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Inadvertent keyword stuffing? Google inconsistencies...


I discovered Joomla a couple of months ago and have been slowly learning how to use it and transferring content over from my half-finished HTML site that had become unweildy. I'm really bad about the whole keyword and meta-tag thing, so I had left them all blank except for a description of the site in Global Config. But rapidly the site appeared at #2 on Google for the words in the domain name, and stayed there for several weeks.

Recently I realised that however catchy my domain name it wasn't what people were likely to type when looking for the service, and that the keywords I wanted to promote were "life coaching, Bath, Bristol" so that those looking for coaching in my area would see the site. I added some keywords and metatags and waited - but no effect. My site still came nowhere on the first 10 pages of Google for those keywords.

So I looked at the keywords and tags of the site rated #1 by Google and copied what they did... and now my site has vanished from all listings even under the domain name!

Interestingly even my personal name - which used to appear in a number of different places - has also vanished... It's enough to induce paranoia.

I've begun to repair the damage by severely cutting back on keywords etc but I have four queries:

1. Why is the site at #1 still in that position, since it has endless repetitions of the same words in all metatags and keywords - even inappropriately in alt text for pictures?

2. What is the best way to repair the damage and get back in Google's good books?

3. Since the keywords that people are most likely to type will probably be "life coaching Bath" or similar, how do I manage to get listed for these, since my site clearly has nothing to do with either city? Since search engines like unique content I can't just put the same blurb about how to get to me on every page... Does anyone who has been in the same situation have any ideas?

4. It also occurred to me that another reason for the new site vanishing without trace is that it has very similar content to the old site. Should I immediately delete the old site? And if this is the problem how is it that my husband's site which I am also transferring over to Joomla currently appears at #2 on Google for the Joomla site (again no metatags yet) and at #3 for the old site?

Any thoughts?

Well 36 hours on I have reappeared on Google under the domain name keyword, but still not showing for the location and subject...


Getting Rank in google for a familer keyword(s) is not so easy.
You should work a lot for this.

(1) Select the Keyword(s) and place it in metatag

(2) Your Homepage Title should have the keyword(s)

(3) The keywords you used in metatag should appear frequently in your pages

(5) your <h1> and <h2> must have keywords you used.

(6) If keyword(s) apprear in the beginning and last line, it will be easy captured to searchengines while crawling

(7) Get links in Websites which got Ranking.

all the best

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Firstly, DON'T PANIC!

Google has a habit of putting new content high up in the results, then them dropping off in to nothing. You need to look at optimising your webpage to see if you can improve it, and also do some off-site work to help work up the rankings. This can take time, don't expect overnight results!

1) Have keywords in <h1> tags, bold, and underlined. Repeat them on the page, but only within the normal text at natural intervals. If you know what you are doing with CSS you can reduce the size of the <h1> tag to make it look better, but maintain importance with Google.
2) Get as many links to your site with the keywords in the anchor text. If you want sign up to a link exchange site, like
3) List your site is as many free directories as possible, paid ones also if you can afford it.

Basically, the more links to your webpage with the anchor text as your keywords the better. Try to get them on high PR pages as well if you can. This is not easy, but will result in good rankings.
Many thanks SoftStag and Sathiyasri for your advice!

I'm just starting to realise how important the <h...> tags are. I'd avoided using them in several vital places as I was getting different sized text in IE and Firefox, but luckily I've now found an answer to that.

Part of the problem is that it is hard to find reasons to drop place names (ie. Bristol & Bath) into headings or most normal text, as it is not what my site/service are about - simply where I'm located. But obviously if you are looking for a service you tend to search under place names.

I'll work on the external links - which I've been reluctant to do until the site is completely finished, but I now realise this is likely to be a long slow process so I'd better get started.

Thanks again!

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