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Text Based Game - Using PHP

I am looking for any indivual or group of PHP coders who would like to help.

I saw a few text'ed based games on the net and they seem soo kool. I wanna make on of my own becuase the kind I want i really cant find anywhere. You can also help with the idea! And if we do become big then I will probably pay u Very Happy

If not then well u can feel happy about ur work! lol hope this dont make u mad or anything. Not asking for hours a day to go into it. Maybe just half an hour or 1 hour would be fine for me!

If u do wanna help PLEASE msg me at:

AIM: LivinBeyondDeath
or Email me:

Or u could post here but I perfer the other 2 methods! Very Happy

Ty u alot for ur time for reading this! ^_^
What kind of game would it become? Could you please give us more information?
tell just a bit about your idia of how the game should work (for the user)
yes - explain further please.
I have my own game I've been working on... But it's going SO SLOWLY Confused
Coding for the players scores got all complicated and stuff...
Anyways, please do tell us more.
Sorry for taking so long ive been so busy with school. Taking AP Computer Science (Java), Visual Basic (No AP in my school) and so on.

Anyway for now I have thinking of gearing the theme to Dragonball Z/GT(DBZ/GT). Now it dosnt have to I just know that there are NO RPG games that are actally on the net. Most are like the kind of RPG where you type actions to each other, but I cant get into those games. the MAIN reason for it being DBZ/GT is because all the diehard fans (including me lol) dont have any RPGs that are out there. NONE to rate. And if there is lol PLZ do tell Very Happy

It will be similar to TornCity which is at

This game has general Ideas, but is not an overwhelming game. Infact it sort of slacks some stuff because it does get boring.
To continue the message from above that I started:

It dosnt have to be based on that. I just think it gives hundreds of ideas right off the bat. For instance you register and you can pick from X amount of races:

  • Human
  • Half-Breed
  • Saiyajin
  • Icer
  • Demon
  • Android
  • Bio-Android

Then you can have features that you try to build up by training:

  • Speed
  • Dexterity
  • Strength
  • Defence

And your health will be Ki when it reaches 0 you go to the hopital for like x amount of time. You will be able to attack any players. So on. Make Groups (IE Clans, Factions, Gangs, what ever you want to call it)
To yet again continue (I post after every so often so that I can get more points because max is 4 and I was neg lol =/):

a very good Idea in torncity I saw that I liked was the fact that you can donate. Now when you usally see this almost like 1% - 10% of the people who play really would donate to any game or product.

Training Energy will be used to train. It will work like this, it requires 50 Energy to attack somone. Or 5 - 10 energy to train one time. You gain 5 energy every 15 minutes if your a non-donator, or every 10 mins if you are a donator. A total of 5 hours before it fully refills.

My idea was to give these donaters a advantage. As in when you donate your energey goes from lets say 100 to 150.

So im sure you would notice if you donate you get 50 more energy. Ability to do advance searches for other members. A star next to your name. A friends list, and enemey list. And anything else you can think of. This donator status will last one month. 31 days. Also you will 50 Points (they dont have to be called points) every donation you make. You can spend these points on gathering dragonballs, refilling your energey (can only do it once a day), cash, and other things. There will also be an item market.

NOTE: You can stack donations ontop of each other. As in if I donate 5 times thats 5 Months (155 days) that you will stay a donator.

After that they lose the extra 50 Energy, they gain Energy every 15 minutes. They lose their advance search feture. However they can still keep their friends list and black list.
Now torncity has made about $200,000 in US currencey by now and they have had their game for about 2 years. Of course if I and anyone else made this game you all will receive an equal share.

Any other ideas you feel like adding feel free to post it or Email it to me or IM me it or anything!!

Sorry about expanding the explanation out just trying to make it as clear as possible.

I am open to suggestions and criticism weather you like this specific idea or that or dislike it just let me know Very Happy

NOTE: This does NOT have to be on the Dragonball G/GT theme. I just thought this would attrack ALOT of people right away to the game and get it jump started Very Happy.
Of course there is so much more but I am just giving u the basic idea of it for now. I have very little programming experance with PHP and it hurts my brian at the momment to try and mix PHP with mysql, along with the 3 languages im learning. (2 in school, and 1 at home Very Happy).

I hope I have bored you all. If u think this is a good idea, you want to help or suggest a diffrent theme. Or suggest other ideas. Feel free to contact me

My msn address is:
My AIM screenname is: LivinBeyondDeath
and my email is:

Very Happy
All that I can say is not trying do a real game... I mean do it something fantasy. Enough with trying to develope a game that's soooo real! That was just an advice. Anyway I'm with 2 hands about text based games!!! And will give with 2 hands and 2 legs Wink if it's something fantasy like WoW. Elves, Orcs and so on...

Anyway If you seeking for help (co-developers), I can spent some of my time with PHPing and MySQLing Wink. If so - PM me.

Oh, and another idea. Why not try to use some pixelart. The things there are sooo beautiful. Just makes you forget for the 3D world Smile
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