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What about Cardio?

What numbers scould i be shooting for in my cardio workouts?
I'm using a recumbant elipitical machine, to keep my kees from exploding. I go 3 times a week, and about 30 minutes at a shot.
I'm 53 by the way.
Preciate the advice!
I don't know what recumbant eliptical machine.. Is it the crosstrainer that you sway the pedals you move your legs like bike-pedalling but you stand up, and just like walking without having to lift your feet?

My parents are around 60s and they're OK by regularly (4-5 times a week) 30-45 minutes, with regular speed. Not too fast/ slow. Maybe around 5-6 km/hour..

I'm not sure whether this helps or not.. But I hope this would..

The machine I'm using has me sitting down and the pedals are like a recumbant bike, but it is an elipse motion, not round like a bike. I guess the numbers I was looking for are where there is a target heart range for your age, then you do a certain time at a certain percent of that, but I can seem to find a chart like that, guess I need to google some more.

thanks for the info on you opparents, hope they are well and fit!
Well, from what I know. Cardio needs to be long and slow (just fast enough to get within your target heart-range for your age group) and at least 4 times a week to actually be cardio o.o

I think what would be beneficial is, just doing a speed you are comfortable with, check your pulse manually. and slow down or speed up a tiny bit accordingly. The heart rate is very important, especially as you get older, so don't over do it, since just walking very slowly for a period of time everyday helps people greatly already anyway.

I do believe at least 50 mins in one session is the way to go for cardio, since you are trying to work their cardio system and burn fat and not just carbs you consumed.

I'm not a professional in that field, but that's what I can recall from my experiences with my personal trainer and health professor who are.

As for that machine of yours, I don't have much experience with it because my PT told me to use the walker thingie that goes in elipses, since you are moving your whole body in that case. I do think it's more gentle on the knees than treadmills, so go to a store and try it out and see if it's gentle enough for you. I preferred that over the bike like thing where it looked like it was just your legs moving >< donno how it would be for you though.

PS: the target heart range for a specific age group is about 50% to 75% of 220 minus your age
It does depend what you are trying to do. 220-Age is a rough idea of your maximum heart rate and then you need a percentage of that. If you are trying to increase your cardiovascular fitness then you will need a higher percentage than what you require for weight loss. A google search should provide many results.
I've heard from a friend that burning 10 calories per minute is a good attainable goal... but I think you could probably shift it back to abour 6-8 calories per minute. In a 30 minute cardio session, I'd burn about 300+?

A good number would be 250-300 in my opinion.
As a physiotherapist I would advise the following:

The important thing with cardio training, as the name indicates, is the heart rate. Depending on your personal characteristics, eg. diseases, age etc, your aim, eg rehabilitation after myocard infarct / bypass operation or general cardio fitness improvement.

There are several ways of determening the training intensity. The simplest method is to first determine your maximum heart rate (220 -age). For cardio fitness training to be effective you should ideally train on an intensity of 60-70% of you max. heart rate and for a minimum period of 20-30 min, starting with at least 3x a week and after 3 months 2x a week is sufficient to maintain your cardio fitness.

Another method of determening the intensity of the cardio training is by the use of exertion scales. These scales are often used for people who are on beta-blockers (since there heartrate readings are biased) or for people with copd (who's exercise capacity is often limited by fatique / breathlessness).

I would advise using several different training forms to increase your cardio fitness, don't exercise everytime on the same equipment, by varying the training form, eg. rowing machine, cross trainer, running, bicycle etc, the training is more fun and it is easier to stay motivated, which is essential for cardio fitness training since the bigest effect is longterm!!
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