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This Day in Scottish History - 5th Sept

Glasgow celtic soccer fans the world over will be lamenting the loss in 1931 when their goalkeeper Joh Thompson was killed.

1931 - John Thomson is Killed

Old firm matches (Glasgow Celtic against Glasgow Rangers) have brought many mixed emotions through the years with both sets of supporters revelling in great glories. Sadly there have been many tragic moments and the death of Celtic goalkeeper, John Thompson, on 5th September 1931 was one of the worst.

During the Ibrox clash that day the young John Thompson dived at the feet of Rangers’ forward Sam English who accidentally kicked John in the head. The Celtic ace lay motionless and the watching spectators knew something was seriously wrong. John was taken to Glasgow’s Victoria Infirmary where he died that evening with a fractured skull. 30,000 fans lined the funeral route to say goodbye to their hero
Do you ever get responses to your posts? Are you trying to start conversations about Scottish history or is this just your way of getting points in the forum?
A bit of both actually. is there a problem with that? I expect you wouldnt have replied if you werent looking for points!!!
I too will admit to "looking for points" but I was also curious. I saw several posts and no replies at all so I thought I would try to spark some conversation.

BTW, I was not implying that there is problem with your postings. If the moderators do not mind, I certainly do not. At least your post makes sense. I read through several last night that I could not make sense of even after reading them multiple times.
I have actually only started putting them on at the beginning of September and have a couple of responses. I do try and select those with an international flavour but I do enjoy putting on the purely Scottish now and then.
Hey you go with your Scottish trivia posts, they’re definitely there. Wow 30,000 people at a funeral in 1931, it must have been a crush. 1931 was a good time in Europe, it was just before the great Wallstreet crash and American depression in 1933. And just a few years away from WW2.
hey on this day in Scottish history Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin which has saved countless lives in the world ever since.

Good on him I say.

1928 - Alexander Fleming Reports Discovery of Penicillin

Alexander Fleming made his famous discovery by accident. He had neglected to clean some culture dishes in which he been growing and experimenting with various types of germ. When he returned to the dishes he discovered that the germs were either dead or their growth impeded. The cause seemed to have been a type of mould which had accumulated and this led to lengthy research to isolate the chemical which produced the fungus.

He finally announced his historic and life saving discovery on this day in 1928.
Good on him indeed. Very Happy
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