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Vodafone Unlock

I have just buy a Nokia 6630 from a friend and until now, I wasn't able to use it. It was lock to DOCOMO-Vodafone network in Japanand nobody here in the Philippines can unlock it.

Can anybody please help me with this.
Not sure if this is illegal, so don't take my word for it Wink .
You can google some "phone unlockers" software. A friend tried it and it worked for him.
Cheers. Arrow Question
What you will probably need is a data cable which you will be able to purchase on ebay, and also the software to go with it which you obtain separately even if the cable comes with software it will not do the job, and again you can probably obtain this from ebay. If there is non available on ebay you can also post an advert telling people what you want and if anybody has it I am sure they will reply.
You can unlock it.
Search it on it google.
But read the instruction carefully before you do it.
Otherwise you will brick it.
Yeah basically what is mentioned above. Get a phone > usb cable for that model of phone and also try to avoid viruses and other nasties in the minefield that is phone unlocking. You will need to check what COM port it goes on and lots of other stuff. Try and find somewhere with detailed instructions.
First try to contact the CS of that country..
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