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The "Make Money Online" Schemes

Okay, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not these were genuine offers, and if so, could they point me in the direction of websites that pay you to do the monotonous jobs like data processing etc. Its just I'm a student, and anyway of making money is a good way Very Happy
2eXtreme wrote:
Okay, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not these were genuine offers, and if so, could they point me in the direction of websites that pay you to do the monotonous jobs like data processing etc. Its just I'm a student, and anyway of making money is a good way Very Happy

Most of those are scams unfortunately. And definately never "invest" your own money.
FAKE FAKE FAKE, SCAM SCAM SCAM, should be considered SPAM!

I hate em, I got a mail once asking for my account numbers, etc so they could give me a few hundred thousand theyd forgotten to give me.... DOH!..YEAH RIGHT...
2eXtreme wrote:
Okay, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not these were genuine offers, and if so, could they point me in the direction of websites that pay you to do the monotonous jobs like data processing etc. Its just I'm a student, and anyway of making money is a good way Very Happy

Why don't you get a part-time job somewhere?
I'm sure they'll pay you to to some basic data processing or something, and like you said, since you're a student, any money from anywhere is welcome (hopefully not from illegal sources, though) Wink
I agree they alll seem like scams unfortunatley. If you havent tried before create a product and sell it on ebay. Creating a product may sound difficult but with a little thought and research you can do it. For example I created a spreadsheet for property investment something that lots of people in the UK are into. It took me about a week to produce and I just keep selling it on ebay time and time again. I average about 300 per month. Not a fantastic amount but not bad for 1 weeks work and a regular income.

Other than that get yourself down to the supermarket and join the other students

Good luck!
They mostly seem to be scams. It certainly isn't worth trawling through that lot trying to find something that isn't. Especially not if they're asking you to pay them so you can work.
Unfortunately I also feel they are all scam. If they weren't why would they ask for your money first before starting your own work.
Well, there are some things you should keep in mind when you're searching for an answer to this questions.

    1. There is no such thing as Free Money
    2. You will never ever ever get something for nothing
    3. There is no possible way to generate a huge income/profit without actually working towards that goal
    4. While there are things you have to pay for in this world, it is always wrong to appeal to people in need of financial help and charge them for that help.

With that being said, making money on the internet is not very hard, just time consuming. 99% of the sites you find will be scams. Many of the products you find are scams. But it is possible to make extra money on the internet. I do.

But my caution to you is that if you're wanting to make ALOT of money on the internet, then you wont do it without actually putting in alot of time and effort, and by having a sound business plan on how to make that money.

As for sites that offer mundane jobs, there are plenty of those, but fall into the trap of getting hooked up with sites that dont pay you as they say they would.

I wish you good luck on your search. I'm gonna give you a couple sites I have used myself. I hope they give you some help.

Freelance Writing

There are two more links I'd like to give you. One is a site that I use everyday, and it gives near instant gratification. The paydays are Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. They pay by Paypal, so if you dont have an account you should get one.

Associated Content - Associated Content is an article site. You write articles and submit them and they pay for your articles. The pay outs tend to be small for the most part..... anywheres between 3 and 14 dollars per piece. They have paid higher, but it's based on search and clickability. I know the payouts are small for the time and effort in writing an article.......but, I ask you this.........Where else on the internet can you expect guaranteed payout with near instant gratification?

The lowest I've ever been paid is 8.00, and it gets sent to my paypal acount on either Mon, Wed, or Fri.....and I've written a few articles. In your case, being in school and really just looking for some extra money, I think if you have the ability to write an article, this would be perfect for you.

You determine how much you make by how many articles you write. So...give it a shot!

The second link is to an ebook I wrote on how to really make money doing online surveys. I spent a little over 4 months researching this book, doing site reviews and actually testing the sites. I've rejected many many sites and being frauds or unqualified.

I want to be fair and tell you that I DO sell this ebook for $5.00. I tried to pick a price that would not strain a persons financial resources, while still trying to earn something for the time I put into creating an honest and sincere approach to making money on the internet. That being said, I also give resale rights to the book upon purchase, so that the buyer can make their money back by reselling it...... If one thinks they can get more than 5.00 out of it, then that's up to them how much they sell it for.

