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hey people help me

hello every body i have been making websites for a while now and i always seem to get the same result. nobody like the website. i no a lot of people on here make good websites so could you please give me a few tips on making a good website.
e.g. good colour sceems and good links to have on my website.
i am thinking of doing a sports website focusing on soccer.
help please.
hmm yea i never really can make any good designs either... just search the web for free website templates... i was against it at-first... but some of them are actually pretty cool and then you can customize it to make it your own!
Can you post an example of a website you've made?
yea you definatley need to decrease that font size!
Yeah definitely decrease that font size and maybe you should have used a football-related background image for the header if the site is about 'football news'.

With all due respect, what prompted you to get into web design in the first place?
yea that design has nothing at all to do with football... but i think it still has potential...
ditto the font size.

Also, I'm not familiar with soccer, but I have a hard time telling what the site is about.

Personally, I like to show some of the content on the front page, then drill down for more info.

I prefer to use portals. They're far more dynamic than html pages.
what do you mean use portals? this isn't even my website we are talking about!.... but I am curious!
coreymanshack wrote:
what do you mean use portals?

1. Take and install phpBB2 forum.
2. Find and install on your forum every portal page you like.
3. Redesign it and add your content.
4. Add different hacks, modules and blocks to make your portal even more dinamic.

2 holo256 About site:
Content in your site will not be popular because of tons of FIFA, UEFA professional sites. They give much better service than any homepage or a soccer fan site you'll find in enternet. Thats nothing to do with it.
If you want to see more and more users in your site - create something original!
You want soccer site. Instead of adding FIFA news, try to organize games in your city with friends.
In that way you'll have more users, and this number will even grow as I think. Twisted Evil
Exactly, content will make your site popular. Make content useful and unique to your target audience, and make it easy to access, and you will get people to come to your site.
One thing that I found works the best, at least for me, iks thinking of a topic you like and work from there. In the case of having your ideas not quite turn out the way you want them to. Look at this site I made for a book report at school a while ago. So you can see what I did in ten minutes it is simple but effective.

What I do now that I have gotten a lot better is I have tried asking the person I am doing it for what they want the site to look like and if they know a site that they like the layout of I ask for the site and make something similar. The same goes for making yourself a site minus the asking what you want to do Wink. Most importantly make sure you have fun doing it.
it looks good, if you make your font size smaller as the default, it might help open up the site a little. also the counter seems a bit out of place, maybe try another that will match the rest of the site?
coreymanshack wrote:
what do you mean use portals? this isn't even my website we are talking about!.... but I am curious!

Portals allow you to add alot of really cool content ... and it's all linked together. I have one that has a chat room, bulletin boards, I can post announcements, pictures, etc ... very dynamic and you do all your management from the web site ... you don't need to ftp/upload static html pages.
I don't know if this topic is still running. But i have created alot of web pages in my time and i have got pretty good at it also. But i would be glad to help you just send me a PM and i can show you a few of the sites i have made..
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