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Who is better Led Zeppelin or Metallica

Who is better Led Zeppelin or Metallica
Led Zeppelin
 62%  [ 5 ]
 37%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 8

Who do you think is better?

I personally like zeppelin more. They are such a great band.
zeppelin, although i think this is an apples vs. oranges poll

who do you like more, frank sinatra or cannibal corpse? Twisted Evil
I'd definatly say Zeppelin but then again I prefer their type of music anyway. Besides, I know more songs by Zeppelin than by Metallica.
If I have to choose one of those two, I choose Apples...I mean Zep. Actually, I am not that fond of Led Zep either, but if I gotta choose I guess that's what I'd rather listen to.
It's impossible to actually declare that Led Zeppelin was better than Metallica or Metallica were better than Zeppelin... their styles of music are just too different. Zep started with blues, and moved on gradually to hard Rock. Metallica started with Heavy/Trash Metal and gradually moved to Hard Rock.
Can you headbang to any Zep song the way you can headbang to "Master Of Puppets" or "Battery"?
On the other hand, can you sit back and let the music of any Metallica song completely wash over you the way "Stairway to Heaven" does? Wink
I haven't heard much of Zeppelin, and I like Metallica's older music from the black album, so I'd go with Metallica.
I agree you can't really compare the two because they have styles that are way too different but I still like Metallica a little better than Zep.
Two completely different bands.
Led Zeppelin one of the godfathers of Metal (along with Black Sabbath)

Then we have Metallica one of the first tight as hell Speed/Thrash Metal bands.

There is no way of comparing these two GREAT bands.
Let's not forget the two decade gap in which each band started out.
Definitely metallica Laughing
they've got awesome songs like

Arrow Enter Sandman
Arrow Nothing Else Matters
Arrow My Friend Of Misery
Arrow Seek and Destroy
Arrow Master of puppets
Arrow Fade to Black
Arrow No Leaf clover, to name a few. Razz

but i guess it all comes down to which type of music you like better.
i play guitar too, so again metallica seems way cooler. i'm not saying led zepplin is bad, but well... Rolling Eyes

some metallica songs sound wicked Twisted Evil
2 of my favourite bands! both are great! you should have had a 3rd option in the poll - "both rule"!
stairway to heaven and since i've been loving you by led zep on one hand, nothing else matters and turn the page by metallica on the other! you simply cant decide between them.... both ROCK !
I prefer Metallica than Led Zeppelin...
HA..both of them seriously rock!..although i like led zepp so much more than metallica coz I DUN REALLY LIKE METAL..yea. metallica is still by far the best metal band i've heard, alongside wif iron maiden, but still their lyrics of the songs tt kinda turn me off. but other than tt..kirk hammett seriously pwns!

AHHH led zepp is simply the greatest band you can ever find after the beatles man and they own the beatles in skill duh. and their songs are still quite well known even stairway to heaven led zepp is like THE perfect band LOL
i think metallica are better. they are both great bands but i just prefer metal to hard rock.
Led Zeppelin is better because they are part of the group of original Rock Stars. They paved they way for Metallica and everyone else like them. Metallica deserves their respect because they have achieved a lot. But seriously, what metallica song can you compare to Stairway to Heaven. Even Lars would be hard-pressed to come up with an answer!
How can you even mention them in the same sentence?

Zepplin is actually fairly decent. Metallica is just plainly overrated and annoying.
The Phoenix
how can u even begin 2 compare Metallica to Led whatever man..
they r 2 totally different bands playin totlly diferent stuff.
but as for me:
geez. u cant compare these 2. maybe compare ledzepp with the yardbirds maybe not even that considering...
anyway maybe you could compare the melvins with metallica?
To me that's an unfair comparison. Led Zeppelin were just so versatile and original. They had one of the greatest drummers that has ever lived, some of their albums are absolutely timeless classics.

Given they were my dads favourite band I was brought up on Zeppelin though... Add to that that I don't much like Metallica and its obvious which way I'm voting.
Metallica is better, but no voting anymore?
Metallica Smile (old metallica) ... I also really like to listen to some Zepplin
yeah... metallica is great

but: LED ZEPPELIN rulez!

has anyone seen the movie: the songs remain the same?
can i pick Metallica? Razz
LED ZEPPELIN by a long shot. They are classic and have helped to define so much. Metallica is good too, but I would listen to LZ over Metallica any day of the week.
Led Zeppeline of course! There is no comparesing in impact in music history. They where one of the first real rock band as we se rock today. Sure Metallica is great at their thing, but they have'nt been a part of a music revolution in any way.
How can you even mention them in the same sentence?

Zepplin is actually fairly decent. Metallica is just plainly overrated and annoying.

What he said, except Zepplin rock. Once again though, apples and oranges..
Hi there,

Sorry to say, but I think that it is a little too stupid question. As you can't compare Led Zeppelin with any newer bands like Metallica or Metallica at all. You can't either compare Lars Ulrich with Bon Borham, even that Lars is one of the greatest drummer in our time.

As it had been mentioned is Led Zeppelin like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple grandfathers of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with roots from the late sixtees.

Let us keep the rock'n'roll going strong...

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