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Biting My Fingers

Does anyone have any tips on how I can stop myself from biting my fingers? I've been meaning to get manicures lately to be more well groomed but everytime I decide to go my fingernails are too short for the people at the nail place to even work with. It is really affecting my work because I need to be well groomed for work from head to toe and my nails just aren't cutting it right now.
What is the action that you bitting you finger? Please describe it in details. Generally, you may wrap something around your finger to act as th alert for yourself. hope it can be a tips for you.
I think I bite my nails because I get bored when I'm stuck in traffic or have nothing else to do. Because when I'm at home I don't find myself biting my nails or when I go out to the clubs. It seems like when I'm by myself in my car.
Dont u mean ur finger nails

Thats also my habit but only when I am nervous and bored
There are products you can buy at drug stores that you can put on your fingernails that taste awful. This way when you start biting your nails you stop immediately due to the taste and eventually you break the habbit.
I think what driftingfe3s said is a pretty good idea. You can try that. Try tapping your fingers on a surface as if you're playing the piano. Some people do that when they're bored.
I do believe it's a type of oral fixation.

I don't think you'd need to go out of your way to get products to make your fingers less tasty, just thinking about bacteria and a pack of gum will do.

Basically keep something in your mouth, be it a candy or gum, or whatnot, it might be bad for your teeth if you do it for too long a period of time. But just to get rid of the habit, I believe it's ok.

And now for the second part. Do you have any idea how many germs live on your hands? especially under your nails? everytime you sank your teeth into one, millions of those little suckers went "wee hee!" and went inside you to rack havoc. And as a chinese saying goes, illness enters by the mouth. Think about the last things you touched with your fingers. the elevator button that your neighbor pushed on his way to throw out his rotten garbage, assuming it wasn't the garbage that did the pushing; sliding a dollar bill across the counter, both of which is never cleaned and too often touched; shaking the hand of that guy who probably didn't wash his hands after going to the bathroom; that door knob to a public building isn't any better. So imagine stuffing all those things into your mouth. now, ewww.

Ok have I scared you yet? >.>; hopefully it was enough to leave an impression in your head so that whenever your brain wants to go into auto-nail-biting mode, it would flash across and help you correct your habit.
...Hope I didn't make you become OCD instead ><;
i've the same problem, its more of a habit, been doing that ever since i was a kid. I bite my finger nails when i'm hungry, bite em when i'm bored, i just keep biting. It's hard to stop because its a a subconcious effect.
how old are you? Still bitting fingers?

er.. whatever.. my crush still do that too XD
And sometimes I put some vinegar in her finger Razz ~ and she always blame me for that -hehe
I bite my finger nails when i'm hungry

I see, you feed yourself with your nails

And yeah..How old are you?
I used to be a fat dude. That was partly coz i bit my fingernails. I constantly needed something to be in my mouth, you know, to chew on. So when i forced myself to stop, i started to lose little weight. well the exercise did the rest.

Here's a tip:

Its called STRESS, find the source of it fix it and then you can work on your nail biting..

Ignore these comments.. "how old are you"

there are many many people who bite there nails from the day the figure out there there till the day they die..

I myself used to bite mine when i was in school.. homework and grades.. parents.. blah blah.. stress.. i figured it out and found a new way to calm stress and then it was easier to stop..

no need to spend lots of money on remedies.. no need to use so weird things.. dont blame your self and dont feel bad..

if it comes down to the fact that your boss is disgusted by them.... by some form of polish that adds a weird taste and it should help stop. or constantly use hand sanitizer and its taste will keep your fingers out of your mouth...or you can use tabisco sauce.. it leaves a bad smell and is greasy so.. i dont really think that would be good to use while working..

but best of luck to you.. hope you can break the habit!!
i bite like there's no tomorrow. bad habit i know, but my nails are still beautiful
The anxiety cause this, only auto-control is the best way.

Read books how can you help.

I suggest the author.
Joan Borysenko find the most title that you need...

Good Look. Wink
I don't bite my nails, but I tend to mangle my cuticles when I'm bored. No idea how to fix that, as I've just learned to deal with my non-attractive fingers.
For few days, put some offensive smelling substance in your fingers. Smile
sounds funny and abusive, but that could help.

I remember in my locality, when small kids [very small babies as well] would suck their fingers, the mothers would put some bitter tasting herb in their fingers.
That was really bad tasting - so it discouraged.

Sorry if my advice was offensive, but the main point is you should be aware that the habit is the wrong one. And each time u bite it you should somehow remember this thing, or be reminded by some thing.

