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does anyone listen to post rock?

does anyone listen to post rock?
if so what are your favourite bands?
Subsonic Sound
There is an album called 'Horses in the Sky' by Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra And Tralala Band.

You need it in your life.

You need it in your life now.

I saw them touring it in Bristol... Mind blowing. Smile

If you need proof of their post-rock credentials, they're basically a sideproject for Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the post-rock kings. Except they're more focused, a bit more accessible. And better. Smile
onemoment wrote:
does anyone listen to post rock?
if so what are your favourite bands?

I'm not sure what you mean by post rock? I have a few bands that we over here describe as post rock but maybe you call it something else...

Actually its more post hardcore....

ah well maybe you meant this kind of music Smile
Yeah, a silver mt zion are great, and so are godspeed you black emperor. I really loved how they used godspeed in the movie 28 days later, it was perfect.

When i mean post rock, its a pretty broad genre, but my favourite is the ambient instrumental stuff. Love it! Very Happy
Bands like A Silver Mt Zion, Godspeed you Black Emperor.. The Six Parts Seven.. Explosions in the Sky.
what is Post Rock ?

anyways my Favorite is "Papa Roach"
Subsonic Sound
Papa Roach are nu-metal. It's hard to get more different to post-rock. Smile

Nu-metal is characterised by very high production values, detuned guitars, heavy riffs combined with pop-hooks, and self pitying vocals. Hip-hop elements are also common.

Post-rock tends to be much more ambient, taking its time to develop a real sense of atmosphere. It's not unknown for some bands - Godspeed in particular to regularly break 20 minutes for one song. Traditional rock instruments are combined with orchestral elements and ambient electronic effects. Post-rock is often emotive, but not as permanently angry and/or self-pitying as nu-metal. Some bands are entirely instrumental, without a vocalist at all.

I'd also recommend Sigur Ros. Their 'Vaka' is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I know.
I second votes for Godspeed you Black Emperor, the Six Parts Seven.. Explosions in the Sky. I also like Mogwai (esp their earlier stuff) Tortoise and slint (the paradigm of post rock). I also recomment Rachel's and Labradford.
post rock?

what is this?

how can a band be post rock, if the rock genre never died out at all to begin with
it works with post hardcore, with the hardcore scene ending at approx. 1989, so similar bands today are post hardcore; doesnt really make sense Confused
Subsonic Sound
It's not following on from rock in the temporal sense, it's moving on the conceptual sense. If that sounds pretentious, that's because it is. Smile
The naming of genres is such a joke. Laughing I've been around since the beginning of rock and roll and have always got a kick how people have to lump stuff together to justify or understand it.

You're description of post rock tickles me, cause it sounds like it has absolutely nothing to do with "rock". But, WTF, it's all good. I'll have to search out some of those bands and give a listen.
Subsonic Sound
Actually I have to say I hate the genre labels as anything other than a way to give a quick and rough description of the sound of a band.

I'm an administrator on - a massive CD review site / forum (largest music forum in the world. :p) and we had a massive debate among the staff when the CD review section was in its infancy on how to structure the genres. Some wanted hair-fine divisions... to take one example, seperate sections for Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Technical Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Nu-Metal, Classic Metal, Medieval Metal, Power Metal...

I said we should just have 'Metal'.

The massive subdividing of the genre just causes eternal arguments as to where one band should be placed, and means that if you're not a complete music geek, there's no way you can find the band you're looking for.

Genres are to music what taxonomy is to biology. A way for very clever men to spend their entire lives arguing over whether a particular single celled organism is a fungus or a bacteria, while the rest of the world passes by not caring - or even having heard of it.

Besides, the very best bands straddle genres and defy categorisation anyway. Smile
I do not like new rock,Beatles,Beyond is my favirite bands!!!
its annoying when people confuse post-rock for a different form of rock music and they expect heavy guitars and drums etc when its totally different.
thats why it's POST rock. similar to post-modern or post-punk, post rock is AFTER rock, its completely the opposite. but now theres so many different sub-genres within post rock. There's even completely new genres like post-hardcore and post-emo who can keep up?

ALSO, i totally agree with post rock being pretentious. Thats why it's so good! Very Happy
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