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SKype is a very good VOIP Client, I am using it for last 2 months. I use it to make PC to PC call to my friends. Skype is free and anyone can use it to make PC2PC call for free. Skype has also another sevice through which someone can make PC2Phone Calls, but its chargable.
For More information vist:
just free for pc2pc.. Not talking I can do same callings with yahoo messenger,and msn messenger.. maybe it can be useful,searching about another skype users and calling them Rolling Eyes but who wants to talk at phone a foreign people Rolling Eyes
i use skype for my friends and my family it helps me a lot to cumunicate
I use Skype for a long time. Cool
It's a useful software! Very Happy
I used to have Skype and used it to talk with my friends from oversea. But that was pre-Yahoo 7.0. Now Yahoo has the improved calling feature, I dont think I'd be going back to Skype anytime soon (unless they offer free pc2phone hehehe)
I use skype but none of my friends have or want to use it, I'm so sad. Crying or Very sad Instead, I am forced to use AIM since everyone in the whole school uses it. Crying or Very sad
can you write down you id in the post ,so we can chat in the skype
I used it but i havent any person to talk with...
So i can just call someone Smile
i use sometimes with skype when i play multiplayer.. with my freind and that we kick all ass Laughing
skype is a best software. now i still use it..
REALLY good apps..... I'm used for call around the world and I received very good sound from any piece of world Laughing LET'S GO TRY SKYPE
I used skype to talk to some friends on the net.

I've heared you can also use for calling someone on the phone...

But indeed you have to pay... First you need to add money into your account then when you talk, you use that money.

Recently, they had some promotion offers, and if you clicked something, it gave to your account some number of cents. I clicked some of those, and I now have few $ in my account.. Hehehe Razz

I'm going to use them sometime, to see how it's like Smile
boringest gives you 10 minutes talktime for SkypeOut a few times in a month i think...just check their website everyday and you might be able to get it.
i do not use skype any more. Confused i more use msn, mIRC stuff like that. and NetMeeting. skype makes your pc slow when you are gaming and stuff.
csbarracks wrote:
i do not use skype any more. Confused i more use msn, mIRC stuff like that. and NetMeeting. skype makes your pc slow when you are gaming and stuff.

totally disagree with you there, i used skype 6 month while playing onlinegames without any problems. to be honest i never josted a conference during that time, because i knew it would let my ping explode.

then again skype isnt meant for gaming. it's my replace for a phone - why pay for longdistancecalls when all my friends are online anyway?

some people even canceled their phone because skype-in works for them

never got vskype to work, which would be a great plugin - if only it was ported to linux
Yea I don't think there is another free VOIP program out there better then skype, you can even use skype over dialup and it sounds just like your talking to someone over the phone. It is much cheaper to use skype and buy some Skypeout credits then to buy a calling card. I don't even have long distance service at my house any more I just use skype to call long distance and I have saved a lot of money $$$$.
I use skype too, mostly as a chat/voip program or to save on long-distance phone calls. I even thought of buying a real phone number for it, but those 30$/year are too expensive IMO, for just those few phone calls I might get. And I'm not 100% of the time online.
Skype has a limitation on the number of people in a meeting. I think the normal version is limited to 8.

As well for the FPS or multiplayer who need a good transfert of data, Skype use way too much compared to TeamSpeak or Ventrilo.
hi there...

Skype is a great one.....really... i use it for my oversea friends ...

but for gaming i could test TeamSpeak and for me .... it's the best if you find a server.... or if you can make one...

have a look there (on the right.... the quick download section Wink)

take care and have fun :p
i use it for calls overseas to my grandmother and my dad uses it for business. It's free, it saves heaps in phone bills!!!

a couple of my friends use skype as well and we sometimes jam on skype. the sound quality is soooo goooood!

Skype rocks!!!

Yes, Skype is good... but even I noticed a little bit of slowing down in my PC when I was using it. But that's most likely because my PC is stone-age... 533MHz Celeron with 15 GB HDD, 128 MB RAM, of which about only 60% of system resources are free. Very Happy
I use skype everyday and I like it more than msn itself, but unfortunately it hasn't video support.
skype has the advantage of giving us better audio quality and with less "noise" and stops when talking to each other. But it's sad that not everyone wants to try skype... If they tried skype many would leave msn behind...
it's strange that when i use skype voice is not fluency though i also like it.because msn also exist same problem.
Hey Guys, Google talk is a of days old now, released I think it was released on Augs 24th. It maybe Skype's new competitor. I haven't tried it with voice yet since I can't find my mic. So I've only used it as the IM client. Just type it in google.
skype has really good sound quality. personally i wouldn't mind paying for the charge to call PC 2 phone abroad if the quality of sound is that good.
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