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Have you guys tried modding your ipods?

Hey, just wondering if anyone has modified their ipods?
I will post some pictures of mine. I have since used themes from, tried ipodlinux, and right now i am using Rockbox. Rockbox is by far the best for my nano. Very easy to use and tons of customizable options and it has theme support.
Any comments from previous experiences? (pix coming soon Wink )
Cheers Twisted Evil
I'd almost be afraid to mod my iPod because it might get permanetly messed up. It plays my music for me and thats good enough in my opinion.
Here are some pics -
Nice theme on rockbox:

Playing doom!
What's the quality on the wolfenstein you got there? Hows it handle with the pod in terms of speed and control. Kinda interesting.
I heard that modifing your ipod distorys the warrenty, so if something happenes you will not be able to use your warenty. I havent mod my ipod, but i'm fine with it the way it is.
nadk wrote:
I heard that modifing your ipod distorys the warrenty, so if something happenes you will not be able to use your warenty. I havent mod my ipod, but i'm fine with it the way it is.

Well, your warranty doesn't last forever Laughing What is it? One year? I actually just got mine back from service, which voids the extended warranty. I guess there is nothing holding me back now Wink

I guess I should look at the links and see what the possible negatives might be.
wow i didnt even know that you could do this kind of stuff. LOL i have never owned an ipod nor do i care to but deffinately kinda interesting Smile Im guessing its just changing the themes backgrounds etc..?
My younger brother (he's 16 and goes to highschool) re-did his iPOD nano by making it able to play videos? I think he installed some form of Linux or something on it... he played Doom all the time... and uploaded some lesbian porn and showed it to me... Confused

He was so proud of it. I bet his buddies at school thought it was totally cool too... Confused
I tried ipod linux on my mini but then found out it didnt work right on there. Looked intresting what i did get out of it though, and did manage to use the software that came with it to restore my ipod.
Voiding the warranty was not a problem as my warranty had expired anyway.
I am afraid to mod mine... 300 bucks spent on it.. heh im not good at modding and installing stuff, i'd screw it up
Moved to Hardware. (because of the iPod itself)

(If you think it should be moved to software, I understand and I'll move it to software... this is a bit of a tricky topic) Very Happy
Defiantly a questionable topic. IPod is, without question, hardware. But on the flip side, we are talking specifically about the software/firmware in this particular thread. Back to the original argument, the initial topic is modding which further adds to the ambiguity as modding can apply to hardware and software.

As far as modding my IPod goes; I have tried PodZilla myself.

I have the 20gb photo 4th gen and the functionality was hit and miss. There were many of the functions that either A)I could not use or B)were far more difficult to access; therefore relatively useless. I attempted to get the VideoPlayer to work but at the time it wasn’t really working with 4th gens (don’t know now).
eh...i don't want to hurt my ipod.
Read up on the websites, if you follow instructions you have a 1 in 5000 or something chance that you will bust your ipod. There are ways to fix it. The developers have only busted about 3 iPods in total, and they were doing stupid things they knew would break it Wink . Most of my friends have modded iPods too, haven't seen one get busted yet.
I was always interested in using Rockbox on my iPod, but I heard that the battery life is woeful - is that true?
I used ipodwizard to mod my ipod and nothing bad happened. I just changed the appearance. I don't like rockbox coz it can't play videos!!!
Looks cool.. but mine is send away beacause it is broken..
I'm kind of afraid that if I would 'pimp' my ipod it will stop working or something like that..
I leave it the way it is.. Confused
Wow, I did not even know you could do this. I totally would do it, but I have one of the plain and boring black and white ones (not to mention the whole right side of the screen on the inside is solid blue as a result of unknown causes).
i'm running Linux on my old iPod MINI 6GB for half a year now? Using it when i'm bored like hell (cause it can't play the music ^^).. So i draw a picture or something but that's it Smile

I think that i will mod my iPhone (i will buy it when it's out)... if it is possible ofcourse xD
my buddy installed DOOM hehe on his iPod
I don;t even have one because I still don't have a use for it yet
Oh yes, I used to have an Ipod Nano 1gb. I installed Linux and everything. Theres a Gameboy/color emulator on there to that runs almost all ROMS at full speed. Playing Pokemon Red on my ipod really turned peoples heads. Razz You can also watch videos and stuff.
If anyone needs anyhelp installing linux PM me, I have done it fo so many people at school i can do it with my eyes closed.
Oh wow, really?

But I've fell in love with my iPod nano, and it doesn't need any plastic surgeons!
After 3000 years gone from this forum, I'm finally back. Been busy with school and stuff.

I just found out that using ipodwizard caused my video ipod to lag halfway during video playing.

So ipodwizard not recommended.
I have tried rockbox and all but they work so much better on iRiver rather than iPod.
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