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My Art

Judging from the other art threads, it seems like some of you are very tough critics, but I'll take my chances anyway. All of my decent art is on the website that I just made:

Here are a couple of my current favorites (in case anyone is too lazy to click on the link...I know I am sometimes):

And here's Mr. Salvador Dalí:
Very Nice Smile I like Mr.Dali's eyes. Smile Some nice work here.
your art carries a lot of feelings with several views in the same one..

Mr. Salvador Dalí has a deeply soul , has a bit of complicable lines..

i see a desert , forest and severity in his face..

i'll tell you what i felt when i saw those and the link .. Straightly

darkness.. sharpness.. lonely ... ohhh ... fear from surroundings..

my heart beats so quickly Exclamation

your art so HARD ...

but regardless of the meaning of all these lines...

the idea and the combination of all your thoughts so genius...

i hope i'll see an art has a warmth and loving meaning...

Send My Greetings Cool
Nice inspirations! Your first draw makes me think of the surrealistic work of Magritte, that we must not present anymore! Keep on... Wink
You're very creative! Don't you worry about criticism. Usually, people who don't like the art don't place any comment. Even if they do, I'm sure you'll get mostly positive feedback!
Thanks for the compliments, everyone! And don't worry, tefa_taftaf2010, one day I'll paint something warm and loving...maybe. Wink
Very nice! I can definitely see an improvement between Salvador Dalí and your previous portraits! Enjoyed looking through your art website.
Thanks, and I am very proud of my Dali portrait so far. My portrait drawing is still far from perfect, but there seems to be a huge gap in skill between Dali and the last person I drew. It's great to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way!
Game Fortress
The first picture almost looks a little forced to me. I like the second one quite alot more, but both are certainly commendable.
I personaly love the suit on the Tree with the roots of a hand..

You paid very close attention to the detail of the hand . much better than I will ever do!

Thanks Game Fortress and xeekkcnook. The first picture was kind of forced; in fact, most of my art is since, believe it or not, I'm seriously lacking in creativity. It takes me forever to think of an idea and to figure out how to paint it, so nothing happens very naturally.

By the way, I replaced the unfinished Dali portrait with the finished version, since it looks better, and there's no point in having the work in progress there when there's a finished version as well.
cool sis, I like your draws, i have seen that you have a special view to Dali, I like your subrealismn, very hard to do it, some people think that make realistic draw is harder that make abstracts ones, but its true, make not sence art or make abstract art without mean is like nothing, and that one is easy, but yours are deep, and well done, i like the cats one!.
I kind of let this thread die, as I felt for a long time that I didn't have anything worthy enough to share, but I've finally completed something that I'm really proud of. Below are pictures of my first guitar, on which I've reproduced Salvador Dalí's "Premonition of Civil War". It took more than 35 hours to paint, so let me know what you think!

That guitar's really nice. I hope it has good action!
It looks like you have technical skill- the reproductions turned out nicely. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but a lot of your pieces lack depth. I don't know if that's what surealism is (because I don't really know much about it), but I do know that Dali did portray form, tone, and shade magnificently. Other than that, you're doing really well. I doubt you need anyone's encouragement to keep at it, since you seem so motivated as is.
You probably have no freaking clue how good you are!
If you don't mind, I'd like to have you read some of my poems, and maybe you could paint whatever comes into your head when you read them... ?
@eggg: Thanks, but unfortunately the guitar plays horribly. The strings are too high off the fretboard, and it just sounds bad. Then again, I'm not planning on playing it anyway.

@Drawingguy: Unfortunately, the lack of depth is not intentional. I've been struggling with that forever, and I'm having a lot of trouble resolving the issue. I can copy pretty much whatever I want (with the exception of people, but when it comes to putting my own ideas on canvas, they just don't come out the way I picture. Thanks for the criticism.

@tidruG: I could give it a try, but I can't promise that I'd come up with anything decent. A lot of my paintings get thrown away soon after I start them...
something indecent would do just fine. I hate having impositions like having to keep your art "decent" Razz
(Ok, no "adult stuff" since I won't be able to host it on Frihost, though)...

Pick one (or more, depending on how much time you have or how much any of them inspire you):
Hmm...there are lots of good poems to choose from! You're a very good writer. I'll definitely get started on one of them, but I have to warn you that it will take a while, thanks to my classes starting tomorrow.
Amazing... I especially liked your Salvador Dali drawing...Keep on drawing and don't let criticism stop you from your creativity! =D
Hmm...there are lots of good poems to choose from! You're a very good writer. I'll definitely get started on one of them, but I have to warn you that it will take a while, thanks to my classes starting tomorrow.

I don't mind how much time you take.
If you don't mind, please let me know which one you selected. I have a habit of looking for good pictures to put my poems with on my website (for example, check out ), and I am going to go looking on deviantART for some images. However, if you liked any of the poems and want to draw a picture for it, I'll be more than glad to "reserve" that for you, and you needn't feel guilty at all about taking too much time for it.

PS: The current poems on my website are old ones, and consequently, they suck, I know. Razz
WOIW! You're very good! And I really LOVE the guitar! Looks really cool.

EDIT: And I'm also I great fan of Salvador Dalí.
@germy7: Thanks for the support. Criticism shouldn't stop me; if anything, receiving it is a necessary step towards improvement. Wink

@tidruG: I didn't think you'd mind. So far I'm still trying to decide between "Free to Rebel", "The Surrender", and "Intolerance". I'll need to start sketching some ideas, but I think I'll probably end up going with "Surrender", as I'd like to try painting something "bright" for a change. I don't think any of them suck though; as you can see, I'm having a difficult time choosing one over another.

@catscratches: Thanks! It's always nice to find another Dalí admirer.
Well, the ones you've read are the ones which don't suck. The 4 poems on the site are the ones which really aren't really so good.
Ah, that reminds me... a 5th poem has been waiting for its image... time to search Smile

Let me know if you get any ideas or anything at all.
nice work :> I like the second one most.
The Tree/Hand picture is odd but interesting and I thought it was nice.

The second photo is real nice with the face and all the things on his face showing many different things and feelings. Very good detail and nice job.

The guitar is a nice painting also with many different colors and it is also an odd picture since he is missing a hand but has a foot in its place. Creative i think and you are an excellent painter. Very Happy
The guitar is a reproduction of a painting by Salvador Dalí... So it's not really she being creative on that pic, but on the others!

EDIT: Surprised I had 404 posts before this one! ERROR!
I like the drawings and the guitar. A little critique though, the portrait of Dali looks a little disproportionate like he had a stroke or something, but the lines and shading are good.
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