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Seeking comfort in food is a good idea

It has been my experience that people I know have sought comfort in food when things dont go quite so well. Examples of this include ending relationships and becoming dejected/depressed about some things such as losing out on a promotion at work or even losing their job. This seems to improve things for them in the short term but the long term affects are obviously a change in body size. Is this a common occurence in todays society and is it a good thing or a bad one?
The racks of different size clothes in m,y closet would tend to say
If you do not have a problem in weight gain, then it's obviously good.
But if you do, it's bad. Really bad.

Try running. Just like forest gump. It's a better equivalent Razz
I go running 3 times a week and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. My only vice is drinking coffee which I do 1-2 times daily.
I moved to a new country almost 5 years ago but have noticed that there are a lot more "big" people over here. However people seem to be happier and not more depressed which is why I raised the subject.
I agree with sbel. There are people who eat a lot but don't gain weight that much. If that's their case, then I think it's good cause I believe that food is something enjoyable.
Hmm, obviously a political correct answer would be boring. So my answer would be, that, EAT, JOG, EAT, SWIM, EAT REPLY FORUMS. Hehe. I guess it wouldnt hurt to eat so much - ONCE in a WhilE! But sadly as we advance forward, there are more food variety as well!! Hence, for me at least, i cannot resist a good indulgement!!! Unless i am saving money of course!!! But i would rather spend on food than go shopping! But i'm a guy. Maybe girls would rather shop than indulge on food?? But i know a few girl griends who actually indulge in chocolates when they are depressed after the boyfriends break up with them! Eating chocolates is really unhealthy! A little is OK, but AloT is... *yucks*... Therefore, go ahead and EAT, but please.. don't indulge in CHOCOLATES!! *shivers*
In theory, at least, it seems that gaining weight is unhealthy but I am wondering if the majority of those that eat to much, just don't exercise and this infact is the main cause of their health problems.

I am a great believer in eating what your body is asking for and if your body is asking for it then do not deny it. I eat a lot but then thats probably because I do a lot of physical work or physical exercise.

No-ones said anything yet that convinces me otherwise....

Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
I think that kind of food is unhealthy. I think keep fit physically is better.
It's a good idea if you're not bothered about your weight.

How do you distinguish between your body wanting food, or just your mind obsessing over it and giving in to the craving?

Obviously you're going to feel better, because of the sugar intake, but some foods are going to be less healthy than others, for example, chocolate.
the calorific value of food consumed minus the calorific loss due to exercise (Exercise being everything from climbing out of bed or chewing food to running a marathon) should equal zero. So in theory a correct diet will leave you with only short term body fat.

Any excess and you gradually gain weight because of excess body fat etc etc. About 3,500 calories more than you need every week will result in a 50 lb weighty gain after a year.

Thats what I thought up to a few days ago. Until I watched a program about a fat virus. About 1 in 6 carry anti-bodies after having had this.
One study focussed on identical female twins the fatter one (35 pounds heavier) carried the antibodies.
If I'm upset or depressed I'll eat a comfort food. My only advice is not to binge on it. Give yourself one day where you eat what you want and don't think about anything and then just get over whatever. If it's a bigger problem then chances are comfort food won't help anyway but I do find it most effective with small things.
I'm not sure that weighty gain is necessarily a bad thing after regular bouts of "comfort eating". I suspect it depends on maintaining some fitness regime in your lifestyle. Its quite possible that a weighty gain due to healthy food products (low in artificial fat-Burgers bad/peanuts good) is perfectly ok. Wink Exclamation
It is absolutely normal to do it. Eating gives you energy. It's what energized people do. For more info search for naturopathy medicine.
Did anyone see that program about the "Fat Virus"? One study showed identical twins. One of the teenage ladies was 35 pounds heavier despite the same diet as the thinner twin. The heavier twin showed that they had had the "fat virus" as the had "ad-36" anti-bodies.
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