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the best internet radio

Q: What is Pandora?

Pandora is a music discovery service designed to help you find and enjoy music that you'll love. It's powered by the Music Genome Project, the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken. Just tell us one of your favorite songs or artists and we'll launch a streaming station to explore that part of the music universe.

Check it out:

I listen to it everyday
yup. it is good :p
but i find myself listening to songs that I alrdeady know and have..
so i won't listen to it at home.. It is really good for school though :p
hehe i found this site few months ago by accident! Very Happy
i think it's a really good idea and a it's done very professionally! highly reccomend it to check it out, or use it regularly! Very Happy
i have used and like it a lot, but i have never heard of this before
i think that i will go check it out now Smile
Well I only know bout Xm radio. My dad has it and he seems to like it lots. Kinda expensive if you ask me though. I rather just listen to my mp3 player lol.
No, the best is RRR!!

Yes, it's true, I only say this because I DJ on it.
BRMB is the best internet radio station ever. They play all the latest music. Its funny and it has celebs on there quite often. You should all check it out. I dont know if im aloud to post the link so go on google and search BRMB is should be top link.
i personally listen to .. there's a bunch of stations to chose from.. and there are types for everyone to enjoy
I really like aswell. BBC's Radio 1 and Virgin Radio are very good aswell.
I tried Pandora a while ago and it keped on playing gay music when i put in my favorite band, I usualy just stream music of my friends computer hes got everything.
[url][/url] is an awesome radio station with an awesome site. you can stream it live or listen to you favorite djs (i like "john in the morning") past shows (they archive them for two weeks). Not to mention they have great groups come by and play and they keep those performances archived as well
Hum, this is interesting. I love the descriptions of the songs and stuff, it links together all the bands that I like when I type my favorite band, that's cool.
I have a pandora account. I'll listen to it every once in a while. I rarely find a favorite or memorable song on there but most of the time the music makes a good background for working.
It's quiet cool. But I know most of the bands Pandora suggests to me, so there's nothing new for me.
But cool to answer people's questions "I like band xxx, what do you suggest?" Smile
hmm... never heard of it before... shall give it a try..
Checking this out! Always looking for new sources for music, radio around here is horrible. Need to grab me some XM or Sirius.
Check out RRR, it's really worth it. And it's GREAT if you have an unsigned band, cause we'll promote the hell out of you (I have a thing for unsigned bands)
The best for me is Jard 2.
There is latest music and is fun. This is radio where speakers are young people since 9 til 18 years old.
i was listening to the nme one the other day

it was really good!
Let me have a try,I like listen to the radio!
FCK i just posted the same post few moments ago.
ok i go and delete it.
its my fav too.i mean pandora
Kingdom of Loathing Radio is probably one of the best online radio networks out there, with tons of quirky DJ's who all play the cult favorite php rpg, Kingdom of Loathing. You may actually need to join KoL to enter in any of the big contests.
punk rock radio. i think its done by a mob at but i may be wrong.
i just goto and pick up any random station from there.... i find it the easiest internet radio... there is so much variety there...
I usually listen to some asian radio stations:
Pandora is an execellent radio ... I had tested it with some electro music and i was pleased of what i had listened. Though many of the bands there are unknown to me
wat about hot 108 no one has luv for them they are the highest rated station on shoutcast and they have more then what the site tells you i have seen it go from 250 to 25k ppl in a hour they play all the new shiz
Pandora is ok... it is especially great for discovering artists that you don't know of in a music genere that you like. But it takes a lot of fine tuning to get your "station" to consistently play music that know and love. They are making money from playing songs that mainstream radio stations are not playing.
i have never heard about pandora. I am using it just now. I hope it is fun. Will let u all know after i have thoroughly explored it.
Pandora is really great... haven't tried the radio yet though, just found some new artists Razz
twisthigh, because they play the latest songs and at times play older really good songs. It's mostly like things you'll hear on the Top 40 countdown, but it's not just one type of genre, there are different genres, and it is commercial free!
Galaxy FM
Proper yorkshire radio!
(Yorkshire is North of England, heaven to pregnant 13 years olds)

Dance / RNB radio ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Well, I love

Others include,, etc.
*cough* RRR is going to rock your socks.

Seriously, a small radio station run by some kids all around the world? What more could you want?

We have DJs from Australia (me), American, Brazil, Canada, England! There's nothing sexier than diversity. So go to right now and check it the hell out.

Don't be discouraged by the picture of Avril Lavigne in the background, we play everything from pop to screamo to techno. We're not on everyday, but the days we are we kick ass like a crazy ass-kicking guy. Think "Kung Fu Hustle".
I'm a scot living abroad and Radio 2 +6music on the BBC's Listen Again player are essential. Good show for current music is Tom Robinsons evening sequence on 6music. All genre's and some chat is Mark Radcliffe on Radio2
Pandora is definatly superior in the context of internet radio stations.. I've discovered some artists on there that are amazing just from associating them with my favourite artists... you can spend hours on it if you find a good genre to settle in with.

Onto more specific radio stations I usually listen to
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