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New York City Man Arrested 100th Time

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. - A New York City man has been arrested for the 100th time.

Officials with the Warren County Sheriff's Department in eastern New York said they found Anthony Love, 40, of Brooklyn with $1,300 worth of merchandise stolen from outlet stores in his car.

He had 99 prior arrests, including several for violent felonies. "We were number 100 for him," Sheriff's Sgt. James LaFarr said.

Love was charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, a felony, and possession of an anti-security item, a misdemeanor.

Police said Love had a device that disables security tags. Strange News

I find this funny, however correct me if I am wrong, but don't you usualy get a prize for being the 100th person for something? I guess his prize was getting arrested... however I find it quite odd that he would get out of the store with all that stuff. Don't people usualy ask for a reciept when you go out of a department store... and wouldn't people find it odd seeing him deactivate the security device while it was on the store shelf. I know I would find it really strange.
anyone who has been arrested100 times is not fit to interact with the rest of society. He should be locked up for 10 years or more if he doesn't improve his behaviour! What a nutbag!
I'd say there was a distinct chance he's an attention seeker, and he breaks laws all the time for the attention he gets. If he were misguided, he would have learnt his lesson by now. If he were evil, he would have figured out how to NOT get caught by now.
yeah its jus for attention.. and u needen have a person checkin ur bills dude.. they jus take out the electronic beeper tag from the item u buy..
Well, this clearly shows that our legal system is perfect and flawless. You know, except that part where I said 'perfect' and 'flawless.' Clearly this man cannot fit into society with 100 arrests.
I find it kinda enteraining. I mean you would have to do just alot of minor crap to get arrested 100 times and still be walking on the street by age 40.
Varo wrote:
I find it kinda enteraining. I mean you would have to do just alot of minor crap to get arrested 100 times and still be walking on the street by age 40.
There is hope! Let us go commit our petty crimes... and follow this man's example!
Still going strong after 100 arrests! that is incredible, comparing with the fact that i have never seen the face of a real prison in my 25 years on earth. I am really lagging behind!! Very Happy
Jokes apart, i think this guy is more of an attention seeker or a person suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. I am pretty much sure that this guy went in the prison in the past for petty stuffs so i would agree when you guys say that he should be locked in prison for 10 years.
I think this is a purely mental case and a good rehab should do the job!
Oh really 100 times? geez, but lets count the times this man was not arrested, and counting his successful attempts? he should be kept a hundred years. he never learned. imagine the number of people offended by this man's actions.
well..may be he fall in love with an policewoman...
Seriously, I would think that after the 50th or so arrest they would just keep him in there... I suppose maybe they weren't that terrible of crimes to give him life or the chair, though they did say he was arrested for several violent felonies. Is he in the Guiness Book of World Records or something?
I think you have to give the guy credit for continuing to try but if he is that bad at his pastime then he should consider some other line of "work". If he has been caught 100 times, then I wonder how many times he has gotten away with it?
100 arrests? There should be a life sentance for people like that...

On a lighter note, I wonder how many gigabytes HIS criminal record takes up Razz
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