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Copying .avi to a dvd??

Hey, I have some .avi movie files on my computer and I want to copy them to a dvd. I have a dvd-rw and I have dvd copying software but an error comes up when I browse and click on one of the .avi movie files. How can I copy them? Thank You!
If you told us the error we may be able to help. When you say you have dvd copying software can you also tell us what that is as it must be dvd authoring software otherwise it will not play on standalone dvd players.
its Roxio My DVD Le and the error is something about the filetype .avi cannot be coppied to dvd not right format?
I'm sorry but I can't find any info on the internet about this piece of software. It looks like it is unsupported bundle product and I therefore can't find a manual to tell me anything about what it does and what it supports.

Your best bet might be to try the roxio forums as you may have a better chance of finding someone else using this software although you may find others on here at least it gives you ant

Sorry couldn't be of any help on this.
There is a 30-day Trial version of Nero 7, and I'm guessing that's all you need. ( Use that, very easy.
Jaan wrote:
There is a 30-day Trial version of Nero 7, and I'm guessing that's all you need. ( Use that, very easy.

Not only that, Nero is very reasonably priced, and does a fantastic job. When you are creating a DVD, and you select a .avi file or a .mpg file - whatever, it handles the conversion necessary to encode it as a video DVD and not just store the file as a data DVD.

It's possible the error your receiving is due to a missing codec, as well. Are you able to play the file with Window Media Player (or the like)? On example of such a problem would be if the .avi file is not just a regular .avi, but encoded with DIVX without your having a DIVX codec installed. If that is the problem, then the file won't play, either.

Finally, depending upon exactly what you want to do, you could try a different approach which is suprisingly affordable: buy a DVD player with DIVX/MPEG-4 playback capability. Then (presuming it would fit) you could even put the .avi file onto a regular CD-R (yes, CD, not DVD) as a data file then just play it that way. From a simple web search, I found that WalMart has such a player for about $50. Who knows? Perhaps your player already has this option. You could always try it with a CD-RW to see if it works, so you wouldn't wind up with a coaster if it didn't. Of course, it all depends upon your intended use.
Yeah, you may or maynot need to convert the file. There are plenty of DVD sites out there with free software. Have a look at for more information. I was lucky, my DVD player will read DivX files and so I can burn AVI's onto a DVD.
Nero is great, I have read a lot of problem with the Roxio.

Here are a few more thing s to check.

Is your firmwere updated for your DVD burner?

Have you done any required pre-burn tests. Some burners like you to do a speed test.

Could your software have an install problem, remove and try again.

Is you burner compatible with your drive?

Are you using the correct disk? +/-
Are you trying to copy the .avi to the dvd as data or are you trying to put it on a dvd to play in a dvd player?

If you want to play it in a dvd player, it needs to be encoded in dvd format first. There are several one click programs that can do this (ie DVD Santa) although a one click program will never get as good results as a true encoder program like Tmpg encoder ( )

For more info for anything video, check out this site:

It will tell you everything you need to know about video.
Personally, I think a Divx player would be a better option, because you can fit 5-6 movies on a single dvd and you don't need to re-encode them (unless the original person that ripped them wasent smart enough to make them Divx compliant). the only drawback to this, is that you can't play them in anyone else's dvd player unless it supports Divx format
this is a pretty common problem. if you're just making a data disc than your AVI file is corrupt somewhere, there really isnt anyway to fix this except to redownload the file or re-create the file. unless you're really really wealthy you can get one of those out of this world programs that are specifically designed to decode and rebuild the binary and estimate where it is corrupted and compile the missing or corrupted code.

second. if you're just trying to convert the file into VOB format and you're planning to watch the AVI using a REAL DVD PLAYER, then it first could be problem one (explained above) or it could be something as simple as your ROXIO program isnt sync'd with your codecs, thee AVI is encoded using a special codec and roxio doesnt know how to access the codec file to decode the AVI file and recode into a DVD format. i suggest you get nero, its kinda slow but nero is really good at knowing which codecs you have on your computer and integrating them and reading all kinds of file formats and video codecs

i would also suggest coding onto the hard drive, like instead of making your destination your DVD-R i would choose a temporary spot on your harddrive and have it "transcode" to that location and then use something like POWER DVD to watch and make sure everything is ok before you burn it. it'll save you from messin up a blank DVD incase something went wrong (like audio sync, or bad transcoding)

oh yeah, you cant jus burn the VOB files after you just transcoded them to VOB files, you're gonna have to do something like "burn DVD files" or else your DVD PLAYER will not read the disc correctly, make sure your not just making a data disc with the VOB files, you need to actually burn it in a format that reads as a DVD-VIDEO Disc. check your options, you'll figure it out.
What are you trying to do? Burn the file itself onto a dvd or make a video DVD? Anyway, most drives do include some sort of burning software so try using that (and I'm guessing the Roxio thing didn't come with your drive)
Look For A Peice of Software Called ConvertXtoDVD its great and you can also add menus to your DVD's cover's most AVI types of compression IE Divx XVID etc etc. also burns it aswell.
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