burn as many calories as if you were riding a bicycle for that time.

5. Cardiovascular exercise is exercise where your heart rate is 70-85% of your maximum heart rate. The point is not to burn calories. The point is to exercise your heart muscle and the muscles involved in breathing to enhance your physiology so that your heart will be stronger and better able to pump blood around your body even when you are resting. It fights heart disease, diabetes, etc. Your body actually burns fat best when your exercise has your heart rate at more like 60-70% of maximum. When you are working harder than that, your body actually can't break down the fat fast enough to use it for energy efficiently and you begin burning down your more-quickly-available circulating carbohydrates. At intense levels (like when you are trying to beat your best time on a longer run) you will burn some protein, too. Cardiovascular exercise DOES burn fat - but it should not be confused with maximal fat burning exercise.

So it ends up being simple:
Burn more calories than you eat.
Do cardiovascular exercise to burn calories, fat, and to strengthen your body.
If fat burn is #1 to you, stay on the lower end of the cardio/aerobic heart rate range.
Work your muscles to encourage them to build more and do variety, but spot training is not possible.
Find something you'll stick with long term.
remember there's no such thing as spot reduction. you can't just lose the weight on your abs alone. you have to do cardio to reduce your overall body fat. doing crunches will help to build the muscle on your abs, but it wont specifically get rid of the fat. if you want to get rid of it, you have to just work really hard on cardio and eat very healthy. i'd say the best way to go is to try to reduce the calorie intake while going for higher protein as well. calories are usable energy by your body. that's what gets stored as fat. protein will help regenerate your muscles after they are broken down in a workout.
A few people have mentioned eating more protein. However, most nutritionists and fitness experts agree that an American diet is sufficiently high in protein for muscle building and that augmenting the protein in one's diet is not necessary. The exception to this is if you are a vegan or vegetarian, in which case you might not get as much protein.

The United States RDA recommendation for protein is 0.8g per kg body weight. If you weigh 155 lbs, this works out to about 56g of protein. This is supplied by roughly 2 servings of meat. But of course not everyone agrees with the RDA, right? Well, the World Health Organization actually deems the RDA value an *overestimate* of what we need and recommends a little more than half that value.

The danger of high protein in the diet is added stress on the kidneys (to the point of kidney failure) and gout (very painful).
right... this topic is really nice... just wanted to know, what are the food that are protein rich? and when you guys say 'watch your diet', what foods exactly are we trying to avoid here? thanks so much Very Happy
Coldfire, if you have more than 6 ounces (170g) of meat a day, you get plenty of protein. You can eat more, but it won't necessarily do anything for you.

Protein-rich foods:
Meats (cow, chicken, turkey, pig, lamb, fish, etc.)
Beans (including soy)
Milk/dairy products

You should try not to eat more calories than you need. Average young man needs 2500 calories, average older man maybe 2000 calories. Average young woman about 2000 calories, average older woman maybe 1500 calories. Take your body weight in pounds (2.2 pounds = 1 kilogram) and multiply by 10. Assess your activity on a scale of 0-1500 where 0 is laying in bed all day and 1500 is extremely active, working a physical job all day long and getting lots of exercise. 1000 might be someone who does very regular exercise. 500 might be someone who gets up and goes to work and maybe does a little walking during the day but not much exercise. Add your activity score (say 750) to your weight score (say 1600) to get the calories you burn in a day. This is a VERY rough estimate.

Try to eat as much healthy stuff as possible - lean meats, low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Avoid eating only fattening stuff or only refined sugars and starches.
I have the same problem. When i started to workout, it was not really my problem to gain the abs muscle. But now that I have been stressed out with many things, food has always been a good stress reliever even if working out also relieves some of my stress. But the thing is, you can't have the 6 packs you've always wanted for the whole year round. As for me, I only do the excercises to have the 6 packs during the summer season, I don't think that I don't have a use for the 6 packs when it is not summer. hahaha...
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