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Steve Irwin Dead at 44

Ludo Lambrechts
This is very sad news from downunder guys, I always enjoyed Steve's shows about the animal kingdom. I liked the way he presented his shows with his typical Australian accent. I watched him a lot on the Discovery channel and sometimes on Jay Leno. When my son heard about this he cried. He'll be sadly missed by a lot of wildlife enthusiasts around the world, my thoughta are with his family...............may he rest in peace Crying or Very sad .

Ludo Crying or Very sad
Yeah, I heard about his death almost as it happened as I was listening to the radio and the presenter said that he'd had some breaking news.

I was pretty shocked, but not overly suprised, at the news of his death. I mean, he did do a heck of a lot of dangerous things, did he not? But you wouldn't have expected him to die from a stringray, as that's not - by far - one of the most dangerous animals he's ever dealt with.

I also liked his presenting style, on the shows he did. You could tell that he loved the work he was doing and was excited by it too, which made his shows a load more interesting.
I cried when I heard that Steve Irwin was dead. Sad
I just... Couldnt stop, he is my idol. I love people who help and love animals, taking care of them, and make them feel good. Steve Irwin was one of them.
Let this thread be a thread where people can write a little about how they remember Steve Irwin.

RIP, Steve Irwin.

"Steve Irwin died when he did something that he loved, be with wild-animals. I'm glad he died that way, and not in any other way.", Per-Arne Nilsen.

Ludo Lambrechts wrote:
This is very sad news from downunder guys, I always enjoyed Steve's shows about the animal kingdom.

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