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the best dating websites?

What are people heres opinions on dating websites, and has anyone here had any success with them? Anyone got any to reccomend?
I myself have been using for a while, and have had limited success.
due to my location and a major lack of suitable local dates, I've used various dating sites on and off over the last 6 years.. new sites pop up regularly, so it's impossible to cover them all.. but I've tried most of the popular sites.. they all are a little different, and have pros and cons.. here are a few that are somewhat reputable

Yahoo personals

I met my current gf (and probable future wife) on but I personally preferred Yahoo or lovehappens

just about any of them can work if you know a few secrets of internet dating.. the most important being 'be sincere, but don't take it too seriously.. the whole point is to have fun'

and no matter what anyone tells you, a photo is critical.. it doesn't have to be a great picture, but a bad photo is a big no-no.. get opinions from friends (preferably of the opposite sex) if you want to be sure it'll work.. you'd be surprised how often women choose entirely different photos than men do

but the photo is only for the first impression online.. after that, it comes down to personality.. in which case, you have to have one.. make it a fun one, at that.. women really do love a guy with a sense of humor.. quite often they'd choose an average guy who makes them laugh than the beefcake construction worker who can't carry a conversation

finally, I'd strongly suggest you develop a casual attitude about dating.. not to say you can't be interested in a woman.. but people can smell desperation like dogs can smell fear.. it's a highly unattractive quality.. don't start any date or conversation thinking "this one has to work!".. it's too much pressure on you and your partner.. you'll be much more successful if you lighten up
Check out the free dating website
@ JoeFriday..
Some good tips there.. I strongly agree too that a photo is a must. I never bother with profiles with no photo.

@ Bluefish.
Thanks for the link, tho i discovered that site yesterday cos the advert for it flashed up on this thread.. Looks like a good site tho and gonna have a play on there Smile
I don't trust them at all, dating connections for people who want to find love just creep me out all together. I hate the commercials, and the internet ones are even worse. I don't know why people want to "fall in love" with people they talk to over the net, they haven't a clue what they're in for.
twisthigh wrote:
I don't trust them at all, dating connections for people who want to find love just creep me out all together. I hate the commercials, and the internet ones are even worse. I don't know why people want to "fall in love" with people they talk to over the net, they haven't a clue what they're in for.

LOL. Ive actually met a couple of really nice people now so ill keep my mouth shut!. Razz
good for you! don't worry about what anyone else thinks about internet dating.. if it's working for you and you're happy, that's all that counts

just keep a positive attitude and be yourself.. and remember that it takes time to figure out what you're looking for, and then to connect with that type of person.. so don't be in any rush, and take a break if you feel overwhelmed or frustrated

and finally, don't play the "kid in the candy store" game.. thinking that there are so many people out there that you have to be ultra-choosy.. just go with your instincts about who you are comfortable with.. and don't overlook someone just because someone better could potentially show up later
nice photo joefriday! Laughing is that really you??
oh yeah... as far as you know Wink
i don't believe in such sites...... it's quite "untouchable"...
Well, I have a different experiement with dating sites which is:
- I had my dating site once.
- Advertised for some dating sites

When I had mine using eDate php software i wasn't that lucky but i know why, i wasn't able that time to advertise my bussiness the right way so i lost traffic to it and closed it after a while.

the second one was when i learned about web marketing and i was very succesful doing that. And this reflects that these sites works and some people find their love using it. Just check how many people join these sites everyday and see how many in return find a true love... maybe not more than 6 to 10% of total number of members. Maybe adult dating is more realistic than dating and searching for love cuz you only search for someone to spend a night or two with but not for your whole life.
Strangely, the times I've used dating profiling sites-- they felt really... forced and awkward... Haha I think the saying is true.. Love hits us when we least expect it. I mean, I met my current partner through XANGA. Haha.

But! If you're a college/university student (or even part of a well known work place) then I highly suggest It lets you do millions of searches at really high speeds. You can find people who go to your school, who're in your courses and have the same interests as you! It's neat.

You need a college e-mail adress to register for it though.
I'm really sorry everyone for saying this...

But, can't you meet someone in person? Come on. Don't you think it's kind of lame to find a girl on the internet? Well, that's my opinion. Don't worry about it.
I think it's kinda lame for anyone under 25 years old to be using the internet to find dates.. I don't understand why anyone in college would use it, considering you're around thousands of potential dates on a weekly basis

but for those over 30 years old, it's a very effective method.. at that point, most people are tired of the bar scene and their social network often is fairly defined.. not to mention that the majority of us spend most of our time at work and at home.. and dating coworkers is generally not a good idea.. and a significant percent of 30- or 40-somethings have children to take care of, limiting our social time even more
Hmm. I never thought of that. Wow, dating sites must come in pretty useful then. What you just said really never occured to me. I think that what you said is pretty true, I wouldn't really know, but yeah, sounds right to me.
Or you might be 24 like me, live in a small boring town and want an easy way to get chatting to people from different areas and set up potential dates and see new places at the same time. Smile
Internet Dating helps busy career-minded people save time on their relationship, allowing them to quickly find their soulmate that matches them easily.

But although I prefer the getting to know her in the school/workplace kind, it is still always better to be traditionally matchmaked. Look at the Indian Marraige System for instance.
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