Good luck
Mrs Lycos
I sometimes do that, but in some way I try to make them look nice, if they have uneven edges, I bite them to level them, or clean them. I want to make them grow, and my bigges disadvantage was that my nails were quite fragile, and when i got them wet, they would break for nothing. Now I got a new nail liquid and they can't be harder now, so I likle them better and take care of them with more pleasure Wink
try painting your nails because you wouldn't want to eat nail polish.

or everytime you start to bite them, try to think of how germy they are and how much stuff you touched. try to gross yourself out.

wear gloves if the weather is cold enough so then there's no way for you to bite the nails.

bite something else like chew gum instead.
I once read an interesting quote, it said something like: "anything done or said often enough will eventually effect the brain."

The main idea is that repetition makes for patterns in the brian. Therefore, you have to replace the old habit of putting your fingers in your mouth with something else. Once you do this, it's easier to stop doing it altogether, because the new 'habit' is not as ingrianed!

Soooo, try something else! Chew gum! Sit on your fingers! Twidle your thumbs! Anything that interfears with the original habit.
i bite my nails too. It's an awful habit but if you truely want to stop you have to actively be more conscious and take more preventitive measures. I dont' know, if you start biting find some other oral fixation to stop such as chewing gum. Lets just hope that that doesn't become a bad habit as well.
songsalways wrote:
For few days, put some offensive smelling substance in your fingers. Smile
sounds funny and abusive, but that could help.

I remember in my locality, when small kids [very small babies as well] would suck their fingers, the mothers would put some bitter tasting herb in their fingers.
That was really bad tasting - so it discouraged.

hey i used to have that. coz i thumbsucked. that realyl helps, i stopped coz of that
madball wrote:
Does anyone have any tips on how I can stop myself from biting my fingers?

I have nice nails now, but I was a nail biter since I was a kid. I still tend to put fingers in my mouth when I'm anxious, but I only actually nibble at rough spots, like chipped or snagged nails, or torn cuticles. Basically if my nails are smooth and pretty, I leave them alone. The hard part for a biter is getting them there. Here's what I did-

I bought:

emery boards (or a file)
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth
bright colored nail polish
moisturizing polish remover
hand cream
rubber gloves for housework
If your cuticles are REALLY dry and ragged (mine were BLEEDING):
"beauty gloves" - basically just little white cotton gloves

Use the emery board to smooth the edges of your poor little tattered nails as much as possible. (This gives you less stuff to nibble.) Keep a file in your purse, so if you get a snag you can zip it off before you start gnawing again.

Use the Maximum Growth stuff, just follow the directions on the package insert. It hardens your nails and SEEMS to make them grow faster. Maybe it just makes them harder to bite, but it worked for me, anyway.

Put on a coat of colored nail polish, even if it makes you cringe to look at your hands - it will help remind you to keep your fingers out of your mouth.

ALWAYS wear the rubber gloves to wash dishes, or the car, or do anything at all where bleach, detergent, ammonia, etc. could get on your hands. That stuff weakens your nails and dries out your nails AND skin unmercifully.

Use hand cream before bed and every time you wash your hands. I keep a jar next to the bathroom sink, next to the kitchen sink, on my nightstand, and a little tube in my purse. You can even get antibacterial hand cream now, if you're worried about germs. Hand sanitizers tend to be drying.

If you have terribly dry, raggedy or bleeding cuticles, GLOP the cream on right before bed and wear the little cotton gloves to sleep every night until they heal. It looks stupid but it really helps them heal. (And makes your hands VERY soft.)

Around a year and a half ago, I went through two bottles of of that maximum growth stuff over a period of about six weeks, and my nails went from bitten to the quick to about 1/8" past the tips of my fingers. Now I use a hardening base coat under my polish, and still use rubber gloves and lots of hand cream, and file my nails lightly every day to keep them smooth. Because even now, if I get a snag I tend to start nibbling. Old habits are hard to break, but that doesn't mean you can't find a way around this one and have pretty hands! I hope this helps! Good luck!
I have tried absolutely everything on the market. I have now been bite free for 4 years now.
I went to get my nails done once a week. I know its a bit expensive but really are you going t bite your nails after spending money on them. It keeps the nails healthy and the manicurist will give you tips and show you how to take care of your nails
try a product by sally hansen. it tastes gross so you might stop. Or chew gum
Buy a bag of dum dums

keep something in your pocket you can take out and play wiht when you get the urge to bite, like a ball some clay, a rubber band, anything. It is just like smoking, you are addicted to having something to do with your hands and mouth, I was finnally able to quite with my girlfriends help.. It helps a lot to have someone helping you, someone to remind you and support you.
Keep a rubberband around your wrist and everytime you feel the urge to bite snap it hard against yourself.

It worked for me for a while, but I relapsed again during finals. It's a hard habbit to break...
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