So, that link is Ebook. Even if you're not interested in buying the ebook, I definately encourage you to take a look at Associated Content. It's free to sign up and they never ask you to buy or pay for anything........they just ask you to write articles and they'll pay you. Simple, huh?

While writing this post, I just had another deposit into my paypal account from AC. For an article I wrote this weekend. Smile
I don't believe in any of these. The only way to tell if it will really work is to pay a lawyer to look through everything and check for loopholes. Even then, there could always be something that you missed. Most places that try something like that are doing it because they know that they can make money off of your ignorance of not reading the long TOS or something similar. I usually try to stay away from that stuff.
99% of the time these are blatantly obvious scams designed to steal money from you and laugh at your expense. The other 1% of the time they are subtle ploys that slowly drain your money without you realising it. True, there are one or two places that might actually pay you a pittence do to something, but the chance of actually finding a ligit one is roughly the same as being struck by lighting, twice, while inside. If you want extra money, get a part time job. As Vandalyzed says, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE MONEY, to which I add: OUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT!!
I think the perfect way to describe these "Get Rich Quick" schemes would be "Pyramid Scheme", which by the way, PayPal doesn't allow at all. They'll ice your account if you try to be a part of one of those.

A couple of things that you might want to look at - The Million Dollar Home Page. That idea has been taken, and a lot of other sites have tried to do something like this, but aren't really successful since the idea's already been done.

Another one would be One Red Paperclip, which obviously has been taken also. This one wasn't about making money, but he turned a red paperclip into a house through a ton of trades.

The only real way to get rich quick would to be making something like one of the 2 examples I've given, that don't infringe with anything.

- Mike.
Vandalyzed is right

there is no such as free money
no one will give u money for free...
same as you wont give someone for free...

there are alot of scams... that try to make money in the easy way...
i got one last thing to say...

Work harder and the payment will be higher...
Thanks for the agreements.

I do want to say tho, that not ALL sites are scams and all it takes is a desire to do what it takes to make the money.

The one I mentioned is very legit, but, some people dont have a passion or ability for writing. I do.........although I write stories and Associated Content is more like magazine or newspaper article while I haven't made alot of money doing it, I do know people on that site that make money....and the way I can verify this without asking is because I have them on my buddy list on AC, and my MSN notifies me of new email......

I get an email everytime one of my "buddies" gets published. Today alone, one of my buddies had 5 seperate pieces published. I dont know how much she made on each......but let's say it was 8.00.........that means she made 40.00 just today alone.

Also, I dont want to be shameless......but that really is the purpose of the ebook I wrote. I researched and tested a ton of sites to create this ebook. I felt the same way as most, that all these sites are scams......... So, I thought, ok....... in my own search to make extra income, I'll research these sites, accept or reject them, then create an ebook that explains how people can honestly make money on these sites.

So, if you have a spare 5.00, I guarantee that you wont be disappointed in my findings and that those findings will actually help you if you're interested in pursuing the survey, pay per click, pay per email approach to making money on the internet.

Besides that, again I will mention the only way to really make money on the internet is with a sound business plan and dedication in whatever it is you choose to do.
Treasurehunter or something APPEARS to be legal, not tested by me. Many of the sites have workarounds/hacks so the payout is usually VERY small. I have tried RewardHits, and the "next payout" has read "to be determined" for about a year. Most things are not scams, they pay very little, or nothing at first.
it is have any site to pay for a job?
I never liked any of these schemes. I find it really annoying when i receive spam mails about making money online.
For the love of God when will these scammers go find a fuc**ng decent legal job??? Evil or Very Mad
Yeah, most are fake, unfortunately. Don't trust it and you should be fine Cool

Da Rossa
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Seems hoax? Let me know! Smile
most of the info are fake, do not pay much attention on that... if you really like to make money online, better try a stable way like register Google Adsence
most of them are juz a fake... nothing is free in this world without exchange..
trust me, my friend, dont infulge urself in such schemes. they all are fake. they do benifit but only to those who are in the top levels or to the owner of such schemes.

