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"Time For Now & Then"

"Time for Now and Then - Comparing life from the 18th and 21st century".

Just as a little background - I watch a show called "Liberty's Kids" on Sunday mornings on WGN (in Chicago it's channel 9) when I'm at work (since there's no cable TV). Put simply, the show is about life in the 1770's when America was being formed, all of the major events that went on at the time.

So I decided to look up to see if there's a website for the show, and there is. I was browsing it a bit to see if there was anything interesting on there, and there was.

They have a portion of the site called "Now & Then", which has 42 animations comparing life today to life back in those days, and how things improved so much since then.

The 1st one starts here -

Click the "Next Episode" link to watch the next, and so on until the end.

It's quite amazing to see how much things improved since then, about how hard common-day life was in those days.

- Mike.
I have always wondered what it would be like living in a differant age or time, but I'm afraid I am too hooked on the tech. of modern day. I mean what would I to without even a toaster?

The allure of a simplier time surely calls alot of us....but would we really be able to survive in such an age? an interesting thought at best.

P.S. Scorpiosemotion thinks your "Hot".
If i lived in the past without knowing about the current technology, I'm sure I could find some way to get the day through..


NO WAY Could I live with the fact of knowing about tv's-computers-the internet and all those things that make my day so much quicker.

I would really wanna live in the civil war time. I am interested in that stuff and Gettysburg. I just would like to get to know how they lived because it sure looks interesting how small the towns were but how key they were.
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