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Hard Drive jumper settings...?

I have recently moved, taking only my hard drive with me. This drive, a 40Gb 7,200 rpm, has many thousands of hours of work on it, and so is much more precious than the 25 it cost. When it was new I put the jumpers to the "Dev 1 (Slave)" setting and with the BIOS set to "Auto" my computer gaily detected it as IDE Primary slave. On another, and rather unknown, computer, the detection process stalls, and the machine will not boot when the drive is connected...

However, when in despair I moved the jumpers to the setting marked "32Gb clip", the bios detects (and names) the drive, but will still not read it.

Can anyone recommend a site with good reading about jumper settings? There is, for example, a position marked "Cable Select", another "Force Dev 1 Present", "Auto spin disable"...

Thanks, for I would dearly love to find the familiar Universe which is on this drive, and several years of 3D libraries, of which it is now my only copy.

Master Drive ^^
lSaKenl wrote:
Master Drive ^^

Well, No. The drive in question was the secondary, slave, drive in the first computer, with the system on the primary, C: drive. I like to keep the system drive apart from the data storage drive. If I have to move it can go with me, as here, and if the system gets really screwed up (not unheard of with Windows...) I can always format the C: drive, re-install the system on it from scratch, and recover everything. So the "new" computer already has a C: drive with a working system, and it should be a simple matter to add the data drive to it, jumpered as "slave". If I pose the question here it's because this doesn't work as expected...
Make sure your using an 80 conductor 40 pin Ultra ATA cable, then use Cable select. 32GB clip is only for use on motherboards that are old (ie they can only recognize 32GB)
Usually there are two IDE-channels on your PC. If your Harddrive is connected to the same channel as your primary drive, you need to set the jumper to Slave. But if you connect it to the second IDE channel you need to set it to Master Drive because every IDE channel needs a master drive. You can find out the channels simply by looking at the cables. If your 40GB is connected to the same cable as your primary drive, set it to slave, otherwise if you have it on the second channel, set it to Master drive. But be careful, if you have e.g. a CD-Rom already connected to the second channel, it must be set to Slave. The sys will not work if there is

only a Slave on one channel
if there are two slaves on one channel
if there are two masters on one channel

check out your system in this way, then it should work![/list]
I agree with Tom, everything he said is right on the money.....Follow it and you shuld be ok
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