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Astrological profile for everyone

Everyone wants to know more about his character no matter if he confested or not. Look what I have found:


Keyword "Activity"

The Cardinal Signs are ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN. These signs are called Cardinal because when the Sun is in them he is in one of the four corners of the heavens; at a turning-point, where he is forced to take another direction. In Aries he is as far EAST as he can go; Cancer is the tropical point of the NORTH where he gives the PERPENDICULAR RAY at the Summer Solstice, and consequently the greatest HEAT. Libra is the extreme WESTERN point of his path, where he turns away from the Northern Hemisphere, and in midwinter, at Christmas, he is in Capricorn at the farthest point SOUTH, where his HORIZONTAL RAY leaves the people of the North in winter's icy grip. The effect of the angels, the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses, is similar to the effect of the cardinal signs because these houses are at the East, North, West and South points of the horoscope. The nature and effect of cardinal signs and angles may be summed up in the words "Action" and "Initiative" (though each acts differently from the others,) therefore planets placed in cardinal signs and angles give zest to life according to the nature of the particular planet, sign and angle.

"Zodiac" means a circle of animals. The symbols of three of the cardinal signs are animalistic: ARIES, the Ram; CANCER, the Crab; and CAPRICORN, the Goat. The fourth, Libra, the Scales, represents the ideal towards which this class must strive. None need poise so much as those under the impulsive influence of the cardinal ray; therefore the Balance was set in the heavens to direct their aspirations.


Keyword "Stability"

The Fixed Signs are TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO and AQUARIUS. Three symbols of the fixed signs are also bestial, violent and virulent; TAURUS, the Bull; LEO, the Lion; and SCORPIO, the Scorpion. The human figure of AQUARIUS, the Waterbearer, shows us the ideal towards which this class must strive. Instead of fighting, preying upon, or poisoning others in the struggle for existence they must learn to become humane, to be friends to all instead of foes.

The influence of the fixed signs rouses the DESIRE nature, giving stamina and persistence in action.

When fixed signs are on the angles (the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses), they exert a well nigh irresistible force, impelling the individual along a certain line. He may be slow and plodding, but is sure to be PERSISTENT in whatever he undertakes, and whatever talent he may posses in a certain direction will be exploited to its fullest extent. Setbacks which would take the courage from a person with cardinal signs do not daunt the man with fixed signs on the angels, he knows no defeat, and therefore he usually gains his goal in the end and achieves success by Concentration upon one point, and Persistence in following his chosen path. On the other hand such people are conservative to the last degree. They may see and desire improvements in various lines, but are exceedingly slow to adopt measures to accomplish the desired end; they never do this until thoroughly satisfied that a certain method will meet the requirements. In other words, people with fixed signs on the angels "look before they leap;" they look a long time and very, very carefully, but on the other hand, when they have once been won over to a certain cause they are faithful unto death, and no more ardent advocates can be found; their zeal is almost fanatical. On the whole, people with fixed signs may be said to be THE MOST RELIABLE PEOPLE in the world, either for good or bad.


Keyword "Flexibility"

Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces are called common signs, their intrinsic nature being best expressed by the keyword, Flexibility.

The forces working through the CARDINAL signs impinge upon the DENSE BODY and stir it to action.

The power of the COMMON signs is MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL, giving purpose to action and incentive to nobility of life.

Therefore people influenced by stellar forces focused principally through CARDINAL signs are the workers of the world, not the toilers, but EXECUTIVES, who accomplish things industrially, and who bring into concrete existence schemes, great or small, of value in the world's work. THE COMMON SIGNS ARE ALL DOUBLE; two of them are human: GEMINI, the Twins, and VIRGO, the Virgin; the third, SAGITTARIUS, the Centaur, is partly human; and only the fourth symbol, PISCES, the Fishes, is taken from the lower kingdom. None are violent, however, but intensely moral, intellectual and spiritual symbols.

Unstable as reeds they are swayed hither and thither; nothing appeals to them permanently, they desire nothing as much as change. No matter how well placed, they can seldom resist the lure of an opening in another city, the farther away, the better. Therefore the old maxim: "a rolling stone gathers no moss," applies particularly to this class, for their roving habits usually keep them poor. They spend as fast as they earn, or faster. Thus these people drift upon the sea of life propelled by the currents of circumstances. Outside conditions dominate them as they lack stamina to assert their own individuality.

The foregoing is true of the great majority who are under the rule and influence of common signs; they respond to the LOWER PHASE simply because the higher side is too high for all but a very few at our present stage of development. Those who make a success in the world because prodded by the cardinal and fixed influences, call them indolent and good-for-nothing, but were the former bereft of the cardinal or fixed energy which goads them to action, and placed under the common ray, they would soon realize its lack of power and learn compassion for those who must so live all their lives. What then is the lesson these people have to learn?
Well I'm a saggi, lol and this part was true:

They spend as fast as they earn, or faster.

I def. do spend faster than I can make it, but the rest I really didn't agree with.... btw what's your source?
Astrology is ok, but it's just telling tales. same with numerology and all that stuff. it's just a bunch of old beliefs.
but it can make you think. of yourself and of everything around. and anything that makes you start thinking differently is good for you.
I've been fascinated by astrology since I was a little girl and found that my Dad and I shared the same sun sign. So I've read books and done charts (by hand and by computer) and look for the patterns--Linda reminds me of Sue, and hey, she's a Scorpio too!

And I think about my friends and family. What do they mean in my life and what signs are they?

But when it comes down to defending what all scientists refer to as a "pseudoscience," it gets trickier.

Why should planets orbiting the Earth have an effect on our behavior, based on when we first entered the world? It really isn't logical at all. And yet...the patterns do seem real.

The best thing I've come across is that it's not that the planets and stars affect us per se, but that "as above, so below." That we reflect the greater patterns of the universe, based on our understanding of the movement of the planets and what they might mean to us on earth.

I think about this like our own bodies. Oh! Go to this great website to change your perspective of things:

Go inside your own body down to the smallest level of atoms. They are many powers of 10 smaller than the entirety of our body, but they are part of us. And doesn't our mind have an effect on even the smallest particles, even if we don't really even perceive them?

So extrapolate that out into the universe. Might the universe affect us the same way?
I think that if the time of year in which one is born affects personality, a logical reason would be the effect of the seasons. It seems possible that the weather would produce certain emotional reactions in infants which could affect the earliest developments of their psyche. Of course, the mind is very complex and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to test such a thing.

I've always enjoyed astrology because I enjoy myth. Whether a person's sign has any effect at all really doesn't matter, because studying astrology gets a person to think about themselves and their habits, and self reflection is healthy for all of us.

One interesting thing: The traditional zodiac is no longer aligned with the constellations its signs are named after. I was born June 13, which would make me a Gemini according to the horoscopes in the newspaper, but that day the sun was actually in Taurus. There's a school of astrology that bases its readings on the actual positions of the planets called sidereal astrology. Here's a wikipedia entry on it:
astrology is wierd... but it works Very Happy that fits me well. Scorpios ftw <3 !!!! Very Happy
It works for me too.
I am not saying that Astrology affect human personalities (i do not know) but I do believe that people borned in particular of time share some common characteristic, maybe it will change as time pass though.
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