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Are you happy with your body image?

Are you happy with your body image?
Sure am!
 40%  [ 24 ]
Kind of/Maybe
 35%  [ 21 ]
Not really
 15%  [ 9 ]
Not at all!
 10%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 60

Ok this is just a quick poll - are you happy with your body image? Tell us why or why not!
I love it. cuz I'm super hot!
Quite happy with mine. I may be ugly but that's perfect for repelling people Very Happy
There are things I'd like to change about my body, but I like that it's strong, and it looks much better than it used to ^_^.
I am quite satisfy with my height, however, I am not satisfy with my weight, since I was a little bit thin. Therefore I need to increase my weight .
I'm a bit overweight myself, but I don't like the idea of being thin, don't know what exactly it is Confused
I'm not that confident with my body...
when I was younger I always was the tallest in the class, and stupid as you are when you're small you hate it! But nowadays I think it's super to be tall and skinny. Maybe I would like to get a little more muscles. maybe.
Yeah i am

I am 6'0 and 143 pounds and I am strongly built. I have 6 pack

and big muscles and I am 12 years old
Well I love myself very much, thank you for asking Smile
Do you love yourself very much?
I think everybody should love themselves very much, why not, right?
Jakob [JaWGames]
I am perfectly satisfied with myself. I may be a bit thin but as long as I don`t looks as a skeleton it is fine for me. Smile
Well i'm not confident with my body image.
But as its how i look..i've gotta deal with it Smile
I'm a bit overweight, but i dont mind anymore.
I could never be thin! That would be weird for me Laughing
Also i'm happy with my height. 5ft6 is good for a girl Very Happy
I'm around 6'3". I think I may still be racking up the inches because I thought I stopped at 6'2". My weight jumps around the 180s but I never really paid any attention to that. With the caliber of exercises I do, any fat I lose is replaced by muscles so my weight either stays the same or increases; its not a good goal marker for me. I was really chubby back in the day, but I've grown into my fat now and am working on chiseling it off. There are still a few spots that have fat, but I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm loving it. Smile Its just one less thing I have to worry about when I go hang out.

DRXX wrote:

Yeah i am

I am 6'0 and 143 pounds and I am strongly built. I have 6 pack

and big muscles and I am 12 years old

Are you joking around or are you for real? Shocked
sometimes, whem i finish my brushing or just try a super hot dress, or with a good make up
but everyday, i feel like...hum normal... you know, like everybody, cute but not hot, and i feel happy with that... not a problem
I clicked "Not really" because I am 40 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight and have been trying to work it off for the past five months... since my baby was 2 weeks old.
Not really. People tell me I'm thin all the time, but I still see girls who are a lot thinner (either that or they suck in their stomachs). And people tend to look at girls nowadays who are thin and talk about how they need to lose weight. So I'd like to lose 5 or 10 pounds. Also, I'm only 5'2", and I'm sick of people making fun of me for being short. Besides those, there are a lot of other reasons for me not being satisfied with my body image. If I was the only person on earth then I'd be fine, but I've been picked on way too many times to be happy with myself. I know that's very weak of me to let other people have such an impact, but I really can't help the way I feel.
I'm happy with myself. I used to hate myself for being short but hey.. you can't have everything Very Happy
These days Im quite satisfied the way I look and the way my body is shaped. I was too thin 3 years ago and some six months back I had a really bad tummy (after gaining weight) but since I have started doing some Yoga regularly things are in control and I am happy.
I'm not entirely happy with my body image, but you can never be perfect, I guess. I'd rather be more toned up, which I'm working on, but there are other things that I can't change, like my height.
I used to be skinnier, but ever since I moved to this country, the food has made me gain weight. Sad I'm fine with it, though because they say it looks better.. But I miss my skinny self.
darvit wrote:
I used to be skinnier, but ever since I moved to this country, the food has made me gain weight. Sad I'm fine with it, though because they say it looks better.. But I miss my skinny self.

I know what you mean. When I first moved to America (I assume thats what you're talking about), I got rather fat, rather quickly. I think its because the food here is made with too many nutrients that you either have to know how to handle or enjoy becoming fat like many of the obese people here. It takes hard work to get back to a formidable state, but I'm getting close.
Im quite tall but im not quite satisfied with my weight. Im rather thin. I just don't like to eat much though. When I feel that what I've eaten is already enough, I stop. my philosophy is that, you just eat the things that you need. anything in excess is not good.
I discovered long ago that I can't worry about the image of my body. Of course I wish I was healthier, but I think a bad self image has a negative impact on my life. I always try my best to see the good qualities in my body. What are the things I can't do anything about, and what can I do something about?

