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Format then reinstall(Serious Problem)

Hey, I got a new computer recently and I gave my old one to my sister its windows ME. I looked up how to format and then reinstall windoes Me then I went down to her house and tried to format the drive c:. I tried to create a start disk but it gave errors saying file whatever could not be found and so on. So I skipped that part.

When I click Run and type command and the ms dos promt comes up and if I type format c: it says are you sure and I type Y for yes but then its says canot format drice c: as it is in use at this time. The same happens if I go to my computer and right click on drive c: and click format.

I have no start disk but i have the windows ME reinstall cd. When the computer is on and I click on mt documents some error comes up and the same with every folder on the computer but applications seem to run fine.

Now when I put a floopy disk with something on it and go to run and drive A: it says the disk is not formatted yet, Do you want to format it now. Even though there used to be files on the floppy.

I have windows Xp Pro at the moment. Could I download something and copy it to a cd and then run it on my old computer as a startup disk? because I think there is something wrong with the floppy drive on the old computer.

When I have the windoes ME reinstall cd in the drive D: when I turn on the computer 2 options come up saying start from hard drive or start with CD-Rom. When I click start with cd-rom it says boot with the cd support or without it and someother option. I have tried them all and tried the format c: command at the ms dos promt but it just say a bad command.

What should I do? a solution to anyone of the problems would be great. Thank you.

P.S. I ahve run virus scans and disk cleanup,scandisk,defragment but them errors still occor.
the windows me disk should ask you to format during the install, just stick it in, and click go through the install process.
Can't you just pop in the XP cd during start up and boot from CD? This way, you can use the utility on the cd to format her drive and install a fresh copy of XP on it.
that's what i said didyouknowthat... you should read all of the posts before you post!
if you really want to format your pc with boot disk, maybe you can try downloading them from

All these are exe file, I never actually tried them before so I am not really sure whats inside "them" so you might wanna becareful.
but dear friend u want to format and reinstall windows right.. jus go to BIOS that can be done by pressing del wen the coomputer is started.. in some comps u need to press F2.. pls note it says press del toenter setup.. now once in setup go to advanced bios setup and change boot sequence .. make ur cd drive the 1st boot disk. now put in ur ME cd and restart.. it wil now ask u press 1 for booting from cd, 2 for harddisk.. press 1.. now ul be in DOS there give the command format C: it wil get formatted.. u cannot format C wen ur inside windows.. its like u standing in a tree and telling ur father cut the tree.. will he cut?same way if ur inside windows u cant format the C: cos its the primary partition in which windows is installed..
First off, you can reformat with any Windows CD/DVD. There are also free programs for formatting, just Google one.
Cheers Evil or Very Mad
yes u have 3rd party stuffs like nortan partition magic or ranish.. but he was struggling with the normal dos and fdisk stuff so i told him this.. @david i have a detailed tut on formatting windows pc's in tut's section.. u shld check tat out Smile it wil make ur job more easier..
Just back from my sisters house and I formatted it successfully and reinstalled windows and everything so I solved all the problems above but thanks for yere help.
I'm sure glad we could be of help kind sir! Razz
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