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Trillian is multi-IM login client. I have installed it four days ago and very happy with it. I can log into my MSN and Yahoo accounts in same place and gets all my buddy list from both. Its really increadible.

Visit Trillian Website at:
... one should also try GAIM ( Also multi-IM client, but free and open-source. I use this on both Linux and Windows for Yahoo, MSN, and Jabber. I haven't used Trillian so unfortunately i can't compare them. GAIM has everything i need though, and it's pretty polished.
Trillian is only good for text.

For personnal animated smileys, handwritting, winks, wizzs, muggins, webcam... it's a catastrophe.
thats true its only trillian is only good for text messaging. No Buzzing no Nudgeing.

I any one have any better software info for multi-IM Logging software please give the info. which is better than Trillian and must be free.
!!!! Shocked
trillian SUCKS

There. I've found a just reason to use huge font size!

Ceruleanstudio is staffed by evil doers tolerant of evil. Their "support" forums are infested with the same. Their software is BLOATware, unstable, and sucks resources. Boycott crap.

Instead use this awesome, FREE, multiprotocol client, with FREE support, and FREE plugins, and FREE skins, and FREE use, did I mention is was FREE:

MIRANDA is awesome
Trillian sound and video doesn't work at all for anyone. It totally needs to be redone. Skype is the way to go! Laughing
well, agreed that trillian is a resource hog, but my vote goes to GAIM Smile

cant live without it!
Man I would use one of these mulsi ones I think there great, but then I cant use my msn winks and msn plus. Sad
I am a trillian fan.I dont use Vid/Audiochat much so trill is ok for me.
But i miss the audiables of ym and winks of msn.
Trillian is good for its security and all Smile
Its a joke Smile
Its good but its not free its better to use Miranda with plugins Cool
Nah...Go to to download MSN Patch also can. I'm opening 3 MSN Messengers at one time Very Happy
In my opinion Gaim is better and easy to use suit for Win & Linux PlatForm , Triliian --> Win
Gaim --> Win & Linux
Kopete --> Linux
I do not like Trillian at all.

I tried using it about an year ago, and it didn't let me use Yahoo. I was succeeding logging in the first time, but after few minutes of using, it did nto work any more, and it failed to connect.

Just wondering, maybe my Trillian didn't work properly because of my system... I have a P1 at 133 Mhz... but still, it should let me know that before I installed it...

I only succeeded into irc properly with Trillian (which was great). I liked the interface and the new look (since I was used to mirc).

Too bad it couldn't let me use Yahoo Sad

I now stick to Yahoo Messenger for yahoo..

Sometimes, if I need more messengers at the same time, I use easy message (from - this is great, works for icq, msn, yahoo, aim, and has only 260kb size which I find awesome.
hey i saw someone post a miranda-favoured message,,,so i tried it. to say the truth,,it suks BIG TIME. i culdnt connect to msn and aim,,i culdnt see my smileys,,and it being lite doesnt help,coz it fails to what it intends to do,,to stay emoti-con focussed rather than application focussed. in fact trillions a hundred times better. Twisted Evil
I've tryed trillian a long time ago and i though it was so confusing that i just gave up...
I still prefer MSN or GAIM....both are cool.
GAIM and open source for teh win.

big fan of GAIM, only reason i dont have it installed at the moment is cause i wiped my computer a while back and ive been being lazy about reinstalling things.
Tried trilian before.. it's not the greatest thing in the world. Not to mention that it's blocked from various amount of features so people have to 'pay' for the full-version. Bah.. lol I don't like paying for instant messengers.
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