At the moment, I'm just trying to eat healthier, cut back on sweets, and get out and exercise more (even just taking walks).
CreepingD wrote:
I'm a bit overweight myself, but I don't like the idea of being thin, don't know what exactly it is Confused

I'm a bit overweight too, but I'm happy with my body. I have a good health, I'm strong, I love going to the gym and I have a wonderful boyfriend to tell me that I'm beautiful everytime I'm feeling down. What else can I ask? Laughing
Yes I am & am Thankful to god!
I like my body....even my tiny boobs which people like to tease me about Rolling Eyes Except for my 'acne' that's the only thing I hate.
My body pwnz. Training sports like Le Parkour, weightlifting, martial arts really helps me.
Image of your body is only a thing, that god gives us. By the way, there are many more impoartant points too... I.e. brain Very Happy
I've been on a diet, I've lost over 2 1/2 stone, which is great. I could loose a bit more, but I'm happy with my body shape, and so is my man.
i'm okay with my body. i know i dont have the hottest body but i like my height and my legs. i'm a bit too skinny and need to gain weight ever since i was little. but w/e i kinda just accept the fact that i'm born skinny.
There is some parts that I just want to lose some weight at, my stomach, just a little because I dont want to look skinny... and my thies, so I can fit into my old pants again. I have a big ass, but I love it, maybe I will make it a litle more firm :0)
Back in highschool I used to be very self conscious and wanted to lose weight. Now I am 'grown up' and married and I am over it. As long as I am taking care of myself, eating right and exercising then it doesnt matter what the scale says. Plus, my hubby likes big butts Wink
filet a petite size.. so finding clothes wasnt so hard for me...and more stores catering to petite people
I despise my body. From age 13, I had the figure of a 75 year old woman. My breast are huge (38G) and they sag pst my waistline. It's disgusting!!! I'm currently in the beginning phases of having a lift & reduction to take these down to a nice, full C.
jharsika wrote:
I like my body....even my tiny boobs which people like to tease me about Rolling Eyes Except for my 'acne' that's the only thing I hate.

well its good that you have tiny boobs... ask those girls who have bigger ones... its tough to handle..

and im satisfied and with what i am, would like to increase a few pounds
I can be better
The one thing I want most is to be taller.
Seriously, Im really short for my age, and everybody think Im 2~3 years younger than I really am.
Pretty sad actually
I am not happy with my body right now unlike I was in my college days way back 10 years ago. Everything is changed.
Surely, I very happy and love all about me. Very Happy
there's always something to improve.Iam never happy with myself,feel that I need to workout more.
If you asked me two years ago it would have been a definite no. But I've been biking A LOT since then, and built up a figure I kinda like. Sure I still have a lot of belly fat. But meh, my legs are made out of iron!
I think am GOOD
Ghost Rider103
Yes I am more than ok with my body. I have worked hard to get what I have wanted. I am still trying to improve my muscle, even though I like where they are, but there is always more room for improvement.
I am still unhappy with my body shape here the winter is coming and body tries to save more fat,also in a cold weather I ve got a wish to eat a lot of spicy and fat food to keep myself warm:)
I'm not a super model, but yeah I like the way I look.

I can dress to turn heads if I want. I don't feel the need to wear make-up, or diet or any of that jazz. Am told I have good bone structure. I'm a good weight, not too skinny, not too overweight, got the curves going on with the bust/waist/hips...

...could probably be a bit more toned, my chin could stick out a little less, should have brushed my teethe more as a younger kid, but meh.

Is good self image in me.
I like all the postivity in this thread. I have a few pounds I can lose, but I generally feel good about my body. Smile
No, I am not at this moment. My tummy is coming out. Crying or Very sad
it get more bigger.....i don't like to show off my tummy...i hate the way a look at it....
Honestly it depends on my mood. If I am in a good mood I love my body. If not I hate it.
I'm not totally thrilled with my bod right now... I'm 42, and even though I do yoga and walk daily, my butt and boobs are starting to droop a wee bit.

On the bright side, part of the sagging may be because I recently lost 15 pounds in an unseemly hurry. I didn't do it on purpose, I got my heart broken and stopped eating.

I'm going to have to start doing some resistance training and build some muscle on on my chest and buttocks to put firm flesh in the place of the fat that I lost.
Yeah i'm satisfied with my overall body, put still there is some part that i don't like it and i need to fixed it...
Everyone has to have something they don't like about themselves. I was happier with my body image before I had kids. It's been a struggle to get back to the place I was before them.

I don't need to get back to what I was that's unrealistic. I would like to feel a bit healthier though. Exercise is the key to the fountain of youth in my book.
My body image could be better.
i am highly underweight, so no. Clothes do not fit me properly and i have to choose for an hour before i buy..!!!
I try wearing lowerise for that sake and keep things cool...thats the max i can do. Getting healthier is not my piece of cake..
I am perfectly satisfied with myself.
Not too many people are ever happy with something about themselves. For me It's the few pounds I have put on in the last year. I am having such a hard time losing 10 lbs???
I used to be a little self conscious about my height (I'm about 5'9"), but then a sweet friend informed me that supermodels are at least my height or taller and it cheered me up. I've been noticing a lot of beautiful, graceful, tall women and I've embraced my height. Other than that I'm okay. I hate to speculate too much on appearance, as it seems kind of shallow and unproductive. Some days I feel really pretty and other days I feel kind of eh, but I never ever look in the mirror and HATE myself. That would be wrong. I'm lucky and blessed to be a healthy and strong young woman.
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