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Someone recommended me this game in one of my topics when i was looking for something similar to EVE. I had always seen it in the store and thought it looked interesting, but was detered by the fact that my computer sucked. I got a new pc, and X3 dropped to a comfy 20 bucks, so i bought it. I was kinda on the edge because it lacked a multiplayer feature. I got it running and the instant i started playing it i was hooked. The graphics are amazing for when it was made (04 or 05 i think?), the music is phenomenal, it has a hugely wide open game play, as well as a great story line (corny people though). If you like space sims like Universal Combat, Freelancer, or even EVE online, X3:Reunion is a game for you. Check it out if you haven't. I do think it would be SO much better if it had a multiplayer feature though Razz.
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