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Healthcare: Working in an Emergency Room.

Do you work in healthcare?
Yes, I work in the field (EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter, Flight Nurse, etc.)
 25%  [ 1 ]
Yes, I work in a clinical emergency setting (ER, Doctor's W/O Borders, etc.)
 25%  [ 1 ]
Yes, I work in a non-emergency clinical setting (CT, Family Medicine, Maternity, etc.)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Yes, but it's really a desk job (Medical research, etc.)
 0%  [ 0 ]
 50%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 4


In a few weeks, I'm starting work at the local hospital in the ER. I will work as a Patient Care Technician, a job which my EMT certification qualifies me for. The hospital is equipped with both a trauma center and a burn center.

My eventual goal is to get my RN and CCT certs, and work as a flight nurse.

Is there anyone out there with experience in these fields? I would love to hear some ER stories, or even field ones if someone is a fellow EMT or Paramedic out there. Any advice would also be great Smile

I've been interested in First Aid and medicine as long as I can remember. I'm an Eagle Scout, and took all the medical related activities, including being a lifeguard.

What about everyone else out there? I'd like to start some kind of medical / health care thread, seeing as how most of them are related to technical computer aspects (not that I don't talk in those ones as well! Wink
Good job outlook in this area in general. ER jobs are always available (really high burn out rate). You will see ALOT!

The only word of warning would be talk to many people about the flight nurse job. Those jobs are few and very sought after. They also are very selective of the physical characteristics of the flight crew (they want small, light people.. to fit in the frame).
I didnt vote, but my wife is going to college for her BS in nursing, and she would like the ER. (she's the best thing that happened to me,,, straightened my life up,, Im a Biker at anyhow... we live in ohio, and some jobs pay ok here,,, but we thought about moving to colorado,,, more south central area... we'de like to know the different pay rates in other areas also... even colorado...
She told me today that another girl was kicked out of the college course because at the hospital where they are taking clinicals, this girl gave one patient the wrong meds, and didnt even know who's meds they were for.... then she gave another patient too much of their meds... and she said there was something else, and yes, it delt with meds too... She was kicked out of the program today, and dont know if she can come back next semester or not... she was kinda of a stuck up person,,,, and I dont want to stick up for her,,, she worked hard,,, but when somones life is on the line,,, I dont want her working on me..... good luck in your new job...
and congradualations, we need more people in the medical industry,,, and around here in ohio, ER jobs are hard to come by,,, there are medical positions everywhere, but here in ohio, there is rarely an ER position available... And my wife might be able to give you some ER stories, she used to work for a hospital here before she went to school... she should graduate in May of 2007. But she used to also be a supervisor at a nursing home... She had this lil girl she took care of,,, became the supervisor, and gave it up because everyone wanted to go union, and the union wanted my wife to be their spokes person,,, she got tired of everything and left the company... this lil girl died a month later,,, the call light went off, and her call light was one that was suppose to be answered asap. the nurse on duty let it go... and the girl died... I used to get up out of bed in the middle of the night with my wife to go get this girl some food, because someone would FORGET to order it... we both became attached... I dont care what anyone says, you still get attached... even if you dont work there... like me... there was no charges disputed by the father or anything on the girls death,,, really upset my wife and I... My wife worked as an STNA at the hospital,,, long care unit... but they had to go to ER sometimes for Codes... If someone coded,,, my wife had to be there to help gibe CPR or what not... I appreciate anyone who works in the medical field... I cant do it myself... something about dead people... I was in the ER once, because the wife made me go, and this old lady died in the bed next to me,,, we had a curtain that seperated us... I cried myself... Good luck,,, and I can only wish you the best...
I believe it is an opportunity to work in an emergency room. As an ER worker, of course we are looking forward to the fields that we are interested to. Emergency medical was the first encounter that I had.
ER work is very high stress. Stress has a long term cumulative effect on your body. It would be exciting for a couple of years. The people that I've known that worked in the ER for a long time tended to abuse alcohol and battled depression. The odds of having a life long job in emergency medicine is pretty small.

For a long term type position that would give you a better home life would be to specialize in something less stressful. Occupational Therapist, x-ray tech etc are highly transportable skills. Another growing specialty is mid-wifery.
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