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Nutrisystem:Weight Watchers:Adkins: do programs work for U?

DO Weight Programs work for you?
Adkins worked! & I stayed smaller
 0%  [ 0 ]
Weight Watchers worked & I stayed smaller
 0%  [ 0 ]
Nutrisystem worked and I kept it off
 33%  [ 1 ]
Adkins was good, but I gained it all back
 0%  [ 0 ]
Weight Watchers didnt keep me on track
 0%  [ 0 ]
Nutrisystem didnt do it either!
 0%  [ 0 ]
Other program worked (post about it in forum)
 66%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 3

I've tried many dieting methods,
When I was young a scotch and cabbage diet, ---nevermind, I wont go into it!!

This one was sort of a pop fad. I think people are starting to figure out the downsides. I heard a lot of heart related problems. This one worked, but I couldnt keep upthe regimine! I finally got to missing vegitables too much and started eating stuff with carbs too, and BAM I gained it all back and then some. I dont recomend this for Anyone!

Weight Watchers
NOt a fad, but I tried WW for about a year and got good results, It seems the accountability of going to the meetings and having a weigh in that was recorded by another person was one of the real factors that made it work. Then My schedule changed, and I traveled a good bit, and so dropped the WW and slowly some of the weight crept back on.

Now I am on Nutrisystems plan. I wanted to jumpstart my progress, but with health food, Protion size has definately been a problem for me.
NS Seems to work good, I am losing. I Thought at first they provided ALL the food, but now that I have started, I find its mostly entrees, you add salads, fruit, and even some LOW GLYCEMIC foods. That seems to be one of their cornerstones.

SOoooo, my plan is to lose to near my target weight, then go back to eating sensibily, and go back to WW so I will have an accountability to keep me honest.

I have also added 3 times a week some Cardio at the YMCA, & let my kids go to the pool, It seems like a win win for all
Wish me success, & are there any other stories of results from these programs?
I actually didn't go with any of those.

All I did was get a personal trainer who told me what exercises to do and how to eat.

Basically, you should do muscle training workout every other day, with a full hour of cardio everyday. Taking the Sunday off.

As for food. cut the amount of oil/fatty things used in cooking your meals by half. when you are hungry snack on proteins, like egg whites. replace red meat with poultry or seafood. For those birds, chicken is better than duck. And when you must eat red meat, eat beef. Take the Sunday off as with training to reward yourself a bit for a week well done, while not overdoing it.

All that done, and you'd have yourself a diet that works and healthy.

It worked for me. in 4 months, i lost 60 pounds or so. but do note, for me, most of it was bloat. (>.>v my tag line was "I only spend 2 hrs a day vertically and thats to eat"). I managed to keep it off for a year. then it came back when I had to come live near campus, and ate alot of those frozen TV dinners. >_< those are killers. >.> So basically, you need to at least keep your diet almost oil free to keep the weight off without much exercising.

It really isn't that hard, but you do get sick and tired of seeing anything that walks on 2 legs with wings and anything that can swim after a while. But if you stick to it, it's great, I didn't get one of those "plateau"s when I was dieting that way.

I strayed from it because my PT was off my back (not to mention on the otherside of the globe) so I was home free. And I just love food, junk food. and I hate exercising ;_; hate hate hate.

*jumps on her treadmill sobbing*

Now that that's done, *goes off to roll around in her bed*
I seriously think that eating less carbohydrates and more vegetables, protein and fat and will help. At least it managed to loose 14kg within a year and that was four years ago. It hasn't come back.

I don't know if this low-carb diet is for anyone, but I found it great.

And I've seen studies showing that this should be healty. Searching quickly I found these:

Journal of the American College of Nutrition 1998;17:595-600
- "In four short months on the Atkins Diet, we were able to confirm scientifically what Dr. Atkins states he has seen in his practice over the past decades. The diet lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and raises HDL... which may represent an entirely new approach to the control and prevention of heart disease," said lead researcher Dr. Eric C. Westman, assistant professor of medicine at North Carolina's Duke University.

American Journal of Medicine in the July 2002 issue
- Low-carbohydrate diet can indeed lead to significant and sustained weight loss. Researchers found that 80 percent of the 50 enrolled patients adhered to the diet program for the duration of the study and lost an average of 10 percent of their original body weight. The average amount of weight lost per person was approximately 20 pounds. "We were somewhat surprised to find that patients’ blood lipid profiles improved, even though there was much more fat in the diet,” said Eric Westman, M.D., associate professor of medicine at Duke and principal investigator of the study. “We had thought the fat in the diet would increase the cholesterol.”
My boss went on Atkins and he managed to lose a heap of weight. He has started to put a little back on now (almost a year later) so it seems to be working. Personally, I go to the gym and ensure that I output more energy than I input (I have a desk job).
What actually worked for me was counting calories. That's it. I made a spreadsheet that lets me easily type in what I eat and how much and it tallys the cals. I put everything I eat in there and just seeing what some foods do to the tally seems to help me steer clear (or not get a second helping). There's just something about seeing a huge count for the day in the evening that keeps me from getting one more snack before bed.

I dont' even have a set calorie limit, but I try to keep it in the 1700-1900 range (I'm a big guy Wink ). I've lost 30 pounds and am keeping it off pretty easily.
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