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Opera! Norwegian quality.

Opera is one of the leading browsers worldwide.
Opera is a free software founded by Telenor.

In 1994 Telenor started out a research project in Norway's largest telecom company, and the project was and still is called Opera. In 1995 the project became a independent development company named Opera Software ASA. Opera Software developes and design the Opera browser, which is a browser for cellphones, PC's and other.

Facts about Opera
-Norwegian Razz
-One of the leading browsers worldwide
-Started as a research project
-The browser is aviable in almost all platforms.

Download Opera at!
Been using Opera for 5 years now and I will never stop.
Mousegestures are best and being copied by other browsers (e.g. in tabbed browsing) is the evidence of how good Opera is.
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My only real criticism is it isn't as fast on Linux versions, and the YTMND flash preloader won't work in it while in IE and FF it works perfectly.
I wish Opera sucked so I could stick with FireFox, but I keep coming back. It's just too intuitive, has a great balance of features, and is speedy.
(At the same time I can't let go of FireFox due to the marvelous extensions available. Thank god for 'IE tab' or I'd still be opening that too.)

It's disappointing that it only has captured 0.8 - 1.8% of the market, but it has a positive effect on other browsers as well.
Ya thats correct, opera users is less in number compared to firefox or Internet Explorer. but both of these browsers keep copying the ideas that opera came with. All those revolutionary changes that become the habit of many netizons including tabbed browsing. From the first time I start using Internet, accidently I use Opera because it comes with my computer preinstalled and I am told to use it for internet surfing. And from that time to now there is a 4 year relationship with me and opera. No other browser can change that deep relationship. Simply saying... Opera Rocks!!!
Opera do rocks! And its true FireFox and IE has taken alot of the features of Opera and putt'd on their browser. How rude? Confused

Anyways, Opera beat them all! Razz
I have been using Opera since v7.11
Never really changed to anything else allthough I gave the likes of Firefox,Maxthon,ie7 a try.
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