Till date, I havent been across any trustworthy scheme. A warning is all I can give to u.
2eXtreme wrote:
Okay, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not these were genuine offers, and if so, could they point me in the direction of websites that pay you to do the monotonous jobs like data processing etc. Its just I'm a student, and anyway of making money is a good way Very Happy

lol visit
EDIT: never mind i forgot he closed down the website.
Vandalyzed, you forgot to mention that only US residents get paid by AC.
Steer clear of this rubbish: that's what I think Laughing. I do believe it's all fake, especially those freaky pyramid schemes I read about. It's horrible. A site I use is available to Australian residents only. I know it's genuine because I know people who get $30 cheques in the mail. It's really slow to build up your money unless you buy items from their reward partners. Oh well if you wish, you can be like me and scab your 5 points daily and a chance at 200 points (where 100 points = $1)

The site is

If you're feeling generous, you could sign up using my referral code:

It doesn't subtract from your earnings whatsoever!
I wonder if there is a single site that is legal. I mean there might be a number of sites that are legal but not as easy to make money as they promised. I think most of them are just advertisers trying to lure you in making money but actually is selling you to lots of unneeded stuffs. Better go to freelance jobs on the internet.
I receive a lot of stuffs like that but I don't believe them, or better say, I'm afraid to believe them. It's not that secured and I don't think I'll ever get anything from them. I don't know if there're legal sites since I haven't tried anything.
as its been said most of these money making schemes and just that schemes to make money but for the creator rather then the person that actually does the work... promoting / advertising...

i think even the google ads is a scam... has anyone actually recieved a cheque / payment?
I always want to believe them, but unfortunately, they're always scams. Sad
their credibility is really low. just what the above posts say, 99% of the time it won't work your way,
it's either 1.) a scam, or 2.) very low payout, at a very loooooong period of time...
find a part time job that will improve your skills like tutoring someone, it worked for me.
Most of the make money online schemes are fraudulent or not worth the time and investment. Interestingly, initiially these schemes advertise themselves to be free and as soon as you register, you start getting mails asking u to pay something or buy something.
They are always scams. They ask for your CC, and 2 minutes later you owe half a million dollars.
I signed up at and got $2.4 in one week. They say they will send it by paypal once it reaches $15.

It's really low pay and have to see if they will actually send the money. But it's still something for very little work.
Most of these schemes are pointless. I signed up for a free paid survey one but they don't send out enough surveys to get a high enough balance to be paid. Free surveys for them.
Mrs Lycos
That post about FOREX is right, and it's an option even you can take. The problem is that the stock market is very unstable, and you need tons of time to research the best places to invest. And of course, there are risks, you may lose your money as well as make a lot. And there's a minimum that you need to have to buy shares and all, and you have to learn about bank accounts and bank transactions.
There are lots of websites that are like brokers, where you can invest small amounts of money (even starting at $1) and they use this money, together with the other users' , to buy and invest in different things, and give you a percentage daily, weeekly or monthly. There are MANY that are scams, but I have tried a few, with small amounts, and they work. There are some like you invest a minimum ($1) and for 11 days you get 11% daily. I've withdrawed daily and it pays for sure.
Just if you want to try one out, you can PM me and i'll send you a link.
jipmerite wrote:
Vandalyzed, you forgot to mention that only US residents get paid by AC.

That's not true, technically.......... Foreign writers can get paid as well as long as they have a paypal account, but they will be paid in American Dollars. Which then you'd have to turn into whatever currency you deal in.
i think money is never free
ajewab wrote:
i think money is never free
Good point. If it is too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Very Happy
Most of those are scams. Do not ever invest your own money on this types of schemes. There may be some functional "make money online" websites out there but take note that they easily attract loads of traffic from people that also wants to earn money online. It may be paying you the right amount at first, but due to the demand from the website, there will come a time that they will ask money or stop the whole payment to members at the same time - while you continue to do stuff that will benefit the website it self, like reading articles, evaluating, filling up surveys.
2eXtreme wrote:
Okay, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not these were genuine offers, and if so, could they point me in the direction of websites that pay you to do the monotonous jobs like data processing etc. Its just I'm a student, and anyway of making money is a good way Very Happy

Send me $49 (U.S.) and I will send you the information that you need to make money online! Dancing
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