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Rough Bumpy Skin? ><

Ahhh this is embarrassing but here I go.

As I was posting a reply to the "Alt Med" thread, it made me recall why I tried natural skin care products to begin with.

My skin's always rough and bumpy in the lower legs. and slightly bumpy in the upper arms. When I used those skin care products, they made it a bit better and it felt better but it never cured it fully.

Now that I looked at it, those look like tiny non-swollen pimples on my legs ;___; ack. And I'm not the acne prone type. I only get acne if I accidentally dozed off without properly remove my makeup the night before, and it has to be pretty heavy makeup to make my face spout red dots. Even then, only 1-2 at a time. Now my legs, they look like pimple jr. parks >_<

So, I was wondering, does anyone know of a way to get rid of em? ;_;

*goes to hide in her corner after she's done*
Aiz wrote:
Ahhh this is embarrassing but here I go.
*goes to hide in her corner after she's done*

I haven't a clue, but could it be related to hair removal? I get bumps like that when I get my back waxed (yeah, I can embarass myself, too Laughing ) and I've seen some reactions from shaving and dipilatories also.
funny thing is, no. >< I've never shaved or otherwise tried to remove hair from my legs. (I'm asian, so there's not much point to it since there isn't much there to remove anyway.)

T_T some of them seem to be ingrowth, but it shouldnt be because i never did anything to em ;_;

=/ they've just been like that as long as I've known. My rough skin sorta takes after my dad >_< but I wanna get rid of it cuz, although he didn't mind his rough skin, but the whole point is, he's a guy ;_; and moi is not *sobs*
Sometimes its in the genes. Or maybe your skin could be too sensitive to the envirnment or something.
hey i hav d same problem

n ya its sooooo irritatin rite!!!!

newaz did u find out d soln
plz plz lemme kno if u do
^ Would be nice if you could write in a way so that everybody could understand what you're trying to say.

I have this "problem". My skin isn't smooth, arms, legs, even the face (not visually visible though).
I went to a dermatologist and she said it's genetics.

I honestly don't see it as a problem... just ignore it, unless it's very rough and visible.
There is actually a skin disorder that is similar to what you're talking about. I have a mild form of it, but for the life of me can't remember the name. The bumps appear on the back side of the upper-arm, sometimes on the face, and I'm not sure about the legs.. The kind I'm talking about are never swollen, but you can definitely feel them.
Perhaps you need to see a dermatologist. It could be something very simple, such as being allergic to soap for example, or an ingredient in a creame that you have been using. The dermatologist could possibly prescribe a creame or soap to minimize the allergy. Perhaps sunshine could also be good for it.
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